Long Term or Short Term Binary Options Trading

Since its inception, binary options trading has been associated with short term trades.

In fact, some of the most popular trade periods have been 60 second and 2 minute trades. As the trading form has evolved, however, so has the trade times.

There are now trades that can last for days, weeks, months or even up to a year. Of course, this still does depend on the broker that you are associated with.

As these longer trade intervals become popular, it does beg the question: long term or short term binary options trading – which one is right for you? Here are certain factors that may help you decide a position:

It Depends on Your Personality

What you are like as a person can have a huge impact on which time frame is right for you.

For instance, if you are in favor of the long game and can understand the advantage of waiting, then you will be well-suited to longer trades.

However, if you are ruled by impatience or if you are someone who craves a more exciting trading situation, then shorter trades are the answer.

Are You Satisfied with Lower Payout Rates?

On average, brokers tend to offer lower payout rates for smaller time frames. This is because these intervals are seen as being easier to manage.

After all, it is quite likely that a reigning trend will continue for a couple of minutes longer unless the market is incredibly volatile.

Due to this perception, most brokers will offer less in terms of the final payout.

With long term trades, the outcome is not always as certain, particularly if you the trade is set to expire weeks or months from now.

As the brokers have a better chance of the trade ending out of the money, they are willing to offer higher payouts.

Short Term Trades Favor Research-Oriented Traders

Although it may seem backwards, traders who have time to spend on research and price movement charts will be better suited to short term trades.

This is because short terms trades are easy enough to determine when there is a clear trend. However, when there is no such price direction, there needs to be greater amounts of research done.

This will help you, the trader, to identify those pockets of time in between where the price of an asset can increase or decrease. One of the best brokers for short term binary trading is highlow.

With long term trades, these patterns are a little easier to see. Since it deals with a broader period of time within the market, the trends and the movements are simpler to predict.

Different Time Periods are Conducive to Different Assets

Not all assets perform equally well for different trade intervals. With certain assets, you have a higher chance of ending in the money if you are trade is quite short.

For others, a longer time period may help you make a more accurate prediction. Commodities, for instance, tend to work best for short trades. This is because it tends to be a rather volatile asset and the price direction can change in the matter of days or weeks.

With stocks, on the other hand, you can make a good profit if you can identify a company that may see a price bump in their shares in the future.

In many instances, it doesn’t have to be a case of either/or with short term and long term trades. This is because if you manage to master both intervals, you can diversify your portfolio a great deal. This, in turn, will help to manage your losses.

Long term or short term binary options, which one is right for you, must be determined by you. In the end, you should realize that there is some benefit to utilizing both.

how brokers make money

How Trading Brokers Make Money

.Binary options is not a form of gambling. Over the years it has become a recognized type of investment on the global markets.

It is easy for rudimentary educated on the subject to presume binary options brokers as stock brokers. However this is not the case.

In the stock market, brokers make their money by charging a commission or spread.

The answer on how binary options brokers make money however is a little less apparent.

Simply put, there are two main methods by which binary options brokers make their money.

One is by pricing certain binary options and the other is through the trading activities by investors.

Although the fact is there are a greater number of ways in which a broker can make money but those are subjective to individual business models. With binary options, your broker is either honest or a crook. First, let’s take a look at the two main methods employed by brokers to make money with binary options.

Pricing the binary options

The pricing of binary options that investors are trading in is marked slightly higher than the rates in the market.

This is something that many traders are unaware of. And the brokers usually obtain pricing estimates from liquidity providers.

When making a trade, investors refer to the figures mentioned in the software or trading platform and the estimated payout. However, a certain part of that payout is actually taken out by the brokers which would serve as the commission they are earning.

Trading activities

A binary options trader can also make money through their clients’ trades in binary options.

Through various loopholes that come up with binary options trades, some money from the payout can end up in no man’s land.

These funds by default are taken over by the broker. For instance, if a certain amount of clients make a series of options on a market and end up out the money, their investment falls exclusively into the hands of the broker.

However, in order to maintain trust and a good performance record, brokers will still do what they can to make their clients’ investments a success.

There simply aren’t any guarantees. Depending on the number of clients, a broker could be making millions a dollars a month on the binary options market.

With only two possible outcomes that come with binary options come two types of brokers: the honest and the dishonest.

Honest Brokers

An honest broker is quite simply considered one that is regulated and licensed.

A binary options broker makes money off of the amount of trades that are being executed by the traders.

As long as there is a binary options trading industry where at least some traders walk away having made a profit, there are bound to be some competent and honest brokers around as well.

Dishonest brokers

binary options scamsThere are a few ways however, that brokers will use to scheme against traders swing the money in their direction.

The highly infamous method is when a broker tricks their client into believing they are legitimate. After that they acquire permission to trade with their money.

They then rig the software to yield the result most favorable for them, regardless of whether the clients end up in the money or out the money.

Scams are very ugly. It is best to do your research, give it your best judgment and carefully chose a broker to handle your trades in binary options.

But as a broker, money making opportunities are plenty. Unsportsmanlike conduct is detrimental in the long run. Stick to being legitimate.

cheapest online broker

Cheapest Online Brokers in Australia

These days, when it comes to share trading, online trading is hardly a new thing.

With so many brokers available, the next hurdle is to find the cheapest online broker Australia.

After all, one of the best ways to improve on your trading success is to ensure that your trading costs are as low as possible.

