Instant Approval Loans

Even with the perfect plan in life, sometimes emergencies and unexpected situations come your way.

instant approval loans

You are forced to look left and right, trying to get your hands on some extra cash to find your way out of that fix. In case you get caught in such a tight spot, instant loans can be your savior.

By instant, we don’t mean that they are available in a flash.

  • They are available in a short time as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Their approval process is fast.
  • The lenders will quickly process your request and provide you with an outcome as fast as possible.

There is a wide range of financial institutions and lenders offering fast and easy loans today in Australia. You no longer have to go queue at the bank, fill out a 5-page application form and wait for a week to get an answer. Online loans are the in-thing now. You can borrow money online instantly by filling out a short form.

Best Instant Approval Loans in Australia

Are you looking for the best way to get an instant approval loan? NowFinance is the best site for this.

Name Interest Rate (p.a.) Loan Features Review
review From 8.95% (fixed) $5000 or more + No Security Required

NowFinance has the best loans for Australians. You can get $5000 or more and the interest rate starts from only 8.95%.

What are loans with instant approval?

As mentioned before, these are the loans whose approval process takes a very short time such that it can be viewed as instant. Moneylenders that offer such loans provide fast outcomes upon application. In Australia, not many banks or lenders provide such loans.

Most if not all the money lenders offering this type of loans have an online application process. Loans that have an online application process are called online loans. For such loans, the money will be deposited to your bank account if your application is successful.

You can also apply for cash loans in the case you need some extra funds on the double. This loan will help you get some cash in advance to help iron out the issue you face. Cash loans can be accessed and used to settle various bills just as cash at hand would.

Just like any other loans, the application process is simple. Repayment of cash loan is over an agreed period with the lender.

Besides online loans, there are also guaranteed approval loans. As the name suggests, for these loans, you are assured of getting the loan you apply for.

As they come ‘easily’ you have all reasons to be suspicious about guaranteed approval loans

Why guaranteed approval loans aren’t the best idea

The government, as well as other bodies such as ASIC, regulate and oversee lenders in Australia. The government in particular strictly specifies that the lenders abide by some regulations.

  1. The lender has to consider your financial situation along with the reason and need for the loan you are applying for. This may include how much you currently earn, how you spend and your stability in financial terms.
  2. By the same token, the lender has to consider other factors such as the credit score and your repayment plan. Other lenders will not necessarily review credit history as much but will carefully evaluate the other factors. This is because the poor credit history may have been a result of an incident that happened a long time ago hence doesn’t depict your current position.
  3. The lender should also make a complete assessment of the loan application.

This will determine whether your loan application is successful or not.

Since lenders that offer guaranteed approval loans don’t keep into consideration all those factors, it is not advisable to get such a loan.

How does the loaning process work?

You are probably wondering how the loaning process works or how much you can get. Well, we’ve got an answer for you. The loaning process is simple, really. First, you have to be decided on how much money you need to borrow.

In Australia, most lenders can provide up to $10,000, although you can get small online loans of about $2,000. Once you know how much you want to borrow, visit the lender’s website, fill in the amount you need on the loan calculator and then proceed with the application form.

The lender will go through your application (some lenders have an automated system that does the application review). If you are successful, you will receive the amount in your account. The approval time is short. However, depending on your bank, the time you receive the funds may vary.

No paperwork and no queues. You don’t have to wait for a week or more. It is that simple. If you have bad credit, you can still apply for 24/7 instant cash loans for bad credit. For some lender, good credit history is not a must-have requirement. Just like bad credit loans, you can also get a loan if you are on Centrelink benefits.

Lender-finder services

In case you are not into applying for a loan through a direct lender, you can alternatively use a lender-finder service provider.  Lender-finder service providers work by connecting you with lenders that offer the loan you are borrowing.

They will find a lender within the shortest time possible for you. This will save you the need to look for the lender yourself.

Just like applying for a loan directly, apply, and the lender-finder service provider will find you a lender. The lender will then consider and review your loan application before approving it.

Some of the reasons for reviewing loan applications include:

  • To confirm that you can actually be able to pay for the loan you are borrowing
  • To make sure that you don’t have any other loan (s) that are due to a different lender

Lender-finder service providers have partnerships with reliable lenders, including those that offer loans for gamblers.

If your loan application is successful, your funds will be transferred to your account on the very day or the next business day depending on the loan approval time. Also, your bank might affect the duration it takes to get your funds into the account.

How can I use the loan?

The need to get that instant approval online loan can be for various reasons. These reasons vary from one individual to another. Fortunately, money lenders don’t limit you on what and how to use the loan.

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to get a quick loan:

  • clear your medical bills or those of a family member or friend
  • cater for wedding expenses
  • carry out home renovation
  • pay for your car’s repair and registration
  • purchase some household items
  • pay urgent bills such as internet services

This is not to say that they are the only reasons why you should apply for a loan.

Pros and cons of online loans with instant approval in Australia

They can be used to cater for different personal need as the lender doesn’t restrict you on what or where to use the cash Lenders will charge a lot for these loans compared to other loans
The processing time after the application is very short as such you get an outcome almost instantly Some of the lenders offering these loans have a bad history or have had run-ins with bodies such as  ASIC
Their application is online, which makes it easier and convenient. No need to wait in lines and fill dozens of papers. They are not guaranteed

Before applying for this loan, you should put into consideration all the factors surrounding the loan and your needs too.

What is Bad Credit

You have probably heard about bad credit. Bad credit can be a result of late loan repayment or defaulting payment. Either way, it is a record you don’t want on your report. The big question regarding bad credit has always been ‘Can I get a loan even though I have bad credit?’

Bad credit is like that persistent brown stain on a white shirt that doesn’t come out no matter the detergent you use.  A record of bad credit usually dents your credit report as well as credit score. It may have happened about five or so years ago but remains of negative effect. Such a negative impact can affect your chances of securing a loan.

That is not to say that you can’t get a loan with bad credit. Although it may be hard to get a loan from a bank, some lenders do not categorically consider your credit history. They use other criteria to determine if you can be able to repay the loan. For instance, if you have a regular income source, you may be able to get a loan even though you don’t have an excellent credit score.

Credit Score

A credit score is a figure calculated from the evaluation of your credit file. Credit score ranges between 0 – 1000 or 0 – 1200 depending on the scale. Credits scores are used to tell about an individual’s borrowing behaviour.

The credit score is obtained from the data in your credit report such as the amount borrowed, delayed or defaulted repayment and bankruptcy details.

The two standard credit reporting bureaus in Australia are Experian and Equifax. Here is a breakdown:

Weak 0 – 549 0 – 509
Fair 550 – 624 510 – 621
Good 625 – 699 622 – 725
Better 700 – 799 726 – 823
Excellent 800 – 1000 833 – 1200

As you can already tell, a higher score means it is easy for you to secure a loan.

General application procedure

Below is the general application procedure, although some details may slightly vary depending on the lender you choose.


To be eligible, you are required to:

  1. Be 18 years or older
  2. Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. If you are a non-resident, you will be required to provide your visa. Note that the repayment term has to be before the expiry of your visa.
  • Have been getting a regular income to your bank account for at least three months prior to the loan application. Centrelink benefits may count as regular income.
  1. Be reachable, i.e. have an active email address and mobile number in case the lender has some questions for you


Head over to the lender’s website. Some lenders have apps which work just like the website.

Find the loan calculator, usually at the top of the page and slide the amount you want to borrow as well as your preferred repayment terms. Proceed to click the ‘Apply Now’ option.

