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Educational Center

strategyA good online binary options broker will be equipped with a rich education center that is filled with all kinds of binary options trading tutorials. It is important to read these tutorials and gain as much knowledge as possible in the field.

The more knowledge you gain, the higher the chances that you will make an accurate prediction in the binary trading. Traders who often lose are usually those who are lazy to study these trading tutorials.

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Your trading skill will improve over time if you just have to spend a few minutes at the educational center.

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Binary Options Tutorials

You will find tutorials for all levels of traders at the educational center including basics, intermediate and advanced. The basic tutorials at the educational center aim to guide newbie traders to understand about the basic concepts of binary trading. Intermediate tutorials will teach you about the different trading strategies can increase your chances of winning the trades. Advanced tutorials section provide tutorials designed for professional traders that already have a basic understanding of binary trading. For example, in advanced tutorials, you will learn about the different types of market analysis, aggressive trading and market trends.

Video Binary Options Tutorials

Most online brokers offer video tutorials so that it is easier for you to assimilate the information. You will want to make sure that you have gone through every single point in the video and completely understand it. After you have grasped what the video is teaching, you can move on to the next video. If you have any problem understanding a video tutorial, you should contact the account manager. You can discuss with your account manager about the things that you have learned after watching the video tutorials. You can also discuss any trading strategy that you plan to implement with your personal account manager.


Many binary options educational centers will offer one or two free downloadable PDF ebooks that provide step by step instructions on binary trading. Reading these ebooks can give you a better understanding on how trading in the binary options market work. Some brokers offer 3D ebook which makes the page flipping real like when you are turning the pages of a physical book.

Online Courses

In the education center, you will find online courses which you can take several times every week. However, the availability of these courses will depend on your trading account type. The online binary options trading courses.


Glossary offers explanation on the terminology that are frequently used in the binary options trading platform. If there is any term that you are not familiar on the platform, you can refer to the glossary list in the educational center. Learning the terms in the glossary can quickly improve your trading skills


You can also find webinars at the educational center but they are usually only accessible by members. There is a calendar where you find out when these live webinars will take place. You may find video tutorials that provide a walkthrough on the features of the trading platform. There is no need to worry if you cannot attend the live webinar because these webinars are recorded on a camera and you can watch the video whenever you have time.

Financial Calendar

The financial calendar is where you will find the date for the important events that will have impact on the market. For example, you will find economic announcements on the financial calendar. The financial calendar aims to help you stay up to date with the important economic events in real time.

Trading Signals

Some online brokers offer free trading signals that are sent to the recipient via email or SMS. The signals are generated based on an in depth analysis of the market. Some brokers offer the trading signals for free while others only allow members of a higher level of account to access them. The signals are sent to you live and you are being informed how much time are left until you execute it.

You should always choose a broker that has a good educational center that has a lot of free resources. Only a good broker will do their best to provide as much resources and materials as possible to help newbie traders get started in binary options trading.

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