If this is something you are interested in, the information below will be of great use to you. Here, you will not only discover what the top discount brokers Australia are but also get a closer look at what makes them great. On this note, here is a list of brokers that you can rely on:

1. FP Markets

FP Markets is an online CFD and forex broker. This is an ASIC regulated brokerage that has been functioning for over a decade, making it one of the better-known brokers in the market. Here is what you need to know about this broker:


If you choose to sign up with FP Markets, you have access to around ten thousands instruments. This allows you to be engaged with a wide number of instruments in share trading, CFD trading, and forex trading. Most of these instruments are related to CFD trading, allowing you to select from:

  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • Indices

At the same time, you will also gain access to around 50 currency pairs for forex trading. As far as commodities go the top options are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Crude oil

You even have the option to trade with Bitcoin if you want to.

Accounts and Fees

There are three different kinds of accounts, one for each trading category. For the share trading account, you can opt for the Standard which offers up a 0.11 percent commission fee and $14.95 minimum fee. For the non-leverage CFD account, the commission starts at 0.08 percent and there isn’t a minimum fee.

The three CFD accounts are the Professional, Platinum, and Premier, with minimum opening balances ranging from $1,000 to $50,000. For equity CFD, 0.08 percent for Australia to 2 cents a share when trading US stocks from Australia.

For forex accounts, Standard minimum opening balance is $100 while the ECN RAW account is $1000. There are no commissions for most of the Standard transactions. Instead, the cost is built into the spread. For the RAW accounts (forex and metals) there is a cost of $3.5 per 100,000.


You can select from three platforms with this broker – the IRESS, MetaTrader4, and MetaTrader5. This is good news for traders of all capabilities as you should be able to find a suitable platform between these three. Now, of all these platforms, the IRESS does include a charge of $55 a month, including GST.

2. Amscot Stockbroking

Amscot Stockbroking is in the mix as the best stockbroker Australia. This broker provides traders with some of the most competitive prices on the market. Here is a closer look at how this broker functions:


What puts Amscot Stockbroking on the map is the fact that it deals with the three major exchanges in Australia. These are the ASX, Chi-X, and Sydney stock exchange. Due to this, traders have all the instruments traded on these exchanges at their disposal. As such, it can offer a higher number of instruments than most other brokers.

Accounts and Online Trading Rates

You can open an account with Amscot for absolutely no cost at all. There are no sign-up costs, monthly fees, or even any ASX royalty fees. Rather, the fees here are associated with the trading plans made available by the broker. Depending on what kind of trader you are, you can select from the ValueRate and TraderRate.

If your trade values tend to be less than $40,000 then your ValueRate is the best option here for you. Here a trade size of $5,001 will incur a brokerage rate of just $9.90. In fact, with this plan, you will find that the prices beat out many of the other brokers, as long as you trade less than $50,000.

For traders whose trade value tends to be greater than $50,000, the TraderRate works well. A trade size of 50,0001 will have a rate of just $33. The rate remains almost as low, even when the trading value increases up to $1,000,000.


One of the downsides of this broker is that you are only able to rely on different forms of the IRESS trading platform. As you may be aware, this is one of the few platforms that require a monthly fee. As such, you will be required to pay $77. However, if $220 of brokerage is generated during the month, this fee will be waived.

3. Bell Direct

Bell Direct is actually an award winning broker, ensuring that you are in good hands when you sign up for a share trading account Australia. To find out just what this brokerage has to offer you, keep reading:


One of the top reasons to select this cheap broker is the fact that there is so much you can trade with. This includes all ASX listed equities. To add to this there are also:

  • Interest rated securities
  • ETFs
  • Warrants
  • Managed Funds
  • Options
  • IPOs
  • XTBs

As you can see, you really are spoiled for choice. This makes Bell Direct a good solution for more seasoned traders who want to keep costs down.

Bonus Tip: If you are interested in forex trading then one of the cheapest online brokers is Vantage FX Australia.

Trader Fees

One of the main perks with this broker is that the more you trade, the less you actually pay. For instance, your first 10 trades of the month (up to $10,000) cost just $15. The 11th to the 30th trades are 13 or 0.08 percent, depending on which is higher. The 31st trade onwards cost $10 or 0.08 percent, whichever is greater.


To add to the many benefits of signing up with this broker is the fact that it has arguably the best online trading platform Australia. This broker-approved platform makes it easier for traders to place trades more efficiently and quickly, improving your opportunities. This is aided by the fact that the platform is synced to up-to-date, with live information, ensuring that you have constant knowledge of what is going on.

These are the cheapest online brokers you can find anywhere. Not only are they affordable, these brokers also provide top-notch services and excellent trading opportunities.

vantage-fx Australia

Vantage FX Australia

Vantage FX Australia is one of the top Forex brokers in the country.

The broker is regulated in Australia, making it one of the safest platforms for regular Australians to use.

Vantage FX is famous, but does it live up to the hype? Read the Vantage FX Australia review below to find out more.

What is Vantage FX Australia?

Founded in 2009, Vantage FX specialised in Forex trading from the get-go. The company operated on five principles: transparency, accountability, integrity, reliability, and trust. Australians can get access to global Forex markets through Vantage.

Vantage FX is intended for both professional and casual traders. The company, unlike most brokers, doesn’t have its own trading platform. Rather, it relies on other platforms such as MT4 and MT5. Vantage FX promises clients fast execution speeds and great customer service.

Account holders can trade these financial instruments: Forex, indices, commodities, share CFDs, and, recently, cryptocurrency. The company’s ECN spreads for RAW accounts start from 0.0.