At this point, you will be required to fill in your details such as personal and contact information as well as MyGov account details if you receive Centrelink payments.

If the lender considers a bank statement to approve the loan, you shall be required to attach a copy.

Submit the application form once you are done filling the required details.

Your loan application will be processed. The lender will make an instant decision and then give you an outcome. If your application is successful, you will receive a contract via the email address you provided.

Make sure to go through all the details of the contract carefully before signing it. After you have forwarded the contract, you will receive the funds in your bank account. Note that inter-bank transfer times and operation hours may affect the time it takes to have the funds in your account.

The lender will then transfer the funds to you but keep in mind, access to the funds is dependent on inter-bank transfer times.

Avoid applying for loans over the weekend. Instead, apply for the loan during business days preferably within the operating hours. Most money lenders do not operate during weekends, and even if they do, the bank will not process your loan until the next business day.

Loan Repayment

Most lenders, in Australia, will deduct the loan amount at set intervals from your account until the loan amount is completely settled.

Prior to the repayment date, you will receive an alert to inform you of the pending loan amount.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I get as a loan if I have bad credit?

A credit check is not the only aspect considered when reviewing your application. Most money lenders will indeed be inclined to check your credit history, but some are not tied to credit check alone.

Such lenders who don’t necessarily check your credit will, however, factor other aspects such as the income you regularly earn, how much you spend and your current financial situations. If you are lucky enough you will get a loan amount the lender feels you can repay without struggling or going into a financial crisis.

The common no credit check loan options are payday loans and personal loans. Lenders providing these loans are equally subject to ASIC and the Australian government too. There are significant differences between these loan options.

While payday loans have short repayment periods, personal loans can be repaid for a period spanning several months. Payday loans usually have strict terms and come along with high-interest charges compared to personal loans.

Even with bad credit, some lenders may offer you a loan amount of up to $2,000. You can also get an unsecured loan that doesn’t require the attachment of your owned assets as financial security.

Can I get a loan if I receive Centrelink payments?

You can also get a loan if you receive Centrelink payment. Some lenders offer loans on Centrelink up to a certain amount. After all, financial problems don’t discriminate on individuals based on whether or not they get Centrelink benefits.

Am I still eligible for fast approval loans if I’m unemployed?

You could be unemployed but still, receive regular income. If that is the case, you can also get a fast approval quick loan for unemployed people. During your application, attach a copy of the evidence that proves you earn a regular income.

How much can I apply for?

The loan amount you can apply for depends on your financial problems.

  • Small loans: You can apply for small instant approval online loans that start at $300. These loans are capped a $2,000. Small loans are usually unsecured. They have a repayment period of 1 year.
  • Medium loans: They range between $2,000 and $5,000. Unlike small loans, these are secured. They have a repayment period of up to 2 years.
  • Large loans: These are loans that exceed a sum of $5,000. In most cases, they are capped at $10,000. They have a repayment period similar to medium loans. They also require you to attach a personally owned asset as security.

Name Interest Rate (p.a.) Loan Features Review
review From 8.95% (fixed) $5000 or more + No Security Required

ForTrade Review

Rating: rating
Fortrade is a solid online broker, that is regulated and accepts Australian traders.

  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Easy Payment Methods
  • Licensed in Australia (AFSL #493520)
Promo: Trading Courses » Sign up now

Fortrade is a forex currency trading and CFD trading broker. The platform has a lot to offer and it was established in 2013.

Before we get into the Fortrade review and services I feel we should give the terminology a quick run-down.

If you don’t know what Forex means, it’s quite simple – Forex stands for Foreign-Exchange, and as the name suggests you exchange foreign currencies – for example a hundred dollars for a hundred pounds, the trick is to see which currency is worth more than another.

CFDs are a slightly more complex concept, it stands for contract for difference, so you either buy or sell a stock, security or make another investment and by the end of the contract either receive or pay the difference.

Fortrade Review – Design And Clarity

From what I got to see on their site they decided to go with a cold, gray, black and white colour pallet – of course, that’s not a bad thing – in fact one could go as far as to say that it’s a respectable sterile look.

fortrade website

As for the layout – the instant you enter the page you will be shown a quick piece of text from Fortrade, below you will find a button inviting you to join their service.

Further down you will find a rundown of some of the services available to  those using Fortrade, these are the following.

  • Beng free of charge
  • Practice funds
  • Commision-free trading

Last but certainly not least you will find the information regarding the legal sid of things – for example as it turns out Fortrade is run from England and is in fact regulated there.

Fees And Commissions

As mentioned above, there are allegedly no commissions on the service – it is possible that they only appear from a certain number, but over all it doesn’t sound bad.

fortrade payment methods

If you are interested in the leverage – it’s promised to be as low as 1:30 .

The minimum deposit on Fortrade is only $100.

fortrade deposit

Fortrade offers accounts in AUD.

Fortrade Downsides

The number one down-side for me personally is the one-hundred dollar deposit, it definitely makes the website look less inviting for someone with potentially dozens of services to consider, conversely you could say that it’s to make sure that only more professional traders or at least those willing to invest are populating the platform.


On the  website itself we are promised free, unlimited tech-support, this is something which is often taken for granted – it’s god to hear that this essential service is free.

You can contact Fortrade in three ways – via phone, email and live chat.

It i important to keep in mind that these services are only available between 9AM and 9PM – a considerable limitation – especially if you live in a country where the equivalent time in not convenient for you.

Fortrade Assessment Test ASIC

All traders are required to fill out a test before they can begin trading.

When I signed up I was asked questions like:

  • Does leverage increase the profit and loss potential? (True)
  • Margin is capital you have to deposit (False)
  • Marin positions might be closed (True)
  • Market volatility means large move of price
  • You don’t get physical delivery with CFDs
  • Account holder manages risk of his account (True)
  • Forex and CFDs require an online platform (True)


There are two  bonuses which are hard to define, this is because they are handled internally by Fortrade – simply put, nothing is concrete.

That said the information we do have covers the existence of two bonuses – the balance bonus and credit bonus.


When asked to pick a place to invest your money it is natural to consider the other similar services, you may be inclined to utilise te big businesses which appear in the very to of the result bar on google.

The question really boils down to – why should you use Fortrade instead of sites like Etoro or Easymarkets? It’s a difficult question to answer – especial since the competitors are much more publicized.

I think it comes to your needs as a trader – ther Fortrade experience is in no way lacking and I can’t see it stunting your earnings a a trader.

Is It Safe?

Both you and I know there are two ways to interpret this question, I’ll answer both, naturally.

So – is Fortrade secure? From what it says on the website they have an SSN encryption on all the transactions, if that’s the case you’r as safe as you can reasonably expect.

As for the second part – is Fortrade safe – as in are they trustworthy? Well, simply speaking it is in fact true that Fortrade has an eighty percent trust rating and a good few stars – honestly, I’d feel better with a ninety percent.

Although after a through look through the reviews I can say for sure that there doesn’t seem to be any scam going on.

Naturally, as with most thing – don’t just take my word for it if you’re interested, go out and do the research as well.

Why Should I Forex Trade

To put it simply, Forex trading is an area with it’s own ups and downs – for example the sheer size of the forex market is much greater than a stock market for example.

If you bought a hundred USD for ninety AUD (please keep in mind these are completely made-up rates) and the USD falls in value – you could still trade it for another currency and end up on top.

A big limitation of the trading experience are the currency pairs, for example you could be in a hypothetical situation where you would be unable to trade your currency of choice for USD directly.


