How To Buy Samsung Shares

When it comes to electronics, Samsung is one of the most recognized brands in the world. It is no surprise that Australian investors are looking for ways to buy Samsung shares.

buy samsung shares

At the same time, it is important to understand that this process isn’t quite as cut and dry as it may seem. So, to be fully aware of what you need to do to be a part of such a process, consider all the information here:

What is Samsung?

The Samsung Group is a South Korea-based company that was first founded in 1938.

This mighty conglomerate had humble beginnings, starting off as a trading company.

Over the years, though, Samsung diversified and these days, it is best known for its electronics. However, the company is also involved in construction, insurance, defense, advertising, and more.

It is one of the most significant companies in South Korea and is actually responsible for one-fifth of the country’s total exports.

At any given time, the company handles a number of different projects in a variety of sectors. As such, its annual revenue numbers in the billions.

Another notable feature about this company is its patents. As of 2015, Samsung was the holder of the largest number of patents. The company is most known for its smartphones and television models. These devices have continuously topped best-selling lists numerous times over the years.

Ways to Buy Samsung Shares in Australia

If you wish to buy shares in the Samsung company, there are two main ways to do this:

  • Registering and trading on the Korean Exchange (KRX)
  • Trading Samsung CFDs

Buying and trading Samsung shares aren’t quite as simple as one would imagine. This is because the only way to do so is on the Korean Exchange. Therefore, you will need to open up an international trading account before you can make any purchases. Not to mention, you may require a license as well.

Even if you do go down this route, you will be faced with another challenge: money. Understand, Samsung is one of the most heavily traded companies in the world. As such, the costs of shares are quite high as well. To be able to make a decent profit, you may have to invest more than you have.

It is these issues that make many people turn over to Samsung CFDs instead. When you engage in CFD trading, you aren’t actually buying a stake in the company. Instead, you are simply buying a CFD certificate from a CFD provider. Therefore, you are just required to find yourself a well-reputed broker like etoro.

The main benefit of buying Samsung shares in this manner is that it allows you to open up a much larger position. As mentioned, Samsung shares are quite expensive, by themselves. However, with CFDs, you only have to pay a percentage of the total cost.

Where to Buy Samsung Shares in Australia

When buying Samsung stock in Australia, the first thing you will need to do is to find yourself a broker. It is here that you will place any trades related to these shares. As you can imagine, this is a rather significant decision to make.

This is why it is best for you to go with the often recommended etoro broker. The site has been around for quite a while and offers up some of the best platforms on the market. With these globally acknowledged platforms, you will find it incredibly easy to open up and close positions on the market.

What really puts etoro ahead of the competition, however, is the concept of social trading. This broker offers you the chance to watch, copy, and learn from some of the best traders out there. Thus, you are in the best possible position to make a sound trading decision.

Another perk of this broker is that it is incredibly reliable. Etoro is licensed and regulated by both the CySEC and the FCA. Therefore, you can trust that this broker provides trades and services that are completely above board.

These are the features you should look for, should you wish to go with a broker. Keep in mind that you need to select a site that is trustworthy, has plenty of useful features, and can show that it has been profitable in the past.

The above is what you need to know regarding how to buy Samsung shares in Australia. With all this information, you will be better informed of which direction you should move in. In turn, you should find it a lot easier to invest wisely in Samsung shares and make a greater profit.

Why Buy Samsung Shares?

There are quite a few companies to invest in at any time and many of them are currently performing quite well too. This brings you to the question of why you should invest in Samsung stock. Well, these are the top reasons, in short:

  • Excellent revenue
  • One of the most notable names in tech
  • Considerable diversification
  • Plans for continuous growth

At last check, the Samsung revenue was estimated to be over $200 billion dollars. As you can imagine, even a minute portion of this kind of profit can grow your investment quite a bit. While Samsung has faced some inconsistent performance over the last few years, it has nevertheless continued to maintain a stronghold on the market.

samsung stock

What many investors forget is that Samsung has managed to protect itself from many downturns quite a bit, thanks to diversification. Although most people recognise the brand for its contributions to the electronic sector, its reach goes far beyond that. So, even if the company were to underperform in one industry, it would still be making a profit in another.

Perhaps what really puts Samsung ahead of the competition is that the company’s plans for the future. As the patents suggest, Samsung has numerous other projects under its belt, many of them that are completely innovative. Due to this, there is a good chance that Samsung will continue to do well in the future.