Traders can check out the Vantage FX signals.


The company offers two different types of accounts for users. Individual brokers can sign up with Vantage to manage client funds as well. A great alternative to Vantage FX is City Index Australia.

Is Vantage FX Trustworthy?

Trustworthiness is the most important feature to look for in any Forex broker. Vantage FX is ASIC regulated. The company has a business address in Australia.

Vantage FX is professionally audited by the KPMG in association with the Australian Financial Services Licence. The company deposits client funds in National Australia Bank. As per regulations, client funds are segregated from company funds.

Vantage FX offers Professional Indemnity Insurance select persons, including employees, under ASIC rules. All in all, Vantage FX is a well-regulated Forex broker in Australia. The company is highly reliable in terms of its services.

Vantage FX Markets and Leverages

Vantage FX offers access to the following markets under certain conditions:

  • Forex—Australian clients can get access to global Forex markets on MetaTrader 4 platform with IG. The broker offers uninterrupted access and considerable levels of liquidity. Vantage FC offers as much as 500:1 leverages for the Forex market.
  • Commodities—Users can get access 24/7 to the global commodities market via Vantage FX. The platform facilitates leveraged trades. Available commodities include oil and precious metals like gold and silver. Vantage FX allows clients to speculate on very low trade volumes, sometimes as low as just 10 barrels of oil or an ounce of metal. Vantage clients can trade with maximum leverage on even sophisticated commodities markets like palladium.
  • Indices—Vantage FX gives access to 8 global stock exchange indices, including the London Stock Exchange, Dow Jones, and Japan’s Nikkei. Traders can gain access all day for 24 hours on working days. For indices, the broker offers a tool called oneZero for speculation as close to precise as it can get.
  • Cryptocurrency—Clients can get access to the hottest crypto markets via Vantage FX, including Bitcoins. You can’t own digital coins, but you can speculate on the price change volatility. Vantage FX allows hedging for crypto CFDs. However, unlike with Forex, no leverage is given.

Fees and Accounts

Vantage FX offers two types of accounts for new clients: standard and RAW. The standard account doesn’t charge a commission or any fees. It offers leverage of up to 500:1 for most trades. The spreads start at 1.0 pips. The minimum deposit requirement is $100.


The RAW account is aimed at retail traders. It charges $3 per lot. The leverage is 500:1 just like the standard account. Minimum deposit is $500. The spread is very low and can start at 0.0 pips.

Vantage FX doesn’t charge deposit fees for any accounts. However, electronic deposit charges may still occur because of bank charges. Otherwise, Vantage FX doesn’t charge any account maintenance, subscription, or similar fees.

Both accounts offer a free demo version new users can try. Opening either a standard or RAW account will get you instant access to MetaTrader 4 on your desktop, online, or on a mobile device. You will also have access to trading services like ZuluTrade or Myfxbook AutoTrade.

Vantage FX accounts give traders access to 40 different types of currencies, seven commodities markets, and six indices. Crypto trading is enabled for both account types as well.

Benefits for New Users

Vantage FX has an education portal for new users called the Forex Training Academy. It’s essentially a crash course on how to trade on Forex markets and maximize your profits. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on this training material as Vantage FC is not licensed as a financial consultant.

The company’s main website has an extensive support and FAQ pages to help new users as well. This material gives a good primer on the trading platforms and how to manage your account. All in all, Vantage FX is great for new users who are still unfamiliar with the Forex trading environment.


Vantage FX offers a number of benefits to users, but there are some drawbacks. Mainly, clients can only choose between two account options. It’s largely differentiated between casual and retail customers. Those in the middle may find the two options inadequate.

Additionally, clients can trade only using the MT4 trading platform. MT4 is widely regarded as a reliable and speedy platform. However, clients may prefer different trading platforms for different financial instruments. Unfortunately, Vantage FX doesn’t offer its own trading platform.

Alternatively you check check out all other CFD Brokers in Australia.

The broker offers excellent customer support infrastructure online. But when it comes down to actual customer support, they are slightly lagging. Customers have complained about the lack of immediate support to solve complex issues.


Vantage FX overall is a solid Forex broker option for professional and non-professional clients. Retail traders will certainly benefit from the RAW accounts the broker offers.

Clients can enjoy many benefits, such as wide, international access to the Forex market from Australia. The company is highly regulated so the level of trust is high. The software Vantage FX uses is top-notch. Free demos are available for anyone to try.

The downsides are minimal compared to the benefits. If you are a new or a casual Forex investor, Vantage FX is a great place to open an account.

xtrade australia

XTrade Australia

Is XTrade available to traders for Australia?

When it comes to trading brokers, one of the top requirements is versatility and support.

If this is something you value, Xtrade will quickly become one of your favourite brokers.

Of course, these aren’t the only advantages offered to you by this broker.

XTrade does not accept Australian traders. But don’t worry because there are top alternatives like Highlow (AU regulated broker).

Unfortunately XTrade does not accept traders from Australia. Read this XTrade Australia review to see what are the alternatives.

Why Are Australians Not Accepted On XTrade?

The reason why Australia is not among the accepted countries on XTrade is that the broker does not have an Australian ASIC regulation. Here is a list with ASIC regulated brokers.

Luckily there are more than enough brokers for Aussie traders (for example Highlow).

What Does Xtrade Offer

xtrade appApart from the ETFs, this broker tends to offer CFD services for each of its instruments. The upshot of this is that you don’t have to physically own any of the assets that you want to trade with. Rather, you have the option to make a profit from the price movements alone.

