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Binary Options Australia

Binary Options trading is still very popular in Australia.

For Australian customers thinking about trading in binary options listed below are the top five binary options brokers and the bonuses offered by them.

By offering these attractive and often huge bonuses is to attract you to their trading platform. It is recommended that new traders join different platforms to allow them decide which has the software most suitable to their requirements. When you have made your choice and made an initial deposit you will receive your deposit bonus.

Binary Option Bonuses

Online binary option trading is the most popular method of investors looking to make money quickly. Binary option trading is also known as “all or nothing” trading and investors are aware of the payout if their asset expires “in the money” and if it expires “out of the money” they receive nothing.

Binary Option Trade Assets

The number of assets available for trading is large with many brokers having more than 100 for investors to choose from. These assets are made up from five different categories: Currency Pairs, Commodities, Indices, Stocks and Bonds. One of the most popular currency pairs is AUS/USD and the stocks available include some of the top companies such as Apple and Microsoft.

Binary Option Expiry Times

The expiry time is a very important factor in binary options trading. Not only does it decide the time/date of expiry of the option, it also determines the amount of profit the trader will receive from the trade. Traders should choose the expiry time carefully as they vary from seconds to hours and even weeks. The shorter expiry times are excellent for higher profits but the trader should be experienced in binary options trading. The longer term expiry times are generally better when there are multiple choices.

Binary Option Types

There are a number of different types of binary options available. The “cash or nothing” option gives the trader a predetermined amount when the option expires in the money. The “asset or nothing” option only pays the trader the value of the asset as long as it is above the purchase price (strike price). There are three other very popular types of binary options: “no touch”, “one touch” and “double one touch/double no touch”.

No Touch Option

The trader determines the price that his asset will not reach. If it does not reach that price before expiry time the trader will receive the premium.

One Touch Option

The one touch option allows the trader to choose the level of the asset, the expiry time and the amount of the payout. When the asset reaches or passes the predetermined level, the trader receives the payout.

Double one Touch Option

The trader will determine two levels, the expiry time and the payout for this type of option. For the trade to be successful the asset must breach one of the two given levels. If neither of them is breached the trader loses his investment.

Double no Touch Option

The double no touch option is the opposite of the double one touch option. The trader will choose two levels for the asset along with the expiry time and the payout. If the asset does not breach either of the chosen levels the trader will receive the predetermined payout.

Binary Option Bonuses

With the constant growth of binary options trading, more brokers are offering bonuses to attract clients to their trading platforms.

The most common of these bonuses is the membership bonus where a client will receive a known amount when they have deposited an initial amount in their account. Some of the brokers give 100% match up of the amount deposited by the investor. It is important to know that there are conditions and these bonuses cannot be withdrawn. Carefully read the conditions attached to any bonus offered.

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