How To Buy Berkshire Hathaway Shares

buy berkshire hathaway sharesBerkshire Hathaway is one of the largest conglomerates in the world. It’s no wonder that many investors are now  looking to buy these shares.

As such, any eager investor will want to know how to buy Berkshire Hathaway shares in Australia. Considering the company, though, this process isn’t as straightforward as you might assume.

Rather, you need to be informed about several aspects of investing in the company. Fortunately for you, you can learn all about it here.

Instead of investing in one share, we recommend investing in an index fund like SP500 or Nasdaq100. For short term investing we recommend Highlow ($50 Cashback offer).

What is Berkshire Hathaway?

Berkshire Hathaway is what is known as a holding company. While it started off as a group of textile milling plants, over time it grew to own share in some of the most recognizable companies in the world. This includes the United States Burlington Northern, Geico, H.J. Heinz Company, and more.

The company has netted revenues of over $200 million and has made profits upwards of $40 million. Not to mention, it recently reached the number two spot on the Fortune 500 list. All in all, this is one of the top performing institutions ever.

Apart from its own successes, this company is well-known is thanks to its CEO, Warren Buffet. He has long been hailed as an investment genius, with many investors still following many of his moves.

Where to Buy Berkshire Hathaway Shares in Australia

Now, when it comes to buying shares or even CFD trading, you will need a good broker to make the process happen.

It is always a good idea to go with a veteran option like eToro.

For one thing, this online broker has been around for quite a while and has consistently provided excellent services to traders across the board.

For another, etoro is a licensed broker and is overseen by the CySEC and FCA agencies. Due to this, you can be sure that the broker will adhere strictly to the law, ensuring that your trades and your money are kept safe.

Social Trading

One of the top perks that etoro offer is their option for social trading.

With this service, newer or inexperienced traders can follow some of the best traders in the market. Thus, they can make the same moves, cutting down on the level of risk involved.

These are the features you should keep in mind even if you decide to go with a different broker. In the end, it is your broker that can make purchasing Berkshire Hathaway shares incredibly easy or very difficult. So, do make the right decision.

This is everything you need to know about buying Berkshire Hathaway shares in Australia. As you can see, there is more to this process, considering that you are an Australian investor. However, if you simply follow the tips given here, you should have no problem at all.

Why Buy Berkshire Hathaway Shares?

Let’s take a quick look at why you should invest in Berkshire Hathaway before getting into the subject a little more deeply:

  • Continued profit
  • One of the most diverse companies
  • Involved with some of the largest corporations
  • Helmed by an intuitive leader

From a monetary standpoint, there is no denying that purchasing Berkshire Hathaway shares is one of the best investments that you can make.

As mentioned, the profit and revenue netted by this company are incredibly high. Furthermore, this is a performance that has continued for quite some time and this conglomerate is able to keep its head above water even when other companies are failing.

brk stock

One of the reasons that Berkshire Hathaway is able to do this is because its own investments are so heavily diversified. This company has stakes in all kinds of industries, sectors, and businesses.

Thus, even if one area does badly, you can be sure that this holding company has plenty of other revenue options. So, your money will always bring you a return on your investment.

On a similar note, Berkshire has also traded for and with companies like Apple, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America.

As you know, these are companies that have a strong future ahead of them and survive through tough times too. Due to this, the future of Berkshire Hathaway continues to look good.

This is especially since it is run by a visionary like Warren Buffet. He is often incredibly shrewd at predicting the market and is always aware of the right moves to make. So, he often steers the holding company into the best possible position.

Ways to Buy Berkshire Hathaway Shares in Australia

As an Australian investor, you will be disappointed to learn that you can’t directly purchase Berkshire Hathaway shares. This is because the company is not listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Despite this, there are some other options available to you:

  • Open up an international trading account
  • Buy shares in a company that has assets placed on Berkshire Hathaway
  • Buy CFDs for Berkshire Hathaway

One of your choices includes opening up an account with a broker that allows you to have an international account. Then, using this, you will be able to purchase shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The problem with this, of course, is that this is an incredibly costly endeavor. The price of the shares, as well as the trading costs, may be too much for the average investor.

If this doesn’t work for you, invest in a company that has most of its assets placed on Berkshire Hathaway. For one thing, this will be a lot cheaper for you and you won’t need to trade on a major exchange. At the same time, it can be a more uncertain option and there are still trading costs to think about.

This is why CFD trading with a broker like etoro may be what’s right for you in this instance. Unlike the above choices, there will be no need for you to own the stock. As such, you can adopt a much better position without needing to deposit as much. This, coupled with the lower trading costs, means that you can often make more money this way.