There are some perks to trading these CFD-based assets with this broker. Namely, you don’t have to pay any commission and you get to enjoy fixed spreads. Also, leverage makes it easier to expand your position. Here are the conditions for each of the CFD instruments offered by this broker:

  • Indices: here, you get access to some of the biggest indices on the global market. You can also view real-time and continuous index rates, ensuring that you know how to open and close your position.
  • Commodities: there are so many different commodity assets to select from with this broker. These include soft assets like coffee and cotton as well as crude oil and metals. There is also the option to predetermine your market position as well.
  • Shares: here, too, you get access to shares in the global market, allowing you to make a profit without having to invest as much money. By setting automated limits on your trades and predefining your profits and losses, you can lower your risk level.
  • Forex: you have the opportunity to trade with major currency pairs, with the benefit of fixed spreads to boot. Traders also receive quite a bit of trading support and access to up to date information, making it simple for you to improve your position.
  • Cryptocurrency: you can engage in one of the most contemporary forms of trading, without having to take responsibility for the actual ownership of the cryptocurrency.

The Platform

There are two options when it comes to trading platforms – MetaTrader4 and the Xtrade WebTrader. The MetaTrader4 is one of the more popular platforms around and it isn’t difficult to see why. Its user-friendly features make it a good option for both novice and seasoned traders alike. To top this off, partnered with Xtrade, you also get to enjoy top-notch features like one-click trading and full Expert Advisor functionality. There are also lots of technical analysis tools to select from, allowing you to determine your position in a much more informed manner.

As for the Xtrade WebTrader, this negates the need to download any software. Instead, you can simply access this platform from virtually anywhere so that your trading has no limits. This isn’t the sole feature of the platform, however. For instance, this platform gives you access to highly accurate and up to date market analysis. You can also execute trades more efficiently and quickly allowing you to open and close positions that much better. There are also mobile versions of this platform, allowing you to trade on the go.

The Accounts

There is technically only one type of account you can open with this broker. The advantage of this, of course, is that you will not have to wade through a number of different terms and conditions to understand just what the advantage of each account is.

Another benefit of this account is that it is completely free to open and register. As you can imagine, though, you can only really begin trading once you have made a deposit. In addition to the main trading account, you also have the option to open up a demo account. This is activated as soon as you open a regular account. Nevertheless, the activation is subject to a minimum deposit.

If you don’t want to open up a regular account, you still have the option to only activate a demo account. However, the demo account that is opened alongside the regular account doesn’t have an expiration date.

Trading Support

When you open an account with this broker, you can expect a fair amount of trading support. This is largely in the form of technical analysis features. You are able to view economic calendars as well as receive Autochartist market news and reports. It is due to these elements that you will find trading with this broker to be highly accurate. All the trades you place can be verified to a significant extent.

XTrade Educational Materials

One of the features that really put this broker on the map are the educational materials. There are so many to choose from that you will find it easy to build yourself up from scratch, even if you are a novice trader. The beginner’s course, for instance, teaches you everything you need to know about forex trading as well as the forex market.

It isn’t just information on forex that this broker provides you with. You can also learn about commodities, cryptocurrencies, and trading CFDs. So, regardless of what you want to learn, you will be covered.

Yet another advantage is that the educational courses are offered in different ways. For instance, if you prefer a more traditional way of learning, there are comprehensive e-books that you can refer to. If you like something that is more interactive, there are plenty of video tutorials to select from as well.

XTrade Regulations

Now it should be noted that the brokerage is registered in Belize. This isn’t something to be alarmed about, as it is still registered. Instead of the ASIC, though, the broker is authorised and registered by the International Financial Services Commission in Belize. As a result, it needs to adhere to certain requirements and standards, if it wishes to maintain its license.

The above factors are the main elements you need to know about this broker. Unfortunately XTrade does not accept Australian traders, but maybe the will have an Australian ASIC license in the future. We will keep you updated.

By going through them, it is easy to note that this is a legitimate broker that has a suitable number of features for all kinds of traders to enjoy.

losing streak

Binary Options Losing Streaks

It is not something that traders like to think about but it is a natural part of the trading system. You win some, and you lose some.

The losses can be more deeply ingrained than the wins, however, and they can certainly hurt a lot more. Therefore, it is quite common for people to get frustrated and even turn their backs on trading completely.

Although it is not easy, there are ways of dealing with a losing streak with binary options trades. Here are some helpful tips to help you through this turbulent and disappointing time:

Examine the Streak

The first thing you need to figure out is just why you are ending up out of the money on all of these trades.

It could be that the market is simply not favorable towards your asset or that there is a great deal of volatility. Perhaps you are deviating from your trading plan or are not using the strategies that you typically do.

It can be difficult to admit to yourself when you have made a mistake. It is important to do, however, as it can help you learn from the error and make the necessary changes to improve the circumstances.

What is really essential is that you don’t just keep making the same mistake over and over again. You should also keep in mind that rarely is there just one aspect at fault. It is more likely that several factors are responsible for your current downfall.

Go Back to Your Demo Account

Clearly live trading is not working out for you so it is time that you take a break from that.

This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on trading altogether, however. Rather it is about reassessing the way in which you are placing your trades. It is also a good way to evaluate your strategy.

By using it in a non-risk environment, you are better equipped to determine if there are flaws in your strategy. It may turn out that you simply have been using the wrong strategy for the wrong trades.

