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How To Buy Tesla Shares in Australia

Tesla Inc is undoubtedly one of the best car manufacturers in the world. What sets Tesla apart from most of its competitors is its forward-thinking strategy when it comes to the making of modern electric cars.

With innovation and technology, Tesla is able to provide motor vehicles that are cheap to operate in terms of fuel consumption.

Moreover, Tesla cars have state of the art features that every driver could desire.

For these reasons, the future of Tesla Inc under the stewardship of Elon Musk looks tremendously promising. In fact, looking at its growth prospects, buying Tesla shares could be one of the best decisions you ever made. Australian traders who would like to add Tesla on their investment portfolio can easily buy its shares.

In this article, we are going to outline some of the best ways you can buy Tesla shares in Australia. After carefully reading it, you should be able to buy Tesla shares with minimum hitches.

Where Can I Buy Tesla Shares?

I found that the easiest way to buy Tesla shares is via the online broker eToro. eToro Disclaimer: 75% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

eToro is regulated in Australia and they have a really user-friendly platform. eToro is one of the best online brokers at the moment.

  1. Sign up here
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  4. Start trading Tesla shares

Why should you buy Tesla shares?

Besides the incredible cars that Tesla continues to develop, there are other reasons why a move to buy Tesla shares could be a prudent decision. Tesla shares fluctuate considerably.

They have taken a plunge time and time again, and rest assured these shares are volatile. Nevertheless, they have always recovered after hitting the lows.

This is why this stock is exceptional for Australian traders. You can buy when it plunges, wait for a short time and sell as soon as it rises. As you do your further research on Tesla, you will notice that since it went public ,its stock patterns have frequently risen and fallen.

What makes this stock even more appealing for investors is that since its inception into the stock market in 2010, the shares have grown in 2 or 3 folds at times. Tesla shares are notably good for anyone who wants to buy and sell on short notice. Though stability is always on the mind of investors, a great portfolio ought to be balanced with a mix of volatile stocks that can bring in some quick returns.

How can you buy Tesla shares in Australia?

Tesla is a company based in the United States, but this shouldn’t deter you from buying its shares as an Australian trader.

Since you can only buy the shares from Australia as an international investor, you’ll need a CFD brokerage firm that can help you add this stock to your portfolio. Whichever firm you choose to work with, just ensure that it has an excellent reputation.

tsla shares

Here are some of the factors that you should closely examine before you settle for a broker;

Confirm that the broker you want to work with is recognized and duly licensed to offer the relevant financial assets in Australia.

Ensure that your select broker actually offers the exact Tesla shares. You don’t want to mistakenly buy the wrong shares.

Open a brokerage account if your intention is to acquire and hold on to your Tesla shares for a short period of time.

Best Australian brokers for Tesla shares

Let’s face it, finding the right broker that you can buy Tesla shares from Australia can be a daunting task. We are therefore going to list for you some of the best brokers in Australia;


eToro is yet another popular and credible Israeli brokerage firm that works through a subsidiary. As a trader, transparency in fees and other brokerage charges applicable is extremely important. eToro knows this and it has put the necessary measures in place to ensure that it is trustworthy and transparent.

This firm gives you unlimited access to NASDAQ during its working hours. You also get a unique feature on eToro, which allows you to see what your counterparts are doing. Through this feature, you can learn a number of tricks from other traders.

Visit eToro eToro Disclaimer: 75% of retail CFD accounts lose money.


This is an Israeli brokerage firm that doesn’t limit you to specific shares. Also, it is pretty good for any Australian trader who is interested in the Tesla stock. This is because Plus500 has a branch in Australia which adheres to the stipulated regulations by the relevant Australian authorities. In other words, you are guaranteed top-notch services from this reputable firm.

Additionally, this broker provides services at your convenience. You can carry out your transactions online right from the comfort of your home, and through its mobile phone trading platform. To top it up, you are granted free access to a trading demo where you can horn your skills.


Fortrade is the other broker that we will feature in this article. It operates under a subsidiary in Australia known as Fort Securities Australia PTY LTD. Fortrade is now licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. This is a trusted broker in Australia where you can buy Tesla shares and follow up on the stock performance. You also get to enjoy the social trading feature on this platform where you can study what the top traders are doing and refine your skills.

Go and Buy Tesla Shares With AU$

All brokers listed above accept a variety of currencies. Chose AU$ whenever it’s available. It is always better to use your home currency when doing investments.

Tesla is arguably the future of electric cars. Its electric vehicles are eco-friendly, efficient and easy to maintain. The tesla stock is mainly influenced by the demand of their models.

This company is a perfect example of where the motor vehicle industry is headed. When you put all these into consideration, including its highly volatile shares, it makes its stock almost irresistible for a majority of traders.

The one thing that you may not be guaranteed as a Tesla enthusiast is a stable investment that you would get with traditional companies.

But according to financial experts, Tesla stock has the potential to keep rising. As of now, Tesla is not yet profitable, but by the time it begins to become profitable, its stock could hit a record high.

When that happens, you as an Australian trader would like to have a piece of the pie. If you agree with these experts, then there is no reason as to why you should miss out on a great investment opportunity. More so, you don’t have to wait for your Tesla stock to grow in 5 folds, you can always sell and buy.

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