Well, the question you’ve all come to see – is Fortrade a legitimate service, and is it a good one?

Yes, is my answer to both questions – nothing about the service strikes me as overly suspicious, while I lack the experience to tell you if this is the best of it’s kind or just good – I know enough to tell you it’s safe and it performs its job well.


Invest in Gold in Australia

invest in gold in australia

If you’re wondering how to invest in gold, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about the methods, pros and cons and what to expect in general.

Both the average person and the billionaire are able to make money on the stock market. If you do your research on stocks right, you can ensure huge gains for yourself. By looking into factors such as performance, changes in profit margins and debt/equity ratio, you’ll be able to anticipate which stocks are about to rise in value. You don’t have to invest 100k if you’re interested in investing in gold. Smaller investments are ok.

However, at the end of the day, the stock market still carries a lot of risk. No matter how careful you are, it’s very sensitive to factors that are outside your control. We’re talking about shifts in the economic and political landscapes.

In comparison, gold is more stable. It retains its value even during times of great instability. In fact, when the stock market experiences a downturn, gold prices typically spike up! As a result, it’s a great instrument for diversification and to hedge against inflation and deflation.

The only trade-off is that you typically can’t expect huge gains from investing in gold. While gold retains its value it takes a long time for it to increase. As a result, it’s more an instrument for stability than for making lots of money.

Best Ways To Invest in Gold in Australia

There are three different ways for Australians to invest in gold:

  1. Physically purchasing gold
  2. ETFs
  3. Stakes in mining companies

Each has its own pros and cons, and different levels of risk.

1. Physically Purchasing Gold

The most obvious method is to own a physical asset made of gold. These include items such as coins, bullions, jewelry and more. There are plenty of gold dealers in Australia (including online) so it’s very easy to make a purchase. The downside here is that you have to find a way to securely store these gold assets. Certain gold dealers provide storage facilities but they’ll still charge a fee for it.

When purchasing jewelry, you have to be careful about other things that add value. For example, factors like the design shouldn’t really account a whole lot for its value. Try to buy as close to the market value of gold as possible.

2. Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs)

The second way is to buy shares from an ETF that’s backed by gold. As a result, the ETF owns a reserve of gold and you own a percentage of it. This way, you don’t have to physically own any gold and pay storage fees.

Buying into gold-backed ETFs is quite easy nowadays, with brokers like eToro and Plus500. Both platforms allow you instant access to marketplaces from all over the globe. As a result, you don’t have to just stick to Australian ETFs.

Hence, with eToro or Plus500, you can take advantages of geopolitical changes in another country. Generally, the price of gold rises when confidence in the government decreases. Therefore, if a certain country is heading towards a political crisis, you can quickly buy stakes in a gold-backed ETF based in that region.

In order to make smart decisions like this, you need to have the ability to predict accurately. With eToro, you can cheat a little bit. Its CopyTrader system allows you to automatically mimic trading decisions made by experienced investors. So if traders start investing in gold, you’ll be notified and will have the opportunity to follow their actions.

While Plus500 isn’t as intuitive as eToro, it’s very user-friendly. Accounting opening is a seamless experience with the platform, plus there aren’t any trading fees! In addition, you can easily access different markets, updates and statistics on stocks.

With platforms like eToro and Plus500, you can easily enter into CFD trading as well. By trading on a margin, you don’t have to pay the full ask price of ETFs. CFDs are a great way to profit off of upcoming gold price hikes. Again, with eToro’s CopyTrader system, you’ll have enough cues to jump on a few CFDs for gold-backed ETFs.

3. Stakes in Mining Companies

The third way to invest in gold is to buy shares in mining companies through brokering platforms. The share price of these companies correlates to the value of gold, which means it’s somewhat similar to owning a stake in a gold-backed ETF.

However, the amount of risk involved in this method is significantly higher. This is especially true if you choose to invest in mining companies that are still in the exploration stage. The reality is that a large portion of them don’t end up finding gold. As a result, the future of these companies may be threatened.

And that covers all the basics of investing gold in Australia. First of all, you need to understand that gold is a long-term investment instrument. It’s primarily used to give stability to wealth and to hedge against political and economic shifts. There are many benefits to investing in gold, which all stem from how stable it is. Lastly, there are three ways to invest in gold: owning physical assets, buying ETFs and investing in miners.

Why Should You Invest in Gold?

Here are several excellent reasons why you should consider investing in gold:

It’s Historically Great At Holding Its Value

For centuries, gold has been a reliable way for households to pass on wealth to the next generation. Gold isn’t susceptible to corrosion like a lot of metals, meaning that its aesthetics don’t change. That’s one of the biggest reasons why gold has held its worth over the ages. In addition, people are always drawn to gold and it’s consistently been a symbol of wealth and luxury. Here you can see the current gold price.

It’s A Great Hedge Against Inflation

The value of gold in a country is directly proportional to the expense of living. That’s why you always see the price of gold shooting up whenever the economy plummets. This is because when a currency’s purchasing power decreases, everything starts to become more expensive. This includes gold as well.

In addition, more people may be encouraged to purchase gold during times of inflation due to its stability. As a result, demand for gold goes up and with it, the price.

It’s The ‘Crisis Commodity’

The price of gold isn’t just sensitive to the health of the economy, but to geopolitical influences as well. The effect is the same as the former: its price rises when the situation is going downhill. In fact, earlier this year, the value of gold increased in response to the EU crisis.

It’s Great For Diversifying Your Portfolio

The point of diversifying your portfolio is to increase the stability of your investments. For instance, if you’ve got all of your money on stocks, then you’re going to lose big. On the other hand, if you’ve got a similarly-sized investment in gold, you can hedge against it. This is because the value of gold rises as the stock market falls.

How To Invest 10k in Australia

invest 10k australia

If you’re considering investing money for the first time, then it’s best to start off with smaller amounts. In this article, we’re going to look at the best ways to invest 10k in Australia.

What Are The Best Way To Invest 10k in Australia

So you have AUD 10.000 and you want a good and safe investment?

One of the most effective ways to gain financial security is by having multiple streams of income. Not only will you earn more but you’ll ensure that you don’t rely on just one avenue for your livelihood. Hence, in addition to your full-time job, consider investing in a few different passive income streams.

Regardless of whether it’s $10,000 or $100,000, you need to think about a few things before you invest. Most importantly, your current circumstances will dictate how much of a risk you can handle.

Think About Your Current Financial Situation

From the wealthy to the low-income earners, risk is something that everyone worries about. It’s something you can never factor out of an investment.

Even if you do the most thorough research, some unforeseen factor can suddenly cause you to suffer massive losses. This includes things like economic slumps and major geopolitical events. For instance, large tax increases in certain industries can shake investor confidence. Before you know it, you’re suddenly in the midst of a bear market.

As an investor, you must be prepared to face some risk. However, your current financial status will determine just how much you can handle. For instance, if you can’t afford to lose the entire $10,000, then high-risk investments are a bad idea. Instead, you’ll have to find something stable, like government bonds. According to a report by ASX, average returns of 6.2% per year can be expected with these.

At the same time, you may need to access the $10,000 again in the near future. In that case, it definitely can’t be tied up in something long-term like a bond. What you need is an investment that can be liquidated easily like gold or cash. The trade-off is that these type of investments don’t give you many returns.

If you can afford to lose the $10,000, then high-risk, high return investments might be good enough. If you’ve already attained some financial security, you could also afford to invest in long-term ventures.