How to Buy Amazon Shares in Australia

Amazon is the best known online retailer in the world. Read this article to learn about how to buy amazon shares in Australia, and why you should.

buy amazon stock

Where to Buy Amazon Shares in Australia

Since Amazon shares are not directly available at ASX, you can consider any of the following brokers instead:

eToro (Most recommended)

eToro is a popular online broker in Europe with a licensed subsidiary in Australia. Sign up here and get started with a low first deposit ($200).

The company is ASIC licensed and offers a number of financial services to Australians. eToro facilitates the trading of different types of financial instruments through Contract for Difference (CFD) trades.

If you don’t actually have a lot of money to own Amazon stock, you can consider a CFD through eToro. CFDs allow investors to profit through marginal price differences for any trading instrument. That means you can profit if you properly predict whether Amazon stock go up or down in price in a given period.

CFDs are speculative and thus very risky. However, it’s might be a good option for those interested in investing in Amazon but don’t actually have the cash to buy and hold onto the company’s stock

IG is a competitive broker that offers both local and international shares, like Amazon. You can start sharing as soon as you open an account. IG is notable for offering responsive, 24-hour customer support.

The broker charges some of the lowest fees in Australia. The cost per trade would cost around 8 AUD in most cases. You can expect fees around this range when buying Amazon stock.

This broker is considered highly reliable. The broker’s website offers a platform that is easy to use for even new investors. There are even some currency conversion offerings.

Saxo Capital Markets

A classic account with Saxo Capital would give you access to international stock exchanges. You can buy Amazon stock on Nasdaq or the NYSE via this broker.

Saxo Capital is a subsidiary of the Saxo Bank Group of Denmark. The local entity is licensed by ASIC. The global brand is quite reliable and Australian investors can expect competitive prices.

While Saxo doesn’t specialise in tech stocks, the range of offerings is impressive. You can add other major tech stocks like Google in addition to Amazon with this broker.

Why Buy Amazon Shares?

Amazon is a huge brand mainly in the US. In Australia, the company doesn’t have such an impactful e-retail presence. So why should Aussie investors bother with Amazon stock?

There are several excellent reasons you might want to, as mentioned below:

1) Amazon is one of the most valued businesses in the world

In 2018, Amazon briefly surpasses the one trillion dollar valuation benchmark and continues to grow. It was only the second company in the world to do so. While the valuation only lasted a matter of minutes, it was still significant.

If you are looking for more good stock to buy try these:

Amazon presents an excellent opportunity for Australians to invest in a major international business. There are no equivalent local options.

2) Diversify your stock with Amazon

The ASX, unfortunately, is heavily inclined towards mineral and mining company stock. Big tech stock are mostly not included. As a result, Aussie investors are losing out on a major opportunity to diversify.

Buying international stock like Amazon is a great way to expand your existing portfolio. Diversification hedges you against market volatility for the most part.

Too many local stocks put you at a disadvantage. Adding Amazon to the list is a great way to change that.

3) Amazon is one of the most steadily growing companies in the world

Amazon’s growth isn’t a trend. The company has been unprofitable for years. However, it has been steadily growing since its inception in the late nineties.

If you invested 1,000 USD in Amazon in 1997, you would have earned 1,362,000 USD by now. Amazon’s share prices have jumped 134,390 percent since its beginning.

Amazon’s insane growth can be attributed to its subsidiary portfolio. The company is not just an e-retailer anymore. It’s the owner of Whole Foods and a major cloud services provider in the world. No Australian company matches this level of growth.

Ways to Buy Amazon Shares in Australia

You cannot buy direct Amazon shares in Australia as it is not listed in the ASX.

Here’s a list with ways to buy Amazon Stock in Australia:

  • Use a broker
  • Invest in an ETF
  • Via a Managed Fund

Using a broker is perhaps the easiest way to purchase Amazon stock. You can choose either a traditional full-service broker or an online brokerage platform like eToro. The former charges hefty commission fees. The latter doesn’t.

Online brokerage platforms charge fees per transaction. So, the costs vary but they are not as high as full-service options. Additionally, eToro allows you to buy Amazon stock through CFDs.

As Amazon grows, it’s share prices increase. CFDs allow you to predict share increases and profit when your predictions come true. Essentially, you are investing in the price movement of Amazon stock.

While it’s speculative, CFDs allow you to profit from Amazon stock without actually owning any. As share prices of the company have gone through the roof, this approach may suit any budget.

