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Binary Options Legal in Australia

legalSome readers asked us: Is Binary Options Trading Legal in Australia?

So you want to get into the world of binary options. It is quite the booming trend in the modern day. This is mainly because of the large number of distinct advantages the trading in binary options has to offer to the average trader. If you live Down Under, you are probably asking yourself (and others) one question: is binary options trading legal in Australia? Well, the answer is an unequivocal, wholehearted YES.

Every aspect of trading in binaries is legal in the Land Down Under, which is great news for anyone looking to make some cash on the side or to diversify their investment portfolio.

Where To Trade Binary Options?

If you want to get started with binary options, then head over to our homepage and pick one of the top3 Australian brokers. These brokers are safe and trustworthy.

Why Trade in Binary Options?

One thing you may be wondering is why you would need to trade in binary options in Australia when there is a whole world of other stocks and investment opportunities out there. The advantages offered by binary options are more than worth their risk.

The risk is a little higher than with normal stock trading, but the reward is equally high. In fact, the return to a trader from a binary options broker can go as high as 90% or even more based on the broker used. This compares to normal traders in FOREX and other trading methods where returns are typically 10 – 15%. Living in Aussie, you get to enjoy better returns than in a number of other countries as well.

How Bad is the Risk?

One of the biggest differences between normal trading and binary options is that the risk is a fixed risk. You always know exactly how much you stand to lose from a trade, because it is a fixed amount. To understand this properly, you have to understand the basics of how binary options trading works. At its simplest level, it involves a trader “betting” a certain fixed amount of money on the assumption that a certain stock, index or currency pair is going to be at a higher (or lower) value to its initial value after a set period of time.

If the assumption is proved right at the end of that time limit, the trade has ended “in the money”, and the trader is rewarded for it. If you don’t end in the money, you lose the amount you placed for the trade, and nothing more. Australian brokers and their trading platforms offer great educational programs and training as well when you create accounts with them, in order to help you have a higher chance of winning by developing your trading strategies. This is in direct contrast to normal trading, where you stand to lose a lot more if the stocks fail on a massive level.

You Don’t Lose Everything

The risks of trading binary options are definitely more in number and higher in danger than their normal counterparts. The payouts match these, but you aren’t going to be winning a lot of your trades when you first start out. In order to reduce this risk, a lot of brokers for binary options actually offer a return on your trade even when you lose. This is a tiny amount, but it makes it worth it because you feel like you lose less when you get it back. There are some brokers in Australia and elsewhere that offer up to 15% back on your investment when your trade doesn’t finish in the money.

Simplicity is the Key

One of the best parts of trading binary options is the simplicity of the whole process. As a new entrant to the completely legal process of binary options in Australia, you get to enjoy one of the smallest learning curves. All it takes is a little strategy, a little luck, and an ounce of practice to make this work for you!


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