Think About Your Future Goals

Your future goals should factor into how much risk you can take. For instance, if you’re planning on having children, then you need to have a decent amount of savings. Hence, you should look for relatively safe investments that give you steady returns.

If kids aren’t going to be in the picture, then perhaps you can take on more risk.

What Should You Invest In?

Below are some of the best investments options available to you, if you live in Australia:


A lot of people view the stock market as a high-stakes game of chance. In reality, it’s a game of precise calculations and accurate predictions. Hence, if you want to be able to make money from it, you have to do your research on both the stock and the company.

For instance, here are a few details you need to look into before you invest:

  • Company performance over the last decade
  • Debt/Equity ratio – If this is high, then it means the company is using more debt than equity to finance its assets
  • Profit margins – Increasing yearly profit margins signify continuous growth
  • Whether the company relies solely on commodities – Companies like this turn volatile when something negatively impacts the availability of the commodity

Once you chose the right stocks, you’ll easily be able to get more than a 10% return on investment.


Blockchain-backed currencies are now increasing in popularity. Things like Bitcoin are now being accepted by many vendors all over the world, including Newegg and Microsoft. In addition, countries like the UAE are planning to integrate blockchain into all of their government operations.

What does all this tell you? That cryptocurrencies are going to be huge in the future. That’s why even Facebook is coming up with its own currency!

It’s true that the values of coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum seem volatile now. However, all signs point to the crypto market stabilizing in the future. Hence, if you buy stakes in a reliable cryptocurrency now, it may pay off in the long-term.

If you want to check cryptocurrency prices go to


Gold is seen as a very stable investment instrument as it always retains its value. Why is that? First of all, gold is seen as ‘everlasting’ because it doesn’t corrode. Secondly, it has always been considered an indicator of wealth and luxury. This has been the case throughout the ages and across many cultures.

Gold is so stable that its value doesn’t plummet in response to negative economic and geopolitical shifts. As a matter of fact, its value rises when the stock market goes into a downturn.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. When the stock market crashes, inflation rises. This makes everything more expensive, including gold.
  2. During times when standard currency is seen as volatile, people view gold as a more stable way to maintain the value of their assets.

Living in Australia, there are three ways to invest in gold:

  1. Physically owning gold – You buy gold in the form of coins, bullions or jewelry and store it in a secure location. The downside of non-stock investments in gold is that you have to pay storage fees.
  2. Gold-backed Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) – In this scenario, the ETF actually owns the physical gold and you own a percentage of the fund. As a result, you’re not responsible for storing the gold.
  3. Buying shares in mining companies – the value of shares in mining companies are directly proportional to the price movements of gold. Hence, you can theoretically expect the same stability in value. However, the future of the company itself depends on the ability to keep finding gold. Hence, this method carries the most risk.

Before you invest $10,000, there are a lot of factors to consider. Most importantly, you have to think about how much risk you can handle. This, in turn, will determine what you should invest in. With $10,000 you can’t really invest in real estate. However, the stock market, cryptocurrencies, and gold are viable options.

Wallet Wizard Review

wallet wizzard review
Chances are you have seen a Wallet Wizard commercial or loan advert. Maybe even heard about it from friends. Perhaps you didn’t know what exactly Wallet Wizard is or you want to know more about it.

Well you just came to the right place.

Long story short: We recommend NowFinance instead of wallet wizard.

Name Interest Rate (p.a.) Min. Loan Features Review
review From 8.95% (fixed) $5000 + No Security Required

Reviewing Wallet Wizard

Wallet Wizard – whose parent company is Credit Corp Financial Service – is an Australian financial institution. It specializes in loan provision services to borrowers in need of extra credit to meet their demands.

Just like any other loan providers, Wallet Wizard charges interest on the loans they offer.

Application for a loan from Wallet Wizard can only be done online.

This is because they don’t operate bank branches.

When unexpected expenses or emergency needs come your way, you may consider taking a loan. If you are looking at the Wallet Wizard direction but you aren’t entirely informed about it, worry not. This article has got you covered, just don’t set your eyes off it.

Be it TV commercials or magazine adverts, most lenders don’t paint the whole picture about the services they provide. Usually it is because they don’t want to disclose some details. More so, those that may turn the customer’s eyes off the sweet deal.

All the same, this article takes care of that. Let’s get to it then.

How Wallet Wizard works

Wallet Wizard not only provides loans but also offers prepaid cards to customers. You can borrow any sum of money ranging between $500 to $5000 from Wallet Wizard. It all really depends on your needs.

The Annual Percentage Rate of loans from Wallet Wizard was set at 47.8% starting on the 08th December 2016.

personal loans

A while ago Wallet Wizard discontinued their small cash loan services. At the moment, they offer Smart loan product services.

Wallet Wizard does credit history assessment while approving loans. However, an individual with a bad credit history can still apply and get a loan. Customer services are provided all day, each day of the week (24/7). You can reach them through Wallet Wizard’s contact number or email address available on the website.

Wallet Wizard refers to the personal loan they offer as ‘Smart loan’. Applying for the loan through their website is easy and quick. Also, they allow cash redraws. With Wallet Wizard, you don’t incur establishment, ongoing or service charges. Instead, they charge high interest rates for the loan. This way, Wallet Wizard doesn’t make losses. After all, it is a financial institution and losses are bad for business.

Enough of the overview lets dig into the flesh of these Smart Loans.

Wallet Wizard Smart Loans

Wallet Wizard smart loans range between $500 to $5000 and attracts interest at the rate of 47.8%. Loan access time after application is averagely 3 hours (on business days). However, it depends on the time of contract acceptance. The loan term period is up to 2 years.

The application process itself is a few minutes task. If your loan application is successful, you’ll have funds transferred to your account. As you use your loan, you’ll see your available balance.

Available balance is usually the amount you owe Wallet Wizard. You can easily calculate your available balance. It is the difference between the credit limit and credit account balance.

Wallet Wizard, on top of quick loans, affords you

  1. Advice and recommendations, should you want to invest part or all of the borrowed amount
  2. Redraw access to your available credit
  3. Security and privacy to your loan information such that only you can access your data
  4. Additional customer support services if you have inquiries that can only be answered in person (during Wallet Wizard business hours)

Even with bad credit Wallet Wizard can still offer you the help you need. This is because the approval criteria used doesn’t consider the credit history of the applicant. Instead, it considers the financial situation of the applicant. Wallet Wizard will calculate the maximum loan amount you can apply for with bad credit.

Wallet Wizard uses a system where all the applicant’s information is processed quickly to determine if they can get a loan. The system, Smart loan engine, is fast. In some rare cases, however, it takes a little while longer. For instance, if there are extra bits of information to be assessed.

In case you can’t make the repayment on time, get in touch with Wallet Wizard through their contact number (1300 925 538). A mutual agreement will then be reached on how to go about it.

Features of Wallet Wizard Smart Loan

  • Loan repayments are debited directly from your account on the scheduled dates. You are given notice three days before the due date through your email or text message.
  • You can still make additional payments if you so wish without being charged. This will help you clear your loan quickly
  • Through the member’s area, you can order a Wallet Wizard card. The card allows you to access your funds easily.

Pros of getting a Smart Loan from Wallet Wizard

Once your loan application is approved and successful, you will get the money you needed. The money is deposited in your account. Here are the benefits of choosing to get a loan from Wallet Wizard:

  • The loan repayment term for Smart loans from Wallet Wizard is long (up to 2 years). This allows you to make little payments spread over the term as you clear the loan.
  • Wallet Wizard gives you access to redraw your funds.
  • The least amount you can borrow is low, $500.
  • You can make additional payments on top of the scheduled payments.

