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How To Buy Facebook Shares in Australia

The speed at which Facebook shares are going up for grabs in the Australian stock market is mindboggling. The best thing is that being part of a stock-trading community on Facebook is now so easy.

Take a look at this step-by-step process on how to buy Facebook stock.

Where to Buy Facebook Stocks in Australia

You can easily purchase your stocks from the following Australian brokerage firms:

  1. eToro eToro Disclaimer: 75% of retail CFD accounts lose money.
  2. Plus 500
  3. Fortrade

eToro is our #1 because it’s one of the best online brokers in Australia.eToro Disclaimer: 75% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

They have many payment methods and lot of shares to choose from.

The reason why these firms are so popular with traders is that they trade solely on CFDs. Its, therefore, an expert area for them, and they are well-placed to give you the best deal ever. The brokers also come with a broad network in terms of social trading features and functions.

The fact that new traders are joining these firms every waking moment means that you have a much broader forum from which you can learn. The firms also pride themselves in the best leverage they offer theirs on stocks. It means that you can grow your investment within such a short time without financial constrictions.

You can actually make a lot of money with Facebook stocks.

Choosing Your Broker

Now that you have done a due assessment, you need to identify a broker from whose platform you can start trading. The online platform comes with so many kinds of brokers, with equally different types of portfolios.

It’s the reason you need to research, looking at such considerations as reputation and experience. For instance, the longer a firm has been in the field, the better for your trading experience on their platform. You can visit such leading brokerage firm as like Plus,, or to decide which one works for you.

Account Opening in AU$

Account opening is usually easy and fast. Most of the leading firms come with a user-friendly interface, which allows you to register and learn the ropes within minutes.

Even so, you need to have full details, including the right address, and identification documents for the registration process. You can fund your traders account with a debit/credit card.

You can also do so through your eWallet or transact through bank transfer. The only issue with a bank transfer is that it can take longer than necessary, especially if you want to start buying immediately.

You have several depositing options with which you can fund your accounts such as PayPal, and Skrill, among others. You can find all your account deposit information from your brokerage firm trading platform.

Trading FACEBOOK For the First Time

It can be quite intimidating, of course, trying to play your hand at trading for the very first time. The best thing is that most brokers let you trade straight from their platform. Another alternative is to install a smartphone app which allows you to start buying from the comfort of your device.

Here is how much a facebook stock is on etoro:

facebook shares

Point To Note:

Read the news on Facebook’s quarterly earnings to see if it’s doing well on the world stock market. You need to keep an eye on the story including news regarding expansions; employment news, whether it’s the hiring of firing; these are essential indicators of the health of your share company. You can then easily decide whether to invest in more shares or sell off.

How To Make Profit with Facebook Stock?

You should take into consideration following points if you want to make money on the long term with stocks.

1. Conduct an In-Depth Analysis

Like any other business, you need to do a feasibility study, which allows you to know if your plan to invest is workable at all.

Facebook is a big player in the US. It’s not some kind of shady MLM company.

You, therefore, need to study the news, trends, and market history and performance of the stocks at the social media giant. Technical analysis shows you the exact periods of momentum. These are simply times when stock prices rise or fall. Once you have all the vital information at your fingertips, you can choose the kind of trade to buy.

Even crypto prices can influence the price of a stock like Facebook (look).

2. Identify What You Want To Buy

The options include buying shares or speculating on share prices through CFDs.

Whichever way you choose to go, each of these options comes with its advantages, as well as obvious drawbacks. For instance, buying shares allows you to hold shareholding rights in the company. However, you’re also subject to some types of taxation and commissions. The other drawback is that you cannot access leverage.

Your best alternative is to trade on CFDs. Here you speculate, and profit from shares prices of Facebook. Some of the advantages of trading on CFDs are that you run your show free from commission fees, while you can also benefit from leverage.

Access to leverage allows you to grow your investments within a brief period, however minimal your initial investments are. Also, by choosing to trade on CFDs, you are entirely free from any obligations at Facebook. Instead, you enjoy your anonymity while reaping high.

3. Familiarize yourself with Pricing

Irrespective of the type of product you are buying, you need to be fully prepared, in terms of the amounts you need to fork out. You need to know the price per each share. It includes factoring in extra expenses such as your broker’s fees, as well any taxes you need to be paying. As we speak, every single share is going for A$144.

Brokers such as eToro are charging a mere 0.09% as spreads on both sides, so it’s much cheaper.
If you are a shareholder on Facebook, be ready to enjoy the rights, but also prepared to meet the obligations of parting with fees, besides the share price.

CFDs popularity is based on the fact that you to speculate on price changes. You can move along when the prices are favorable, and you can stall when they are faltering. But the best thing is that you are also freer from all the obligations and taxes that come with being a shareholder.


Start by signing up to etoro. eToro Disclaimer: 75% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Facebook remains one of the best places to invest in stocks. It’s also quite telling that some of the leading brokerage firms have a high stake in it. Irrespective, you must always keep an eye on trends.

Just like any business, it can be subject to momentum. Doing comprehensive, all-inclusive research and keeping up with news updates helps you a great deal in managing any risks that can occur.

Other than that, it’s so easy to start. All you need is to identify your best broker, quickly open your trader’s account, and start minting money.

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