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Wynn Finance Review

wynnfinanceWynn Finance is a company that was created in the year 2015. It is owned by Waterfall Partners, Ltd. The broker is based in London. This broker has been making ripples in the field of trading ever since it started operations. In fact, most of the traders who have experienced trading with the site have attested to how great it is.

People talk about the integrity of the broker as well as the options and trades that they offer. Our review finds out whether Wynn Finance is actually worth trading with, and whether it will really live up to the stories that are being told about it. Read the detailed review below and see if it is the broker for you.

Account Options and Bonus Features

Wynn Finance has a few different types of accounts available to traders. These are arranged in a set of tiers so that each trader can open a different type based on the initial deposit that they make. The most basic type of account at this broker is the Basic account. This one asks for a minimum initial deposit of $500, which is a pretty decent starting amount. There is a 25% welcome bonus for new traders. Access is granted to educational materials like an ebook, along with a weekly market review free.

The standard account is the next type. This is probably one of the most popular for newly experienced traders. An initial deposit of over $1000 is required to open this account. In addition to having all the features from the Basic account, there is also a free membership for traders to attend the trading academy. Along with this, traders are given a free lesson in strategies.

For $5000 deposits, the Silver account can be opened. This one is built for traders with some advanced knowledge. A 30% welcome bonus is provided. Traders are given one risk free trade that can be used, along with weekly access to great trading signals. A session at the trading academy is also provided, along with free access to market reviews each day.

For a $10000 investment, the Gold account becomes accessible. This account type has a welcome bonus of 45% along with access to daily trading signals. In addition to this, traders are able to make up to 3 risk free trades, along with 3 sessions free at the trading academy. Traders are also able to attend webinars and check out market reviews at any time. To top it all off, a personal analyst is assigned to each account.

The last account type is the Expert Account. This one is obviously built for companies and high roller clients. A $50000 investment is required by this account. Of course, an 80% welcome bonus is also provided along with 10 risk free trades to traders. VIP membership (unlimited access) to the academy is also granted, along with a free binary options robot for automatic trading, a personalized account manager, and guaranteed quick withdrawal speeds too.

Security and Licensing

At present, Wynn Finance doesn’t have an official licensing by any regulatory body. Contrary to popular opinion, this is only because it wouldn’t be able to provide service to traders in the US if it did. However, it does have some of the best security features on the site ever. From the SSL encryption on all the pages to the HTTPS tag on each page of the site, you can be sure that this company is going to keep your information safe and keep your privacy intact.

Trading platform

Wynn makes use of the Panda trading software. It is clean, easy to learn and simple. The platform is built for both beginners and experts too. The interface is interactive and visually great too. In our professional opinion, it is one of the best interfaces and trading platforms that we have seen, with a great range of option types and assets as well including currency pairs, indices, stocks and commodities.

Banking, Deposits and Withdrawals

Wynn Finance also has some great options when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals. They support most international debit and credit card providers including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Skrill and Neteller are also supported, along with bank wire transfers.

Overall, Wynn Finance gets a very good rating from us, and is definitely one of our top picks for the best binary options broker we have seen!


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