Cons of Wallet Wizard Smart loan

  • Wallet Wizard Smart loans can only be applied online through their website. As such, there is no branch physical access.
  • Since Wallet Wizard doesn’t impose charges like establishment and service, they charge very high interest rates.

Smart Loan Eligibility

To qualify for a smart loan from Wallet Wizard, you have to meet some requirements. You have to:

  1. Be a permanent resident of Australia
  2. 18 years of age or older
  3. Be receiving steady income

You can still apply for the Smart loan if you receive Centrelink benefits. Current or discharged bankrupts are also eligible to apply.

Wallet Wizard loan application process

You can apply for the loan once you meet the eligibility criteria. Below is a guide.

Wallet Wizard smart loan application can only be done online. Thankfully don’t have to worry about long queues, boring meetings or tedious paperwork.

Head to the Wallet Wizard website and slide on the Wallet Wizard loan calculator the amount you wish to borrow. Proceed to fill in the application form that will be presented to you.

Wallet Wizard requires the following information to approve your loan

  • Legal name, contact number, and date of birth
  • Residential address
  • Identity details

You will also be required to provide a copy of your bank statement. It will be used to approve your loan request. Submit the loan application form once you have completed filling in all the required details. Wallet Wizard will review your application using the Smart Loan engine and get back to you.

The approval process only takes a few minutes. However, if there are additional details to be checked and verified, the process might take more minutes.

Wallet Wizard will set a credit limit and a payment schedule that suits you using the information you will have submitted. You will be provided with a contract if your loan application is successful. Read keenly through the contract as it contains all the loan details including repayment terms, fees, and charges. Make sure you don’t miss a thing especially concerning the charges and terms.

Getting the money transferred to you

If you are comfortable with the contract go forward and accept it. Wallet Wizard will transfer the money to you within 60 minutes or the next business day depending on the time you accepted the contract.

For instance, if your loan approval and contract acceptance happen before 2:30 PM (Sydney time) during a business day, Wallet Wizard will do the transfer within an hour. On the other hand, if the contract acceptance is after 2:30 PM (Sydney time) or outside Wallet Wizard business hours, the transfer will happen on the next business day.

Smart loan Repayment

Wallet Wizard sets terms that suit you based on the information you provide. They make certain that the repayment plan is in line with your income in order to avoid a financial burden on you.

Three days before the repayment scheduled date, Wallet Wizard will send you a Statement of Account. On the due date, the repayment amount is directly debited from your bank account.

Sometimes not everything works out perfectly when repaying the loan. For various reasons, you may be unable to make your scheduled payments on time. If you find yourself in such a fix, contact Wallet Wizard ahead of time.

Through Wallet Wizard you can quickly get the credit you urgently need. However, it’s advisable to consider other options beforehand.

Name Interest Rate (p.a.) Min. Loan Features Review
review From 8.95% (fixed) $5000 + No Security Required

How To Buy Samsung Stock

When it comes to electronics, Samsung is one of the most recognized brands in the world. It is no surprise that Australian investors are looking for ways to buy Samsung stock.

buy samsung stock

At the same time, it is important to understand that this process isn’t quite as cut and dry as it may seem. So, to be fully aware of what you need to do to be a part of such a process, consider all the information here:

What is Samsung?

The Samsung Group is a South Korea-based company that was first founded in 1938.

This mighty conglomerate had humble beginnings, starting off as a trading company.

Over the years, though, Samsung diversified and these days, it is best known for its electronics. However, the company is also involved in construction, insurance, defense, advertising, and more.

It is one of the most significant companies in South Korea and is actually responsible for one-fifth of the country’s total exports.

At any given time, the company handles a number of different projects in a variety of sectors. As such, its annual revenue numbers in the billions.

Another notable feature about this company is its patents. As of 2015, Samsung was the holder of the largest number of patents. The company is most known for its smartphones and television models. These devices have continuously topped best-selling lists numerous times over the years.

Ways to Buy Samsung Shares in Australia

If you wish to buy shares in the Samsung company, there are two main ways to do this:

  • Registering and trading on the Korean Exchange (KRX)
  • Trading Samsung CFDs

Buying and trading Samsung shares aren’t quite as simple as one would imagine. This is because the only way to do so is on the Korean Exchange. Therefore, you will need to open up an international trading account before you can make any purchases. Not to mention, you may require a license as well.

Even if you do go down this route, you will be faced with another challenge: money. Understand, Samsung is one of the most heavily traded companies in the world. As such, the costs of shares are quite high as well. To be able to make a decent profit, you may have to invest more than you have.

It is these issues that make many people turn over to Samsung CFDs instead. When you engage in CFD trading, you aren’t actually buying a stake in the company. Instead, you are simply buying a CFD certificate from a CFD provider. Therefore, you are just required to find yourself a well-reputed broker like etoro.

The main benefit of buying Samsung shares in this manner is that it allows you to open up a much larger position. As mentioned, Samsung shares are quite expensive, by themselves. However, with CFDs, you only have to pay a percentage of the total cost.

Where to Buy Samsung Stock in Australia

When buying Samsung stock in Australia, the first thing you will need to do is to find yourself a broker. It is here that you will place any trades related to these shares. As you can imagine, this is a rather significant decision to make.

This is why it is best for you to go with the often recommended etoro broker. The site has been around for quite a while and offers up some of the best platforms on the market. With these globally acknowledged platforms, you will find it incredibly easy to open up and close positions on the market.

What really puts etoro ahead of the competition, however, is the concept of social trading. This broker offers you the chance to watch, copy, and learn from some of the best traders out there. Thus, you are in the best possible position to make a sound trading decision.

Another perk of this broker is that it is incredibly reliable. Etoro is licensed and regulated by both the CySEC and the FCA. Therefore, you can trust that this broker provides trades and services that are completely above board.

These are the features you should look for, should you wish to go with a broker. Keep in mind that you need to select a site that is trustworthy, has plenty of useful features, and can show that it has been profitable in the past.

The above is what you need to know regarding how to buy Samsung shares in Australia. With all this information, you will be better informed of which direction you should move in. In turn, you should find it a lot easier to invest wisely in Samsung shares and make a greater profit.

Why Buy Samsung Stock?

There are quite a few companies to invest in at any time and many of them are currently performing quite well too. This brings you to the question of why you should invest in Samsung stock. Well, these are the top reasons, in short:

  • Excellent revenue
  • One of the most notable names in tech
  • Considerable diversification
  • Plans for continuous growth

At last check, the Samsung revenue was estimated to be over $200 billion dollars. As you can imagine, even a minute portion of this kind of profit can grow your investment quite a bit. While Samsung has faced some inconsistent performance over the last few years, it has nevertheless continued to maintain a stronghold on the market.

samsung stock

What many investors forget is that Samsung has managed to protect itself from many downturns quite a bit, thanks to diversification. Although most people recognise the brand for its contributions to the electronic sector, its reach goes far beyond that. So, even if the company were to underperform in one industry, it would still be making a profit in another.

Perhaps what really puts Samsung ahead of the competition is that the company’s plans for the future. As the patents suggest, Samsung has numerous other projects under its belt, many of them that are completely innovative. Due to this, there is a good chance that Samsung will continue to do well in the future.

cash loans for unemployed australians

Cash Loans for Unemployed Australians

Getting a fast cash loan is not a big deal nowadays in Australia. Even if you are unemployed, you can get a cash loan online.