Take a Break

As hard as you may try, it can be difficult to not let a losing streak get to you. This can cause you to doubt your strategy, yourself, and the entire form of trading.

This is why, every now and then, it can be good to take a little break. Sometimes you just need a week or two to help you clear your mind and get your head back in the game.

This also helps you get some fresh perspective on your situation. Even if you continue to experience losses, it will be a little easier to bear with them as they will not have been back to back.

Manage Your Money Well

One of the biggest risks with losing streaks is that you can stand to lose all of your money. As tempting as it may be, avoid pouring in additional money to stem the loss. Instead, continue with your money management strategy as long as it is a safe and logical one.

Of course, if your funds are running low, you may want to reduce how much you are placing on each trade.

This is quite important if your strategy carries a high amount of risk. If your strategy is not quite so risky, you don’t have to lessen your investment by all that much.

These are some pointers for dealing with a losing streak with binary options trades. You need to remember that this streak will not last forever. Eventually, you are going to start placing in the money trades and making a profit once more.

Bell Direct Australia

Bell Direct Australia

Bell Direct Australia offers margin trading as part of a well thought out investment strategy.

The Australian-based company can give locals access to both native and global markets.

The company boasts impressive benefits and many accolades. Is the hype really all that? Read this review to find out.

What Is Bell Direct Australia

Bell Direct is the trading arm of the Bell Financial Group. Other companies in the group include Bell Potter Securities and Bell Potter Capital. The broker was founded in 2006 by Arnie Selvarajah, who now acts as CEO.

The broker offers financial products for margin lending as well as cash management. The company prides itself in offering “integrated and competitive account management” services. Bell Direct services are complemented by financial research conducted by Bell Potter, the capital arm of the company.

Bell Direct is licensed in Australia and is regulated by the ASIC. The license number of the company is AFSL 314341. The company is a trading participant of ASX Limited Group and Chi-X under this license. Bell Direct cannot provide customers with investment advice. ASIC warns clients to consider “own financial situation” before trading on platforms like Bell Direct.

Financial Instruments on Offer

You can trade any of the following financial instruments with a Bell Direct account:

  • Any equity or security listed under ASX
  • Interest rate securities
  • Stock options
  • ETFs
  • Managed Funds
  • Warrants
  • Exchange Traded Bond units (XTBs)
  • IPOs

In addition, customers can create a margin lending account. The broker offers a personal trading fund management option via a tool called mFund. Bell Direct offers a 1-second placement guarantee for all ASX securities.

Trading Options and Fees

Clients have multiple trading options with a Bell Direct account. For example, Aussies with SMSF plans can invest with Bell Direct using these plans. The broker offers separate services for including margin trades in SMSF plans.

Customers can conduct ETO trades too. The company facilitates both online and over-the-phone trading. Their platform accompanies a mobile app for trading on the go.


Bell Direct fees are highly competitive and are much more reasonable compared to similar services. Their commission fee is just $15 for trades up to $10,000. For $25,000 trades, the commission fee is $25. There are frequent trader discounts on offer. If you place at least 10 trades per month, the commission is only $13. If you place more than 30 trades per month, the commission is just $10.

Bell Direct may charge commission fees as a percentage as well. If the number of trades exceeds 10 in a month, the commission may be the flat amount described above or 0.08%. The company charges whatever is higher. A good alternative to Bell Direct is Admiral Markets.

There are separate charges for ETO and mFund trading. The commission starts at $30 for both. The commission fees vary between online and phone trading types. Commissions for online trades are cheaper. But you may be charged as much as $60 for certain types of phone trading.

Overall, the company is highly transparent regarding fees and charges. You can check out a table of commissions online. Bell Direct fully discloses all charges in detail.

User-Friendly Features

Clients who open accounts on Bell Direct Australia, can benefit from the following:

  • Financial research—Clients get access to broker research conducted by the Bell Financial Group. These include detailed market reports, financial indicators, and key measures from Morningstar. Clients can get recommendations from 20 professional brokers. Reports also include business news and announcements from ASX.
  • Trading ideas—These are suggested from Bell Direct for either bullish or bearish trading. The information is based on Recognia chart patterns. You could get six per day directly in your inbox. Alerts are mailed at a time most convenient for clients, such as in the mornings.
  • Tax reporting—The annual financial report from Bell Direct includes all the information you need for filing taxes. The year-end report will include details like holding valuations, sample reports, and account summaries for dividends and cash.
  • Mobile apps—Use the corresponding mobile apps to trade en route. The mobile app includes tools to track your investment portfolio and to for getting stock quotes.
  • Trade charting—The latest feature from Bell Direct is an HTML5 charting tool. This interactive program allows clients to chart data for better understanding of finances.

Customer Service

Bell Direct gets rave reviews for its customer service. Unlike most companies, Bell Direct isn’t reliant just on live chat. Clients get an array of options to seek support, including email, live chat, online message, phone, fax, and snail mail.

Response time is reasonable and quite fast. Expect a response within one or two business days, depending on the mode of communication you choose. The quickest way to get help is via online chat. The company uses an actual customer representative instead of a bot for online conversations. As a result, the quality of support is very high.

Bell Direct Australia – The Downsides

Previous customers have complained about certain account-related technical issues using the service. Minor things could cause problems for clients. For example, if you need to change your address, there’s a formal, paper-based process that can take some time. It can’t be done quickly online or over the phone.

The trading platform is not as smooth as what some other brokers offer. Trades may take up to 3 days to settle. The Bell Direct platform is suitable for basic trading. But it may feel clunky and slow if you are a high rolling trader.