The other option is a managed fund, which pools resources from investors. A manager oversees the fund. Managed funds can give you access to a certain market, such as big tech with Amazon stock. But this option is not for everyone.

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is made up of many stock. You will have access to a number of international stock including Amazon.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is best known as one of the biggest online shopping sites in the world. Originally American, the site now operates around the world. The site connects sellers with buyers. Users can both buy and sell on the platform.

Jeff Bezos, now the richest man in the world, founded the company in 1995. In its current form, Amazon is a conglomeration of a number of services. It’s most profitable sector is the cloud-based services unit. Amazon is also involved in entertainment and digital advertising.

Amazon’s competitors include other online retail businesses like Alibaba and eBay. In the US, Amazon dominates the retail market. Alibaba has a bigger share in Asia. However, Amazon is considered to be more stable as it is not subject to political instability in its home country.


How To Buy Nasdaq Shares

Nasdaq is a US global electronic marketplace from which you can purchase many high-value securities.

It’s always a good idea to diversify your investment portfolio by purchasing both local and international stocks. Because of this, we’re going to show you how to buy Nasdaq stock in Australia.

We found an incredibly easy way to invest in the Nasdaq 100 index with Highlow. This is an Australian broker with an ASIC license. The minimum deposit is only $50.

buy nasdaq shares

We like Highlow because it’s so incredibly easy to get started. The signup process is really fast and there are many deposit methods.

What is the Nasdaq Index

When talking about Nasdaq, we can refer to two different things:

  • This includes shares from huge multi-national corporations like Microsoft, Apple Inc and Intel.
  • In addition, you can also invest in Nasdaq’s own indexes, including the Nasdaq Composite and Nasdaq-100.

The former is comprised of 3,300 common equities, including American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), ordinary shares and so on.

Overall, both the indexes can be considered relatively safe investments, considering their steady climb over the past five years. Following a dip back in December 2018, they are currently on the rise, beating out previous peaks. However, with asking prices that range from USD 7000-8000, you definitely need some significant capital to invest in them!

What is Nasdaq?

Before you begin to invest in one of Nasdaq’s securities or indexes, it’s best to know the important details. Hence, here is a brief summary of them:

Nasdaq was founded in 1971 to allow investors to exchange securities on an efficient electronic trading system. Up until 2006, Nasdaq operated under the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). After that, it separated from NASD and joined OMX, which is a Scandinavia-based exchange group. Together, they are known as the Nasdaq OMX group, the largest securities exchange company in the world.

Today, the Nasdaq OMX group operates in five central securities depositories, one clearinghouse and 25 markets in both the USA and Europe. Equities have always been the primary focus of the group, although they do also operate commodities, derivatives, fixed income and more. The group has always been known as a leader in trade technology.

nasdaq australia

In fact, Nasdaq’s trading system replaced the archaic ‘specialist’ system utilized by all global markets at the time. Prior to this, the specialist system had been in use for around 100 years!

Today, Nasdaq’s trading technology is being used by 50 countries. The company’s influence is so large that it backs 1 in every 10 securities trade occurring globally!

All these reasons are why the largest corporations in the world keep listing their stocks in the groups. Hence, if you want to trade high-value international stocks, Nasdaq is the go-to marketplace.

Why Buy Nasdaq Shares?

Before you invest in any of the Nasdaq indexes, consider whether you’re making the right decision. Hence, in this section, we’re going to be discussing the pros of purchasing Nasdaq stock:

Easy access to a ton of valuable shares: The Nasdaq Composite is one of the most popular indexes in the world of securities. This is because it lumps together so many high-value stocks from some of the world’s biggest tech-giants. This includes names such as Apple Inc, Oracle, Amazon, and Google.

Likewise, with the Nasdaq 100 index is a collection of securities from the most highly-traded US companies. We’re talking about corporations that report an average daily trading volume of 200,000 or more!

You can easily diversify your investment portfolio: While the brunt of the Composite index’s weight is in the tech space (around 46%), it does contain a lot of securities in a variety of industries as well. As of May last year, the Nasdaq Composite Index is also comprised of securities from the following areas:

  • Health care
  • Consumer services
  • Finance
  • Materials
  • Consumer goods
  • Gas and oil
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrials
  • Utilities

The Nasdaq 100 is quite similar in terms of its composition. 54% of its weight is accounted for when buying securities from tech giants.

Both indexes are performing extremely well – if you look at the performance charts for both indexes, you’ll see that they’ve steadily risen over the past decade. We believe this upward trend is likely to continue, especially with plans to introduce cryptocurrency features into the mix.