Life has a way of throwing snags your way especially those pecuniary plights.

It could be:

  • unanticipated medical bills
  • car troubles
  • business hitches
  • or house facelift.

Or perhaps you are a visitor & wish to move to a new neighborhood within Australia. Either way, you need some quick spare cash.

Best Cash Loans For Unemployed Australians

I’ve done the research and here is the best cash loans offer:

Name Interest Rate (p.a.) Min. Loan Features Review
review From 8.95% (fixed) $5000 + No Security Required

With NowFinance you can get your individual rate before you apply.

Loans For Employed Australians

If you are employed, then you can also apply for following loans:

Name Interest Rate (p.a.) Min. Loan Features Review
review From 35% $2000 + 5 Minute Application

Why Unemployed Australians Need Quick Cash Loans

You may have your budget well planned in fact with a little amount of cash set aside for such emergencies, but when such fiscal facers come your way, you still need some financial aid.

It gets worse when you are unemployed since quick easy loans for unemployed are hard-to-reach.

You find yourself troubled with no place to turn to since hardly any banks are willing to help. Worry not, below is a quick guide on how to access cash loans for unemployed in Australia. After all, abrupt expenses don’t exempt the unemployed, do they?

With these little loans for unemployed, you can work out that inconvenience and get back on your feet. Such loans for unemployed Australians give additional succor be it to a student, parent or an entrepreneur to help buoy you out of a crisis.

Pull up a chair and hone in on this train as we show you how to get around accessing unemployed cash loans.

Fast cash loans for unemployed

It may seem general knowledge but what are fast cash loans for Australians who are on the wallaby track? Fundamentally, loans for the unemployed are emergency little cash aids that jobless Australians can apply for should a financial problem come their way.

You may find yourself needing an instant cash loan. Much as these loans are labeled ‘instant’, don’t be fooled to think they are instant. They are not. In reality, these loans happen to be processed so quickly hence the tag.

loans australia

Having an unpleasant credit history may affect your chances of securing an online loan or sometimes you just don’t want your credit checked. No need to worry.

You can access no credit check loans instead. For these loans, your credit history is not considered while approving your loan application. However, not all lenders offer this alternative.

Financially liable Australians (students mostly) are eligible for these loans. It’s important to note that these loans are not limited to students. Jobless Australians who receive fixed unemployed benefits could also try these loans to boost their finances.

If you are an Australian receiving Centrelink income, you may be also eligible for an online cash loan. This is because most financial institutions in this country consider Centrelink benefits as a regular income source. Lenders and banks providing these loans have an online application, review and approval procedure. Additionally, the money will be sent to you online. Thank God you don’t have to make long queues at the bank to get served or fill out papers.

The major pro of online cash loans is that online application is simple and the cash is availed quickly. Nonetheless, these loans may have higher rates.


If you are considering no credit check loans, there are various options available. These options come with different features, payment plans, availability, interest rates, and risks.

As a result, it is necessary to deliberate upon the options before making a final decision. Do not panic, however, as we break down some of the options commonly available for unemployment loans here.

Loan options

The two common no credit check cash loans for the unemployed in Australia are;

  • Payday loans
  • Personal loans

1. Payday loans are usually ad interim fleeting loans repaid within a year. Most are limited to a sum not exceeding $2000. They can be accessed without your credit history check. Withal, this option has a downside. Not only are the interest charges high but also, they have a short fixed period to repay. Not to mention the inflexibility of terms for this type of loan. Failure to settle the loan before the deadline has consequences including but not limited to additional extra charges.

2. Personal loans, on the other hand, are those unemployed cash loans availed to help a person in need get around a financial hitch. They come with less severe approval criteria. Unlike payday that has draconian terms, personal loans have more feasible terms and acceptable rates. The risk correlating to personal loans is significantly smaller compared to that of payday loans ergo personal loans are preferred. They include lifestyle or car loans and have different interest and comparison rates.

Should you have a good credit history or don’t mind the lender going through your history, you can apply for online loans.

Credit Score May Determine Eligibility

As a way of determining your eligibility, the lender may be inclined to use your credit score.

A credit score is a statistical figure realized from the evaluation of your credit file. It tells about your borrowing behavior.

It is advisable to find out your score since it is calculated from your credit report which contains:

  • Personal information like age
  • Credit amount borrowed
  • Unpaid/delayed loan payments
  • Bankruptcy related information

Experian and Equifax are Australia’s common credit reporting bureaus and their credit evaluation is as tabulated below.

Weak 0 – 549 0 – 509
Fair 550 – 624 510 – 621
Good 625 – 699 622 – 725
Better 700 – 799 726 – 823
Excellent 800 – 1000 833 – 1200

A credit score provides insight into your available loan options. The higher the score, the easier it is to secure a loan. For instance, a 550 is an average score (Equifax system) and implies you have a 1 out of 12 possibility of default lodge in a year.


Perquisites of taking a loan for unemployed are:

  • The loan can be used to cover different costs depending on your needs especially the unexpected emergencies that cannot wait.
  • You set your terms of repayment by picking the loan option that best suits you.
  • These loans can help you patch up your budget so that your month or year projects run smoothly.

General application procedure

With the right loan in mind, here is the application procedure although it may slightly vary depending on your lender.


To qualify you require to:

  1. Be 18 years or older
  2. Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. You can still access a loan if you are a Non-resident although you’ll need a visa and loan options will be limited to repayment time before your Visa expires. Your overseas credit history won’t be factored during approval.
  3. Have been receiving a regular income to your bank account for the past 3 months (Centrelink benefits count)
  4. Be reachable i.e. have an active email address and mobile number


The application process is simple & quick.

Head over to the website of your lender of choice that offers the type of loan you want. Scroll to the top (if the top of the page is not being displayed upon loading) to find the loan calculator. Enter the amount you intend to borrow as well as your suitable repayment terms. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ panel.

You’ll then be provided with an application form to fill in details like your personal information, contact information, bank statement, and MyGov account details if you receive Centrelink Income.

Some lenders may require your banking credentials to acquire a bank statement in order to process and approve your loan.

Beware of fraudulent money lenders.

After you are done filling in the details, submit the form.

Now, wait for your application to be processed and approved. For clarification or further communication, the lender will reach out to you through the email address or mobile number.

If successful, your lender will get in touch and a digital loan contract will be emailed to you. Go through the contract to ascertain everything and if satisfied, sign the contract and forward it to your lender.

The lender will then transfer the funds to you but keep in mind, access to the funds is dependent on inter-bank transfer times.

3 Types of Quick Loans in Australia

There are 3 broad groups of quick loans for unemployed that you can apply for in Australia depending majorly on the sum you want.

  • Small personal loans usually capped at $2000. The payment period is usually within a year. They don’t require collateral.
  • Medium personal loans stretch between $2001 to $5000. The payment period for this loan is extended to 2 years.
  • Large personal loans entail sums exceeding $5000. They have a repayment period similar to medium loans.

If not successful you can try getting a co-sign loan, use home equity or try peer to peer lending.

Quick & Simple Repayment

Most lenders prefer to set up payment lining up with your income calendar. They will set up a direct debit into your account such that funds will automatically be deducted until your loan is fully settled.

They will also send a repayment alert before and on the payday to keep you informed.

How To Buy Berkshire Hathaway Stock

buy berkshire hathaway stockBerkshire Hathaway is one of the largest conglomerates in the world. It’s no wonder that many investors are now  looking to buy these stocks.