Unfortunately, Bell Direct doesn’t offer cryptocurrency trading options. Bitcoins and similar digital currencies are not part of Bell Direct’s financial instruments for profiting from price movement.


Bell Direct offers a number of useful features for new investors. The company offers sophisticated trading tools that are not usually offered by competitors. Bell Direct is transparent about commissions and is licensed in Australia. These are the main strong points.

The company has some weaknesses as well. However, overall, Bell Direct stands out as a marginal trading broker for casual and professional investors. The prices are highly reasonable compared to those of close competitors. Users can benefit from reporting tools as well. Therefore, you should definitely give Bell Direct Australia a try.

AU brokers fixed spreads

Australian Forex Brokers with Fixed Spreads

In forex trading traders have the opportunity to keep trading fees as low as possible.One of the best ways to do this is to sign up with Australian forex brokers with fixed spreads to maximise your profit.

The following article will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages associated with fixed spreads. It will also detail the best brokers to rely on and some of the features that you should look for in such agencies. So, without further ado, here is what you need to know.

How Fixed Spreads Can Benefit You

Let’s first take a look at why fixed spreads are something you should consider when you register with a particular broker.

Now, as you are aware, the spread is the difference between the Asking and Bid price during a trade. The spread can be affected by a number of different factors including global events and information releases.

Such elements can result in volatility, which means that the price can jump rather quickly.

When such situations take place, you will often find that the spreads can widen rather significantly. Therefore, you may end up paying a bit more than you typically would.

As you can imagine, this ends up cutting into the profits you make, decreasing the overall amount. Fixed spreads, however, seek to minimize such losses.

As you can tell from the term, fixed spreads don’t change, regardless of the market situation.

This can come in useful for different kinds of traders. For instance, if you are new to trading, fixed spreads create a more stable trading environment for you. Such spreads are also helpful to traders involved in day trading or trading around major events.

Top Australian Brokers with the Lowest Fixed Spreads

Now that you have a better understanding of fixed spreads, it is time for the next step. Below, you will find the local brokers that will offer the best fixed spreads:


easyMarkets only offers fixed spreads. Here, though, the spreads do differ according to the account type, as well as the currency that you wish to trade with. As a result, you may find that the spreads range from around 1.8 pips to 4 pips. For the most part, the more VIP accounts tend to offer the lowest fixed spreads for traders. There are quite a few advantages to be appreciated with this particular broker. Not only is their customer service top-notch but their trading platforms are highly rated as well. All in all, it is a rather well-rounded broker and one that is ASIC regulated to boot.


AvaTrade is one of the better-known brokers and offers up fixed spreads as well. On average, the fixed spread for a currency pair is around 1.9 pips. Although this may not be the cheapest, there are several advantages working in AvaTrade’s favour.

To start with, this is an ASIC regulated broker, which makes it a more reliable option. There are also a number of different trading platforms to select from, including the very popular MetaTrader 4. The broker provides traders with enough resources to help with trading decisions as well.


eToro does provide traders with fixed spreads but they tend to be slightly higher than most other brokers. So, you may discover that these fixed spreads can be as high as 3 pips in some instances.

Despite this, quite a number of traders rely on this well-regarded broker.

This is largely to do with the fact that the interface and platforms are user-friendly and suitable for most types of traders.

To add to this, it also boasts some rather impressive social trading tools.

eToro is also one of our top rated bitcoin brokers and CFD brokers in Australia.

Read the eToro review.

Are Fixed Spreads Always Profitable?

The above points reveal that fixed spreads help to create a more normal trading situation, particularly for novice traders. At the same time, though, there is one downside associated with this type of spread.

This, of course, is the fact that under normal conditions, there may not be as many advantages to reap with fixed spreads.

Under regular trading situations, there is always the chance that market liquidity will be rather low. During these instances, traders that have opted for floating spreads will be able to enjoy much lower spreads than usual.

Nonetheless, if you have opted for fixed spreads, you will end up paying a fixed amount that may be higher than the spread currently being quoted in the market.

Tips for Selecting Australian Brokers with Fixed Spreads

While the brokers mentioned above are highly rated, you will discover that they are not the only options around. With such a selection to choose from, you may be wondering how to determine which brokers are your best options. Well, the following tips will come in handy when searching for such brokers:

  • ASIC Regulated Brokers are Key: as you are aware, not all forex brokers are regulated by ASIC .Now, this doesn’t automatically mean that non-authorised brokers are fraudulent. Nevertheless, sticking with regulated brokers is often advised. For one thing, they are less likely to be engaged in scams. For another, should there be any fraudulent activity, you will have peace of mind knowing that there are proper security measures in place.
  • Double Check Fixed Spreads: it is important to double check that a forex broker does, in fact, provide fixed spreads. What’s more, you should be aware of all the variations in fixed spreads in regards to account types and currency pairs.
  • Understand Terms and Conditions: in many instances, there are terms and conditions associated with fixed spreads. For example, in some cases, you may find that the broker has the right to alter the fixed spreads temporarily. Therefore, it is important to be aware of when this can take place.
  • Fixed Spreads aren’t the Only Factors: last but certainly not least, fixed spreads aren’t the most important element of a broker. Make sure that they are legitimate, easy to use, and offer suitable currency pairs before registering with them.