Nasdaq’s seemingly stable future has a lot to do with the faith that investors place in it. This stems from the fact that they use the most cutting-edge technology and police the securities in their indexes to the strictest standards.

Ways to Buy Nasdaq Shares in Australia

Buying Shares

If you live in Australia, there are two main ways to invest in Nasdaq shares. The first is to go through a direct stockbroker and outright purchase shares. In return, you will own a percentage of the stock.

You’ll have to open up an international brokerage account, which you can do through any large Australian bank. This includes:

  • Westpac’s Global Markets account
  • CommSec’s Pershing account
  • ANZ’s Global Shares account
  • NAB’s International Shares account

However, keep in mind that purchasing shares outright means that you have to pay the full ask price. At the time of writing, the Nasdaq Composite Index is currently valued at a whopping US 8,146.49! The Nasdaq 100 is not far behind at all, with each share worth USD 7,834.90

It’s definitely not the kind of capital that a first-time investor should play around with. And that’s regardless of how stable the stocks may seem! Make sure you also read our How to buy Tencent guide.

CFD Trading

The second method is to enter into a Contract for Difference (CFD) trading using a broker like Plus500. With CFD trading, you don’t actually own shares. Instead, it’s more like betting on the price movement on a stock.

When you enter into a CFD for a certain stock, you pay a fraction of the asking price. This is usually 10%. Hence, instead of paying USD 7,834.90, you’d just spend USD 783.49 for an opening. This is known as ‘trading on a margin’ and it lets you invest more with less.

Where To Buy Nasdaq Shares in Australia

Whether you want to buy shares or get into CFD trading, you’ll have to go through a broker. You need to be smart about choosing a broker, making sure they’re both trustworthy and offer the right features.

In the world of CFD trading, there are only two brokers we’d recommend. These are Plus500 and eToro, two cutting-edge systems with excellent reputations and great features.

What we love most about eToro is how beginner-friendly it is. If you’re not sure what investment decisions to make, you can simply use ‘CopyTrader’. This feature lets you follow in the footsteps of more experienced investors by mimicking their trading decisions. It’s a great learning tool and it’ll help you diversify your portfolio in no time.

While the Plus500 may not have the same advanced features, it’s still pretty user-friendly on its own. You’ll still get access to a wide variety of global markets and investment instruments. Plus there aren’t any trading fees to worry about! Instead, you just have to pay the spread after you trade on a margin.

And that’s all there is to know about buying Nasdaq shares in Australia. Now you know what Nasdaq is and why it might be worth investing in its indexes. Furthermore, you know your two buying options and the benefits of each.

How To Buy Tencent Stock

tencent shares

If you’re wondering how to go about buying Tencent shares in Australia, it’s all fairly straightforward. In this article, we’ll cover all the basics you need to know about purchasing high-value international shares like Tencent.

Tencent or TCEHY is quite a safe bet as far as international shares go. The company has enjoyed consistent growth over the past five years. In 2017, the stock price experienced an acceleration and in early 2018, peaked at $61 per share! Even though TCEHY subsequently went down by 30% during the rest of that year, the company is still going strong overall.

What is Tencent?

Before investing in the company, it’s always best to know all about it, inside and out. Here’s a brief summary to help you with your research:

Tencent is a Chinese mega-corporation which focuses mainly on a wide range of Internet applications and services. The company is well-known for its online games and Chinese social media platforms. It’s currently the largest online company business in China and is currently valued at 472 billion USS.

Pony Ma founded Tencent in 1998 and it took a while for the company to really grow. In fact, it actually had a rather negative reputation at the start. This is owing to the fact that its first chat application was a blatant rip-off of ICQ, which was developed by AOL.

Tencent’s decision to invest in the gaming industry in around 2007 was what helped it take off. Titles like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Honour of Kings currently pull in millions of gamers from all across the world.

Four years later, the company released ‘WeChat’, which is now used by 1 billion people worldwide. To put things in perspective, Facebook took eight years to reach that number. Tencent was able to do it in seven.

Why Buy Tencent Shares?

Before you go ahead and buy your first shares in Tencent, it’s important to know whether you’re making the right choice. Here’s a brief rundown of all the pros of investing in the Chinese tech giant:

  • It has shown significant growth over the past five years
  • Its gaming and chat offerings continue to be popular
  • Forecasts point towards growth during the next couple of years
  • It is tapped into the largest online gaming market in the world

There are two main takeaways from the list. The first is that Tencent seems likely to recover and propel upwards from its setback last year. The 30% drop was actually caused by new government regulations which were rolled out to counter gaming addiction. However, the tech conglomerate has always had a positive relationship with the government – a major reason for their incredible success. Therefore investors have confidence that they’ll have no problem adjusting to the new regulations.