As such, any eager investor will want to know how to buy Berkshire Hathaway shares in Australia. Considering the company, though, this process isn’t as straightforward as you might assume. Rather, you need to be informed about several aspects of investing in the company. Fortunately for you, you can learn all about it here.

What is Berkshire Hathaway?

Berkshire Hathaway is what is known as a holding company. While it started off as a group of textile milling plants, over time it grew to own stock in some of the most recognizable companies in the world. This includes the United States Burlington Northern, Geico, H.J. Heinz Company, and more.

The company has netted revenues of over $200 million and has made profits upwards of $40 million. Not to mention, it recently reached the number two spot on the Fortune 500 list. All in all, this is one of the top performing institutions ever.

Apart from its own successes, this company is well-known is thanks to its CEO, Warren Buffet. He has long been hailed as an investment genius, with many investors still following many of his moves.

Where to Buy Berkshire Hathaway Shares in Australia

Now, when it comes to buying shares or even CFD trading, you will need a good broker to make the process happen.

It is always a good idea to go with a veteran option like eToro.

For one thing, this online broker has been around for quite a while and has consistently provided excellent services to traders across the board.

For another, etoro is a licensed broker and is overseen by the CySEC and FCA agencies. Due to this, you can be sure that the broker will adhere strictly to the law, ensuring that your trades and your money are kept safe.

Social Trading

One of the top perks that etoro offer is their option for social trading.

With this service, newer or inexperienced traders can follow some of the best traders in the market. Thus, they can make the same moves, cutting down on the level of risk involved.

These are the features you should keep in mind even if you decide to go with a different broker. In the end, it is your broker that can make purchasing Berkshire Hathaway shares incredibly easy or very difficult. So, do make the right decision.

This is everything you need to know about buying Berkshire Hathaway shares in Australia. As you can see, there is more to this process, considering that you are an Australian investor. However, if you simply follow the tips given here, you should have no problem at all.

Why Buy Berkshire Hathaway Shares?

Let’s take a quick look at why you should invest in Berkshire Hathaway before getting into the subject a little more deeply:

  • Continued profit
  • One of the most diverse companies
  • Involved with some of the largest corporations
  • Helmed by an intuitive leader

From a monetary standpoint, there is no denying that purchasing Berkshire Hathaway shares is one of the best investments that you can make.

As mentioned, the profit and revenue netted by this company are incredibly high. Furthermore, this is a performance that has continued for quite some time and this conglomerate is able to keep its head above water even when other companies are failing.

brk stock

One of the reasons that Berkshire Hathaway is able to do this is because its own investments are so heavily diversified. This company has stakes in all kinds of industries, sectors, and businesses.

Thus, even if one area does badly, you can be sure that this holding company has plenty of other revenue options. So, your money will always bring you a return on your investment.

On a similar note, Berkshire has also traded for and with companies like Apple, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America.

As you know, these are companies that have a strong future ahead of them and survive through tough times too. Due to this, the future of Berkshire Hathaway continues to look good.

This is especially since it is run by a visionary like Warren Buffet. He is often incredibly shrewd at predicting the market and is always aware of the right moves to make. So, he often steers the holding company into the best possible position.

Ways to Buy Berkshire Hathaway Shares in Australia

As an Australian investor, you will be disappointed to learn that you can’t directly purchase Berkshire Hathaway shares. This is because the company is not listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Despite this, there are some other options available to you:

  • Open up an international trading account
  • Buy shares in a company that has assets placed on Berkshire Hathaway
  • Buy CFDs for Berkshire Hathaway

One of your choices includes opening up an account with a broker that allows you to have an international account. Then, using this, you will be able to purchase shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The problem with this, of course, is that this is an incredibly costly endeavor. The price of the shares, as well as the trading costs, may be too much for the average investor.

If this doesn’t work for you, invest in a company that has most of its assets placed on Berkshire Hathaway. For one thing, this will be a lot cheaper for you and you won’t need to trade on a major exchange. At the same time, it can be a more uncertain option and there are still trading costs to think about.

This is why CFD trading with a broker like etoro may be what’s right for you in this instance. Unlike the above choices, there will be no need for you to own the stock. As such, you can adopt a much better position without needing to deposit as much. This, coupled with the lower trading costs, means that you can often make more money this way.

How to Buy Amazon Stock in Australia

Amazon is the best known online retailer in the world. Read this article to learn about how to buy amazon stock in Australia, and why you should.

buy amazon stock

Where to Buy Amazon Stock in Australia

Since Amazon stock are not directly available at ASX, you can consider any of the following brokers instead:

eToro (Most recommended)

eToro is a popular online broker in Europe with a licensed subsidiary in Australia. Sign up here and get started with a low first deposit ($200).

The company is ASIC licensed and offers a number of financial services to Australians. eToro facilitates the trading of different types of financial instruments through Contract for Difference (CFD) trades.

If you don’t actually have a lot of money to own Amazon stock, you can consider a CFD through eToro. CFDs allow investors to profit through marginal price differences for any trading instrument. That means you can profit if you properly predict whether Amazon stock go up or down in price in a given period.

CFDs are speculative and thus very risky. However, it’s might be a good option for those interested in investing in Amazon but don’t actually have the cash to buy and hold onto the company’s stock

IG is a competitive broker that offers both local and international stock, like Amazon. You can start sharing as soon as you open an account. IG is notable for offering responsive, 24-hour customer support.

The broker charges some of the lowest fees in Australia. The cost per trade would cost around 8 AUD in most cases. You can expect fees around this range when buying Amazon stock.

This broker is considered highly reliable. The broker’s website offers a platform that is easy to use for even new investors. There are even some currency conversion offerings.

Saxo Capital Markets

A classic account with Saxo Capital would give you access to international stock exchanges. You can buy Amazon stock on Nasdaq or the NYSE via this broker.

Saxo Capital is a subsidiary of the Saxo Bank Group of Denmark. The local entity is licensed by ASIC. The global brand is quite reliable and Australian investors can expect competitive prices.

While Saxo doesn’t specialise in tech stocks, the range of offerings is impressive. You can add other major tech stocks like Google in addition to Amazon with this broker.

Why Buy Amazon Stock?

Amazon is a huge brand mainly in the US. In Australia, the company doesn’t have such an impactful e-retail presence. So why should Aussie investors bother with Amazon stock?

There are several excellent reasons you might want to, as mentioned below:

1) Amazon is one of the most valued businesses in the world

In 2018, Amazon briefly surpasses the one trillion dollar valuation benchmark and continues to grow. It was only the second company in the world to do so. While the valuation only lasted a matter of minutes, it was still significant.

If you are looking for more good stock to buy try these:

Amazon presents an excellent opportunity for Australians to invest in a major international business. There are no equivalent local options.

2) Diversify your stock with Amazon

The ASX, unfortunately, is heavily inclined towards mineral and mining company stock. Big tech stock are mostly not included. As a result, Aussie investors are losing out on a major opportunity to diversify.

Buying international stock like Amazon is a great way to expand your existing portfolio. Diversification hedges you against market volatility for the most part.

Too many local stocks put you at a disadvantage. Adding Amazon to the list is a great way to change that.

3) Amazon is one of the most steadily growing companies in the world

Amazon’s growth isn’t a trend. The company has been unprofitable for years. However, it has been steadily growing since its inception in the late nineties.

If you invested 1,000 USD in Amazon in 1997, you would have earned 1,362,000 USD by now. Amazon’s share prices have jumped 134,390 percent since its beginning.

