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Tradorax Review

tradoraxAs far as first impressions go, Tradorax is a mixed bag. On one hand, they have a comprehensive package including a high-end trading platform, plenty of asset options, flexible expiry times, and are among the few trusted brokers who open their doors to clients in the US.

On the other hand, there is not much about the UI/UX of the Tradorax website to write home about. This is not to mean that only brokers with award-winning designed websites carry trust nor do we opine that Tradorax is a terrific binary options broker for this reason.

To be honest there are far better brokers than Tradorax. See the list on our homepage.


However, it will certainly be a laudable move if Tradorax can make the effort to have the website revamped for easy and intuitive use by customers.


Thankfully, the design irk we noted about Tradorax only affects the general layout of the website. The trading platform where you will trade is immune. This is because Tradorax uses the top quality Tech Financials platform.

The trading platform is one of the revolutionary breed of next-gen platforms that admix binary and forex trading in one dedicated platform. Therefore, you can trade binary and forex on Tradorax at just about any time with remarkable ease.

Furthermore, the Binary Options Platform offers all the nice tools and features that traders are familiar with including above/below, one-touch, and range options as well as highly readable charts and trading data.

Expiry Time

Tradorax offers both short-term trading expiry times and long term trading expiry times. Accordingly, expiry times range from as low as 60 seconds to above six months.

Thus, Tradorax is one of the few well-rounded brokers that cater to virtually all traders regardless of their trading style.


The list of assets on Tradorax is huge and gets bigger with newer additions. It is also diverse including stocks, currency pairs, indices, and commodities.

At the time of this writing, Tradorax has 117 assets, well over the industry average of 100. The list includes:

  • 55 Stocks
  • 32 Currency Pairs
  • 20 Indices
  • 10 Commodities


The payout options on Tradorax vary. The range for standard accounts is 70% to 85%. Tradorax offer higher account levels with perks of higher payout rates.

  • Silver accounts get extra 2%
  • Gold accounts get extra 3%
  • VIP accounts get extra 4%

Payment Options

Tradorax in keeping with its versatility business approach offers a wide array of payment options. They support the major credit card brands—Visa and MasterCard; bank wire transfer; and e-currency wallets—Skrill (formerly MoneyBookers), Neteller, CashU, Webmoney, and Qiwi.


The minimum amount you can deposit in your Tradorax account is $250. Funding your Tradorax account is simple, effortless, and carries exciting perks like bonuses and cash back options.


Tradorax does make an effort to trump the competition in terms of withdrawal, as they do not have any withdrawal charges except for wire transfer whose withdrawal charge is $25. However, there is a tradeoff. The tradeoff is that withdrawals are not as fast as you would hope.


Tradorax shows great commitment in achieving utmost customer satisfaction. Furthermore, they have gone to great lengths to inspire customer confidence. You can contact a customer service rep via a number of communication channels including, Live Chat, Phone, and via email.

Other Noteworthy Features

Tradorax offers way more than have already been discussed. Tradorax offers a suite of educational information to ensure that traders are well equipped to succeed in binary options trading. The suite of resources includes a trading guide, an education center, a glossary, webinars, and a video library.

Tradorax also collaborates with Reuters and Yahoo to provide relevant up-to-date news coverage every day direct to the trader to help drive profitability. In addition, Tradorax offers a mobile app for easy access on the go. Another interesting feature offered by Tradorax is the much-touted Risk Free trading feature.


Sporting a very high-end trading platform, plenty of useful features, a wide range of assets and expiry times, and terrific support, Tradorax does cement itself as one of the best binary brokers available.

Although, many traders might express reservation at the unregulated status of Tradorax, it should be said that Tradorax has demonstrated from inception that they are committed to being overly transparent in their dealings.

Accordingly, they do provide clear legal information regarding their services and promotions for your thorough perusal, which you can access freely on their website and at any time. Tradorax also enjoys a good reputation as well as maintain necessary participation in trading communities, which is a testament of their good standing in the industry.


2 thoughts on “Tradorax Review”

  1. I have had a bad experience with Tradorax. I put in a request to withdraw $350 on May 13. I did not receive a voicemail message for a missed call nor an email to verify the withdrawal. I have been very unwell and only the other day logged into my account to find the withdrawal request was cancelled on June 13 and they put the inital $350 back into my trading account and recommenced trading with it without my consent. I have tried contacting them a number of times with no reply and the only time I spoke to someone he said he was my account person and I asked him why my $350 was not refunded. He tried to convince me to use him and I said I just wanted my money back. He said he couldn’t do that and that accounts had to do it. I asked to be put through to verify the withdrawal request and he said he would either transfer me or get the them to call me. I have heard nothing since and they continue to trade with my money.

    I do not know what to do now, please advise as I cannot get them to answer me.

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