In fact, Tencent has already taken measures to protect young gamers as a sign of compliance.

The second takeaway is that the company is firmly seated in an extremely profitable market. First of all, China is home to the biggest online gaming community in the world. There are currently 600 million gamers in the country and that number is expected to grow. Hence, as long as Tencent play their cards right and put out great titles, they should be just fine.

Secondly, their incredibly popular chat platform WeChat is a goldmine waiting to be tapped. In 2017, Tencent rolled out ‘Mini Programs’ which work in conjunction with WeChat Pay. These Mini Programs allowed the latter to interact with vendors, for things like ordering food or renting bikes. Currently, more than 200 million people use these programs and the number is rapidly increasing.

Ways to Buy Tencent Shares in Australia

Living in Australia, you have two ways to invest in an international company like Tencent. The first way is to buy shares from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) using a direct stockbroker. The second is to enter into Contract for Difference (CFD) trading with a broker like eToro.

Buying Shares vs CFD Trading

The former is very straightforward. You purchase shares of a company at the current asking price and as a result, own a percentage of the company. You earn a profit either through dividends or selling off your stake when the asking price shoots up.

CFD training is different, letting you trade on price fluctuations of a stock. One huge advantage of buying a CFD is that you only pay a fraction of the asking price. This is referred to as ‘trading on margin’ and it allows you to buy more than you typically would. The trade-off is that you don’t actually own any underlying shares.

Also read: How To Buy Apple Shares.

For example, imagine Tencent has a margin rate of 10%. This is the percentage of the share asking price that you have to pay for a CFD. Hence, for the CFD equivalent of a $10,000 with of stocks, you’ll only have to pay $1000. If the stock experiences a 30% increase in value, you’ll make a $3000 profit on a $1000 investment.

The biggest downside is that losses can be quite high. This is because your total loss/profit is calculated on a value of $10,000 instead of $1000. Hence, if the asking price undergoes a 30% devaluation, you’ll end up losing $3000 on a $1000 investment.

Here’s a list of the advantages CFD trading has:

  • Less upfront investment due to trading on a margin
  • No need to actually borrow stock, meaning no borrowing costs
  • The CFD Market isn’t bound to Day-trading requirements
  • In addition to stocks, CFD is compatible with commodities, indices, and currencies as well.

Where To Buy Tencent Stocks in Australia

Regardless of which route you choose to take to purchase Tencent stocks, you need to go through a broker. Brokers have a significant impact on whether or not you actually make a profit.

When it comes to CFD trading, there are two brokers that we trust the most: eToro and Plus500. Both have excellent platforms which offer round the clock access to major international markets.

eToro is very popular because of its CopyPortfolios and CopyTrader systems. The former allows you to diversify your portfolio easily by providing easy access to a variety of trading instruments. CopyTrader is extremely useful for amateur investors. It’s an autopilot feature which allows you to replicate the investment decisions of more experienced traders.

Plus500, like a lot of CFD brokers, does not charge trading fees or withdrawal fees either. Instead, they make a profit when you pay the spread. Even though it may not have the same features as eToro, it’s perfect for those who want a simple, user-friendly platform for trading CFDs.

When choosing a broker/platform you must ensure that it checks all the right boxes. It should be easy to access global markets and instruments and also manage a diverse portfolio. Furthermore, there should be tools to guide amateur investors through the process.

These are the basics of buying Tencent stock while living in Australia. To recap, you need to start off by doing your research on the company. Thankfully, most of the indicators point to future growth. Afterward, you need to determine whether to purchase stock outright or enter CFD trading. The latter is great if you don’t particularly care about owning stocks and have less start-up capital.

How To Buy Apple Shares

Apple is the first company in history to be valued at over a trillion dollars. So, buying Apple shares could be a sure-fire way to profit from an investment.

buy apple stock

Apple is not listed under ASX, as the company is American. Here’s how to buy Apple shares in Australia:

Where to Buy Apple Shares in Australia

As Apple is not listed on ASX, there are several ways to invest in the APPL shares from Australia:


eToro is a major international shares broker that operates using an online platform. The main company is based in Europe, but eToro has an Australian version licensed by the ASIC.

The platform facilitates buying securities and shares in many markets, including Apple stocks in the US. Instead of directly purchasing the shares, you will be able to trade in contracts for difference (CFD).