Amazon’s insane growth can be attributed to its subsidiary portfolio. The company is not just an e-retailer anymore. It’s the owner of Whole Foods and a major cloud services provider in the world. No Australian company matches this level of growth.

Ways to Buy Amazon Stock in Australia

You cannot buy direct Amazon stock in Australia as it is not listed in the ASX.

Here’s a list with ways to buy Amazon Stock in Australia:

  • Use a broker
  • Invest in an ETF
  • Via a Managed Fund

Using a broker is perhaps the easiest way to purchase Amazon stock. You can choose either a traditional full-service broker or an online brokerage platform like eToro. The former charges hefty commission fees. The latter doesn’t.

Online brokerage platforms charge fees per transaction. So, the costs vary but they are not as high as full-service options. Additionally, eToro allows you to buy Amazon stock through CFDs.

As Amazon grows, it’s share prices increase. CFDs allow you to predict share increases and profit when your predictions come true. Essentially, you are investing in the price movement of Amazon stock.

While it’s speculative, CFDs allow you to profit from Amazon stock without actually owning any. As share prices of the company have gone through the roof, this approach may suit any budget.

The other option is a managed fund, which pools resources from investors. A manager oversees the fund. Managed funds can give you access to a certain market, such as big tech with Amazon stock. But this option is not for everyone.

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is made up of many stock. You will have access to a number of international stock including Amazon.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is best known as one of the biggest online shopping sites in the world. Originally American, the site now operates around the world. The site connects sellers with buyers. Users can both buy and sell on the platform.

Jeff Bezos, now the richest man in the world, founded the company in 1995. In its current form, Amazon is a conglomeration of a number of services. It’s most profitable sector is the cloud-based services unit. Amazon is also involved in entertainment and digital advertising.

Amazon’s competitors include other online retail businesses like Alibaba and eBay. In the US, Amazon dominates the retail market. Alibaba has a bigger share in Asia. However, Amazon is considered to be more stable as it is not subject to political instability in its home country.


How To Invest 100k

invest 100k australia

If you’ve currently got $100,000 in your bank account, you might be considering investment opportunities. In this article, we’re going to discuss the best ways for Australians to invest their accumulated savings.

What is the Best Way to Invest 100k in Australia

A lot of people view investing money as gambling. While there is a certain risk involved with such a venture, not all is left to chance. The key is to do your research and be able to differentiate safe investments from unsafe ones.

Take the stock market. A lot of amateur investors try to jump in on upward-trending stocks and make a quick profit. They do this without researching important factors such as company assets/liabilities, profit margins, commodity reliance and more, all of which ultimately affects the future value of the stock.

That’s why you should think carefully before you invest a large amount like $100,000.

How Should You Invest $100,000?

Here are a few of the best investments options available currently:

1. Stocks

A lot of people make money on the stock market. This includes billionaire Warren Buffet, the ‘Oracle of Omaha’. It’s quite simple in theory. You buy stocks that you anticipate will rise in value and then sell them off when they do. The hard part is figuring out which stock to invest in.

invest in stocks

As mentioned above, doing thorough research can help. Before Warren Buffet buys up any company’s stock, he really gets into the nitty-gritty. In particular, he looks at factors like these:

  • Overall company performance – He doesn’t just look at recent times. Instead, Buffet goes back several years, or even decades if he can.
  • Debt/Equity Ratio – The higher the debt, the more volatile a company’s future looks. This is because of the large interest expenses that await the business.
  • Profit margin – What Buffet is concerned about is increasing profit margins. This shows signs of efficient management and company growth.
  • Competitive advantage – Buffet tends to shy away from companies that don’t stand out from the competitors. Such businesses tend to not to last very long.

If you do your homework well enough, you could definitely make more than a 10% return on investment easily. You can start with companies you know and love, for example Apple or Amazon.

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2. Gold

Gold is generally considered a safe investment as its value tends to remain quite stable during times of economic instability. This is because it isn’t affected by nearly as many factors as the stock market. Gold is also a great instrument for diversifying your investment portfolio.

invest in gold

There are three main ways for Australians to invest in gold:

  • Owning the physical asset – You can buy gold in the form of bars, coins, jewelry and so on. However, you must make sure that it is stored in a safe place. Ideally, you would use a secure deposit box in the vault of a bank.
  • Gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETF) – In this scenario, a fund owns physical gold and you own shares of the fund. This way, you can avoid storage fees.
  • Investing in gold-mining companies – This is perhaps the riskiest method as it can either mean huge gains or huge losses for you. We recommend caution when looking at companies in the exploration phase. Most of them do not actually end up finding gold.

Gold is definitely a long-term investment with very little gross annual returns. However, it’s the perfect instrument for those who seek stability, above all else.

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3. Cryptocurrencies

The Cryptocurrency investment market is relatively new compared to others on this list. Bitcoin is, of course, the most popular cryptocurrency and is currently valued at over AUD 14,000! At the time of writing, the value of Bitcoin is on the rise following a significant dip last year.

invest in cryptocurrency

While its price fluctuations might make it seem like a volatile investment, we can see it stabilizing in the future. Cryptocurrencies are slowly being accepted around the world. In fact, certain governments, including the UAE, are gearing to make a shift to completely blockchain-backed systems. Cryptocurrencies appear to be the future and it might be a good idea to invest in them during a slump.

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4. Real Estate

Real estate is one of the best non-stock investments you can make.

invest ing real estate

According to the ASX/Russell Investments Long-term Investing Report, investing in Australia’s residential property market can be quite rewarding. As per the report, residential property investments averaged an attractive 8% in annual gross returns. This value is definitely credible, having been based on real estate transactions spanning over a decade, from 2007 to 2017.

Consider Your Current Financial Situation

Risk isn’t something you can completely factor out.

Even if you’re well-prepared with your research, there’s always the tiniest possibility of losing out. Some unforeseen condition could suddenly come into play and spiral the entire economy into a downturn.

They say the flap of a butterfly’s wings can bring about a hurricane. What’s to say a couple of misguided financial decisions by important people won’t suddenly bring whole industries down?

Consider how tight money is for you right now. Do you foresee yourself having to dig into $100,000 in the near future? In that case, you’ll have to be extra careful.

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Not only will you have to find a safe investment venture, but you also need to make sure it isn’t inaccessible for too long. In other words, ease of liquidity is something you need to be concerned about.

Cash investments such as term deposits are the most liquid but they also yield very low returns. As of last year, Australians can expect average yearly gross returns of 3.6%.

Slay Your Fear Of Investing

If you’re already financially secure to a point, then you may consider long-term investments.

Since you’ll be able to handle some risk, why not scope out a few high return investments? For instance, real estate is something that a lot of Australians get into for the long run.

They may buy property for cheap in the hopes of selling it in the future when values increase.

invest $100k

You should also consider your life goals before you invest.

For instance, if you want to start a family, then high-risk investments may not be the best option. In that case, you may want to look into fixed-income assets like government bonds.

You basically lend money to the government, which is paid back to you with interest.

According to an investment report by ASX, average returns of around 6.2% per year can be expected with government bonds.

That’s $6200 per $100,000 per year, which you can put aside for a college fund for your kids.

On the other hand, if your kids are all grown-up and independent, then perhaps you could afford to be a bit more frivolous.

Investing $100,000 isn’t something to be taken lightly. There are many things to be taken into consideration when choosing your investment instrument. First and foremost, your current financial situation will dictate how much risk you can handle. Your future goals should be factored in as well.