These are the top things you need to understand regarding Australian forex brokers who provide you with fixed spreads. As long as you keep these details in mind, you will be able to utilise the advantages associated with this type of spread.

bitcoin brokers australia

Bitcoin Brokers Australia

The world’s most famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin has stood firm despite market changes and controversies. As a result, the number of Bitcoin brokers in Australia has mushroomed.

If you are new to cryptocurrency, finding a broker is the best way to start trading. Otherwise, you would need a supercomputer to mine for Bitcoins.

This article is a guide on how to trade Bitcoin in Australia and where to find the best brokers.

Top 3 Bitcoin Brokers in Australia


HighLow is a popular investment broker that offers a variety of financial assets to invest in. The broker is most famous for CFD trading, but Bitcoins can be traded with them too.

What’s great about HighLow is that it’s an Australian company regulated by local authorities. HighLow is a rare broker that holds an ASIC license for all trades. The company is popular in New Zealand as well.

You can start trading with HighLow for as little as $10. The broker offers an excellent trading platform program. It’s accessible online and via mobile.

The market prices are available in real time. Plus, the trading platform has a demo. Users can familiarize themselves with the platform without actually spending any money.

HighLow is known for offering excellent customer support. Because Bitcoin prices tend to fluctuate wildly, this feature is extremely helpful. You can read our Highlow review.

All in all, HighLow is a reliable and well-designed online Bitcoin brokerage platform. It’s great for both new and experienced Bitcoin traders.


eToro is a world-famous trading platform. It’s popularly used in Europe for CDF, Forex, and similar asset trading.  Users can easily trade Bitcoins with them too.

The broker has headquarters in Israel. However, the company has an entity in Australia to service Aussie customers. ASIC regulates this entity. eToro is perfect if you want to buy bitcoin with Paypal in Australia.

The most remarkable feature about eToro is its platform. The broker prides itself on being a social trading network. You can access their software similarly on a desktop or a mobile device.

The biggest appeal of eToro is the social component. Users can copy trades of successful investors and follow others on the platform. Read our eToro review.

The broker offers a free demo version of the software. New users can practice trading Bitcoins without actually spending money.


Plus500 offers a well-regarded CFD trading service to users from around the world. The Israel-based broker has an office in Australia. The broker is regulated under local laws by ASIC.

The broker has a CFD trading platform where you can also trade a number of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin but also stocks like Tesla. Plus500 offers some of the best leverages on its platform for crypto traders.

The trading software is intuitive to use and offers access to a vast number of markets. The software is mobile-supported on both Android and iOS.

Plus500 is a great broker to choose for quality as well as to gain access to various markets. Their platform is great for transitioning to Bitcoin trading. Read the Plus500 review.

Choose your Bitcoin broker wisely. Consider all the options available before jumping in. Armed with the inofrmation provided by the above guide, you will be a step closer to mastering Bitcoin trade.

What is Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin is the best-known cryptocurrency in the world. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency. You can trade Bitcoins like real money, but these aren’t actual coins. In that, Bitcoins are not governed by a central bank like non-digital currency.

Products can be purchased online with Bitcoins, but this is largely limited for now. You can also buy and sell Bitcoins as a form of investment. This is the essence of Bitcoin trading. Investors buy Bitcoins and hold it as an asset, much like stock. If the price for the currency goes up in the future, you can sell again and turn a profit.

Bitcoins can be earned by “mining.” It’s a simple term used to denote a process in which powerful computers solve complex math problems to create Bitcoins. Bitcoin mining requires technical know-how and serious computing power. It’s not for everyone. The easiest way to start trading Bitcoins is to buy it.

Bitcoins can be bought directly online. You can also speculate on its price, much like a CFD. Both methods require a broker. Just like a broker is required to buy Forex funds or gold, you will need to go through one to buy Bitcoins.

There is no exchange rate for Bitcoins. But Bitcoin can be traded 24/7, unlike real-world currency. When you have a good broker, you can formulate a trading plan for Bitcoins.

How to Choose a Bitcoin Broker

Thanks to the popularity of Bitcoin, the number of Bitcoin brokers has skyrocketed around the world. If you are looking for a Bitcoin broker in Australia, you need to primarily check their legitimacy.

In other words, the Australian Bitcoin broker you choose must be licensed under ASIC. Bitcoin brokers from overseas companies must follow local regulations through subsidiaries established in Australia.

Remember, Bitcoins don’t have a central exchange. The brokers set up these exchanges. Trust is important here, and you need to establish this first. After that, look at convenience. The Bitcoin broker must offer a user-friendly and convenient trading platform.

You can check out a particular software by using a demo, if offered. It would be advantageous if the trading platform has mobile accessibility as well. You will need to check Bitcoin prices quite regularly. Therefore, pay attention to the mobile-friendliness of any software offered.

You can get more for your commission money with a Bitcoin broker that offers a wide variety of services. In addition to buying the crypto coins, services should allow you to speculate on its value. Social trading platforms are great for these purposes. This is mainly because you can see what top traders are doing and learn from them.

In summation, here are the main qualities you need to look for in a good Bitcoin trader:

  • Trustworthy service indicated by appropriate licenses
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Mobile friendly trading platforms
  • Great customer service
  • A range of services related to Bitcoins

Don’t forget to seek excellent customer support as well. Bitcoin value tends to fluctuate. A technical problem, thus, could cost you money. You should be able to quickly contact the broker via a customer representative if a problem occurs.


buy bitcoin with paypal

Buy Bitcoin in Australia with PayPal

Bitcoins have exploded into investment portfolios of everyday Australians.

Did you know that you could buy Bitcoins in Australia with PayPal?