A CFD is a financial instrument that allows you to profit from the price movements of a share. That means you don’t have to own Apple shares directly. Australian investors who don’t want to lose out to the currency exchange may prefer that.


CommSec is a local securities broker that offers Aussies access to shares on the NASDAQ and the NYSE. The broker offers a new product called Exchange Traded International Securities (ETIS) in partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland. The ETIS facilitates and simplifies buying international stock for local investors.

ETIS is the opposite of ETFs. Where the latter offers access to a combination of shares, ETIS offers similar access but to an individual share. You can use an ETIS to buy Apple stock with less paperwork, according to CommSec.

You can purchase Apple shares using Australian currency instead of USD. The plans also allow Aussies to trade their Apple stock during local hours.


Stake is an Australian broker that makes overseas shares available to the locals. The company states that it “streamlines” buying overseas shares for locals.

Apple stock can be bought at Stake in dollar amounts, as opposed to traditional share amounts. This is called making factional investments involving shares.

You can invest a dollar amount of your choosing on Apple shares, instead of buying stocks. For example, a customer could spend $200 on Apple shares at Stake. If the share price is hypothetically $50, you would own 4 shares. This is a great tool that really lets you focus on the budget.

Why Buy Apple Shares?

If it’s good for Warren Buffet, why not you? Here are the primary reasons you might want to invest in Apple stocks:

  • Sheer Value—Apple is one of the most reliable brands in the world. The company is insanely valued. While share prices can still stumble, Apple can be a good long-term investment.
  • Cash Load—Apple owns enormous amounts of cash assets. That means investors can be nearly assured that dividends would be paid off. If something goes wrong, Apple does have enough money to buyback
  • Good Future Growth Prospects—Apple has announced in a series of recent news reports that the company is expanding beyond the iconic iPhone that defines the brand. in the future, Apple would offer both entertainment and cloud-based services.

Ways to Buy Apple Shares in Australia

Australian investors have a notion that the only way to access overseas shares is via a managed fund. This is simply not true any more thanks to overseas investors.

There are two main ways to get Apple shares in Australia: the traditional ETFs or managed funds, or using online brokers like eToro.

Online brokers can give you access to many financial instruments and different ways to invest. Here’s how you can invest in Apple via online brokerage firms:

  • Direct share purchases
  • CFDs

Let’s explore the two further:

Direct Share Purchases

The typical process of purchasing shares of any company, including Apple, is to directly buy them as an asset. In this case, the investor would have ownership of the company.

You can conduct direct buying with any reputed online broker. However, there would be a commission. Also, for blue chip companies like Apple, high share prices and high demand may keep some investors away.

That brings us to:


A contract of difference is notably not the same as buying a share. When you invest in a CFD, you are betting on price movements for a share. That means you speculate whether Apple stock or rise or fall given a time period.

With CFDs, you aren’t required to own Apple shares. That means you can avoid spending high prices or commissions. You won’t own an asset. However, you can earn money simply on the price fluctuations of the shares.

CFDs are speculative, so there’s more of an involved risk. You can add Apple CFDs to a diverse investment portfolio.

Alternatively, you could invest in an ETF that includes Apple shares. But the above are the best ways to purchase individual Apple shares.

What is Apple?

Apple is one of the best-known tech companies in the world. Everyone has heard of the iPhone. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple became a household name under the tenure of its celebrity former CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple was originally founded in 1976 as an IT business that sold Macintosh personal computers. One of the earliest products Apple sold was the Apple I.

After facing stiff competition from Microsoft, Apple focused on consumer gadgets. In addition to personal computers, the brand expanded into other areas of consumer electronics. The result was the worldwide sensation known as the iPhone.

The iPhone made Apple one of the most profitable companies in the world. So profitable that in 2018, Apple was named the world’s first trillion dollar business. However, iPhone sales have dropped in recent years.

To make up for the loss, Apple has diversified into other areas. The company now sells cloud-based services. In recent announcements, Apple said it would begin rolling out subscription-based services soon. This would consist of making money through live streaming.

Despite some struggles, Apple continues to be a titan in the business world. The best time to buy shares would be when the share prices slightly take a dive.

How To Buy Alibaba Stock

Investing in shares of well-performing companies is one of the best ways to make money in the long term. This is why you may want to know how you can buy Alibaba stock in Australia.

Alibaba Stocks

Now, Alibaba is one of the top ecommerce sites in the world.

There are several factors you should first look into prior to purchasing shares.

