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Fastest Growing MLM Companies

Multi-level marketing organizations have been around for as long as anyone can remember. Which are the fastest growing MLM Companies?

However, what you may not be too familiar with are the fastest growing MLM companies.

While there are hundreds of such businesses, there are only a few ventures that survive and even fewer that actually succeed. So, if you are curious about what programs work and which ones you should invest in, you have come to the right place. Below, you will find all of the top thriving MLM companies in the world:

1) Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields might not be the newest kid on the block but this doesn’t change just how impressive this company’s success has been. The skincare organization was founded by the previous instigators of the famous brand Proactiv. However, shortly after it was launched, Rodan + Fields found its own stride and quickly began outselling its predecessor.

In 2017, the brand made $1.3 billion in revenue, outshining many of the other industry leaders. The company also now has around 300,000 consultants selling its products. One of the reasons that the brand doesn’t show any signs of slowing down is that it caters to a more mature audience. The company is able to sell higher-priced products to an aging demographic, making it all set for the future.

2) Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse deals with both nutritional as well as skin care products, offering a more well-rounded experience for its consumers. The company sells the concept of youth and vitality, providing clients with quick and effective solutions to the aging dilemma. This is yet another organization that has made quite a name for itself since it set up shop less than a decade ago.

In just three years, the company has experienced around 210 percent growth. And, in 2017, it was estimated that Jeunesse Global was able to bring in over 1300 million dollars. Nonetheless, the business hasn’t just excelled in terms of finance. It has also gained quite a reputation for itself. It has been placed in Inc. magazine’s top 5000 fastest growing companies for five consecutive years.

3) doTERRA

doTERRA is focused on selling essential oils and products associated with it. The company got its start at the right time – just as the world was beginning to buy into the essential oil craze. This opportune timing definitely shows in the overall performance of the company. For instance, it 2016, it was disclosed that the company was making up to $1.2 billion in annual revenue.

There is also no denying that doTERRA has cemented its position as one of the premier essential oils in the United States. It is estimated that the company caters to around 3 million customers in this area alone. Not to mention, it would appear that this company’s success is something that will continue to grow. This is especially since the all-natural trend is holding steady.

4) Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy is a natural gas and electricity provider to deregulated markets in the United States. At last count, it was projected that the company boasted a revenue of around one billion dollars. This meant that the company saw a 3-year growth of about 128 percent. Ambit Energy is quite well known around the nation and has even been mentioned as one of the top growing companies in the Inc. 5000 for six years now.

The real genius of this organization is in how well its multi-level marketing approach actually works. For instance, the company only has a little over 600 main employees. Nevertheless, it relies on over 300,000 consultants to sell its services to people all over the country. It is precisely numbers like this that prove that Ambit Energy will be even more successful.

5) Beautycounter

Beautycounter is more than just an incredibly successful MLM company. And this is saying something considering that in just six years, the organization has managed to bring its annual revenue to around $225 million. What makes this company one of the top grossing businesses is that it has made transparency a key component. As a result, all consumers are aware of just what goes into these beauty products.

It is also one of those brands that you can be quite certain isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. So, how is this a guarantee? Well, just take a look at these Beautycounter numbers right here:

  • Has a network of 28,000 consultants across the country
  • Recently acquired Nude Skincare brand to branch out
  • Collected $65 million in 2018 for further expansion

Consequently, when it comes to Beautycounter, it is only just beginning. There is no telling what it will be able to accomplish in the future.

6) Isagenix

Now, Isagenix may have gotten a bit of an earlier start that some of the other businesses on this list. Nevertheless, it is still astounding what the innovators behind this company have managed to do. Recently, Isagenix announced that its total, global revenue had hit the $6 billion mark, making it one of the more successful MLM companies in the world.

Obviously, the Isagenix products had a lot to do with how much the company grossed. At the same time, it was also the marketing tactics that really led to this kind of achievement. At this point in time, Isagenix operates in sixteen different countries, across the globe. As a result, it is selling to more than half a million people in various nations. So, what do the next few years hold for Isagenix? Well, if the past is anything to go by, this company will definitely be conquering new grounds. It’s global domination and steady growth will certainly take care of that.

The organizations mentioned above are some of the fastest growing multi-level marketing agencies in the world. They prove that when executed properly, these strategies can really pay off. Within just a few years, many of these organizations have been able to grow their revenue exponentially, rivaling traditional companies without any problems at all. This certainly shows that the future is bright for MLM companies that want to break out in this timeless industry, regardless of the sector that they are joining.

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