How To Buy Bitcoin with Paypal in Australia?

The easiest (and maybe the only legit way) to buy bitcoin with paypal in Australia, or anywhere else is the world, is to sign up with a trading platform that:

  • has Paypal as payment method
  • has Bitcoin as a tradable asset

Here is a guide on how to invest in Bitcoins using your PayPal account without spending extra on international fees. The best brokers are:

1. Plus500

plus500 bitcoinPlus500 is one of the best known online providers for CFD trades. The broker’s diverse portfolio includes Bitcoins as well.

You will be able to open an account using PayPal. Then proceed to make any crypto trades using your PayPal account. Plus500 holds your PayPal funds in a segregated segment. This is a major component of their “Client Money Protection” guarantee.

The company was founded in Israel but has its biggest branch in London. Plus500 abides by UK’s financial regulatory rules. The company has a subsidiary in Australia to abide by ASIC rules as well. In essence, Plus500 is a very safe broker to use.

Plus500 allows users to trade Bitcoins 24/7. Instead of spending a lot of money buying Bitcoins as an asset, you can trade with leverage. The broker allows leverage up to 1:30 ratio. So, if you have $100, you can potentially gain $3,000.

Plus500 has many other perks to offer as well. The broker’s app is one of the highest rated for both Android and iOS devices. Their online software has rave reviews too. You can try the broker’s software using a free demo where you don’t have to spend money on trades.


2. eToro

etoro paypaleToro is a massive online broker with a vast trading platform. The broker is famous for its CFD and stock market options. eToro also offers expansive cryptocurrency investment options for traders from around the world.

You can:

  • quickly make deposits using PayPal on eToro.
  • Then use the funds to buy and sell Bitcoin. Build a Bitcoin-based portfolio using eToro’s acclaimed software.

The platform is highly user-friendly. You can easily access your profile online or on mobile.

eToro offers a huge advantage most traders don’t get with other exchanges. Users can execute market orders almost immediately. This is a major perk considering the volatility and activity seen in the Bitcoin market.

The broker’s diverse online platform also enables something called “social trading.” It makes trading online assets rather intuitive. Plus, new users can see how the top users are trading. You can copy these trades to enjoy similar success.

The broker is also highly reliable. eToro is an Israel-based company. However, it has a subsidiary in Australia regulated by ASIC. Australian users are assured that eToro abides by all the local laws and rules.


Investing in Bitcoins in Australia

Bitcoins are the best-known cryptocurrency in the world. Despite being a currency, albeit a digital one, it doesn’t offer as many perks yet. For example, you can’t buy groceries online with Bitcoins. Most people buy Bitcoins as an investment asset. Hold onto your Bitcoins to take advantage of any price increases in the future.

Bitcoins are notoriously vulnerable to price volatility. Don’t be surprised if you notice the price of a single coin go up and down several times a day. This happens because the value of Bitcoins is based on speculation. Some investors, therefore, buy Bitcoins as CFD investment. These investors profit from the difference between the buy and sell ratio of the coins.

Though Bitcoins are vulnerable to dramatic price fluctuations, the overall value of the cryptocurrency has only increased since its inception. If you bought Bitcoins five years ago, you would already see a profitable return for your investment. Bitcoins are a great asset to add to a diverse investment portfolio thus.

Buying, Selling, and Trading BTC

buy bitcoin with paypalBitcoins are bought through an exchange. The most popular Bitcoin exchange is Coinbase. Unfortunately, it’s only available in North America, some parts of Europe, and Singapore. Australians, therefore, will have to look for exchanges elsewhere.

Refer to the section below for recommended Bitcoin exchanges offered by brokers.

You can either pay for Bitcoins or mine them yourself. Mining Bitcoins is a complicated process that requires technical knowledge and a lot of computing power. It’s not for everyone and only a few professionals undertake this option.

Buying Bitcoins is the best option for casual investors. There are several ways to purchase these coins. Your choices could be either limited or expansive depending on the exchange you choose.

You can pay for Bitcoins directly from a bank account, through another investment, or via PayPal. The latter is a great option because bank accounts may incur additional transfer fees. PayPal is also highly secure and allows you to remain anonymous online.

Once you have purchased Bitcoins via an exchange, you can add them to your portfolio. Remember, you can purchase less than a single Bitcoin. You can also buy Bitcoins on leverage without paying the full price for a single coin. Leveraged purchases allow you to profit with price changes.

Investors can hold onto Bitcoins until the price seeks a remarkable spike to sell and profit. Some investors prefer to hold onto Bitcoins for years, for future profitability. Bitcoins are not fully functional as a currency yet. But one day it could be. If so, holding onto Bitcoins may prove to be worthwhile.

How to be Cautious

Due to the immense popularity of Bitcoins, there are many unscrupulous “brokers” online that buyers need to be aware of. Therefore, keep the following in mind:

  • When choosing a Bitcoin broker or an exchange, always choose an entity that is regulated in Australia. The broker must have a valid business address and a license in the country of origin.
  • Only choose a broker or an exchange that is transparent about commissions and fees. The above-recommended brokers offer detailed information about payments. Dubious online exchanges may charge you undisclosed amounts.
  • A broker that offers a demo version of their product, like Plus500, is highly reliable. You can check out the trading platform to ensure it matches your needs.

Do keep in mind that Bitcoins are still a highly speculative asset. Avoid spending all your money on Bitcoins alone. You should add Bitcoins only to a diverse portfolio to protect your wealth against unnecessary risk.