You can find all the information you need below.

Ways to Buy Alibaba stock in Australia

If you wish to purchase Alibaba stock in Australia, you have two main options open.

The first is buying the shares outright on a major exchange such as the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Your second avenue is to engage in stock CFD trading instead. So which should you choose?

  • Simply opening a CFD Trading account is a lot less hassle then opening an account with a stock broker.
  • With CFD Trading you can get started with a low AU$250 deposit while stock brokers require AU$10.000 or more.
  • CFD Trading is regulated and safe (so are stock brokers)

The Best CFD Broker For Australian Traders

eToro is the best broker for CFD Trading. This broker is available to Australian traders and they are regulated. Go to the eToro Homepage

Now, as mentioned, Alibaba is one of the biggest companies in the world.

As such, its share prices can often be astronomical. Due to this, the average investor may not be able to purchase enough shares to actually make much of a profit.

This is where stock CFD trading comes in. The main difference between buying shares and engaging in stock CFD trading is that with the latter, you don’t actually have a stake in the company.

Rather, you are simply buying a contract from a contract provider such as etoro.

There are actually quite a number of advantages associated with CFD trading.

For instance, it allows you to open up a larger position, without having to invest quite as much.

Understand, CFDs are leveraged and as such, are traded on margin.

This means that when you open a position on the market, you will only be expected to pay a small percentage. So, you will not have to put quite so much money upfront.

To add to this, you still stand the chance of making a sizable profit, if the position closes in your favour.

Where to Buy Alibaba stocks in Australia

Now, regardless of which option you decide on, you are still going to need a broker before you can make any purchases.

You should recognise just how important it is for you to make the right decision regarding your broker. In many instances, a broker can have a significant impact on whether or not you will actually make a profit.

Alibaba on eToro

The first thing you will need to do is to find a well-reputed broker that has a suitable platform.

If you wish to engage in CFD trading, then eToro broker is perhaps your best option. For one thing, the company is completely reliable as it is regulated by both CySEC as well as the FCA.

However, what really sets this broker above the rest is that it makes opening and closing your position on Alibaba stocks quite simple.

This is largely due to the social trading aspect of this broker. The feature allows you to follow and copy more experienced or profitable traders. This, too, makes it easier for you to make the right trading decisions.

When selecting a broker, make sure that the related platform supports all your needs. So, not only should you be able to trade with the instruments that you want, but it should also be easy to manage.

This way, you will find it a lot easier to place relevant trades quickly.

These are the main things to know about buying Alibaba stocks in Australia. Once you have fully understood this process, it is simply a matter of watching the market and knowing when to open and close your position for the greatest profits.

Why Buy Alibaba stocks?

Now, before you go ahead and buy Alibaba stocks, you need to be certain that you are making a sound investment.


So, you will need to be aware of the benefits associated with buying Alibaba stocks and stock. Here is a quick rundown of how this can be beneficial to you:

  • The company continues to make profit
  • Continues to expand
  • Services majority of the Chinese ecommerce market
  • Has diversified against economic risks

Perhaps the main reason to purchase shares in this company is due to the fact that revenue has been consistently increasing.

This trend has continued since the inception of the company. While there have been minor downturns over the years, the company has always managed to bounce back in spectacular fashion.

Similarly, this is a company that is constantly expanding, branching out into various sectors.

This proves that it is set to grow, bringing in even more revenue in the future. This expansion, along with the diversification into many markets has another advantage. It means that, to a certain extent, the company has safeguarded itself from economic risk.

Last, but certainly not least, Alibaba offers its services to around 80 percent of the Chinese ecommerce market. Considering that this is a market that is likely to grow by leaps and bounds over the next few years, this is certainly good news for investors.

What is Alibaba?

Before you actually invest in Alibaba, you should learn as much about the company as you can.

The Alibaba Group was established in 1999 by founding member Jack Ma. He was supported by a group of eighteen other individuals.

In the beginning, the company was simply focused on helping smaller Chinese business owners and manufacturers sell their wares to an international market.

However, the website quickly grew and today, it is one of the largest ecommerce sites in the world.

While is the most well-known portions of the company, it also operates through the branches of, Taobao, and more. They are doing more and more investments every year.

The company first went public in 2007 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange but delisted several years after that. However, in 2014, the company filed to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

It was with this move that the company made history.

Alibaba conducted the world’s largest IPO, raising $25 billion when it listed in the United States. Just as impressive is the fact that the brand is currently identified as the fifth-largest internet company by revenue alone.