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Stockpair Review

stockpairStockPair is a binary trading options service that has been established and recognized as being registered both with CySEC and FSA in the United Kingdom (Banque de France), as of 2014. StockPair has been around since 2010.

When selecting a binary trading options service it’s worth taking into consideration the various requirements, services, and overall likelihood of both profitability as well as user-friendly interface and effective resources to make the most of your money.


Take into consideration the following breakdown of benefits and services of StockPair to determine whether or not it’s a good fit for you and your money!

Selecting an Account

While there is a broad range of account types, the following mentioned below demonstrate flexibility, support, and profitability in selecting, creating, and utilizing an account with StockPair.

Dependent upon your available funds and type of investment features or tools you seek, some of the following accounts might be most ideal for you.

Silver Account

With a minimum deposit of $1000, the Silver Account is a great first way to begin trading, and while it does not include many of the more advanced benefits and services of higher grade accounts, it does provide an investor the ability to benefit from the tool and resource known as Trade Control.

Like with all accounts, investors can select a minimum or maximum amount one is willing to spend or lose during trading, so users don’t have to constantly be online for effective trading. This is an effective first-step for successful trading!

Gold Account

With a minimum deposit of $5000 USD, the Gold Account is ideal and practical for using the most reliable, practical, and advanced tools and resources for trading such Trade Expert, Trade Control, and Trading Indicators to support your efforts to maximize profits and minimize loss.

Platinum Account

With a monthly cashback of a competitive 2.0%, users of the Platinum Account will reap all the benefits and resources of an ultimate user in utilizing the StockPair services and software for trading.

Although the minimum deposit is $20,000.00, users of such a service and account level will maximize on their investments and profits by obtaining additional positions and volume limits.

VIP Account

If you’re looking to trade at high-volumes, then your money would be best invested in this level of account as the risks/gains ratio is greatly enhanced and resources are put into place to provide advanced resources and tools.

With a minimum deposit of $50,000.00, the VIP Account offers investors the best and highest cashback amounts of up to $500,000.

Money Management Made Easy

Accessing, withdrawing, and depositing money is made easy through StockPair in using services such as Skrill, Neteller, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), and even wire transfer!

With such a broad-ranged, advanced accessibility setup for accessing your funds, StockPair definitely sets the standards high for remaining competition of binary trading options and services.

Premium Customer Service Options

StockPair makes its way to the top in providing consistent, high-leveled Customer Service, account control, management, and even 1 on 1 support with an Account Manager to ensure you get the most out of not only your investments, but also correspondences with, and learning from an authorized, experienced, and certified trading-expert custom-tailored to your account and investments!

Whether you wish to contact via email, live-chat, or telephone, StockPair makes it simple to contact them for any questions or changes that you wish to have applied to your account. The more you invest and spend, the more services and guidance you’ll receive! You can contact the customer support here:


If you’re seeking a binary-options trading service that will support a multitude of languages, account, investment, and payment types, then StockPair is a perfect fit for you!

Trading many forms of stocks and investments, as well as currency is made EASY through Stockpair at the switch of a button, such as through services like One Touch, Meta Charts, Ladder Options, and more!

To top it all off, Stockpair makes learning easy and guides each investor to maximize their earnings! A prime example of this is how StockPair even allows a demo-account, so you can experiment, gauge, test, and experience financial gains and losses through your selected investments no matter what type you’re considering and over any custom-tailored period of time!


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  1. hey! I have recently opened a stock pair account but the Commonwealth Bank won’t deposit money into any kind of binary broker website as they don’t trust any of them. Ive tried buying a post office load and go VISA credit card but stock pair won’t accept that card. Any ideas to which banks in Aus will deposit money to stock pair?

  2. I was trading with stockpair and they are excellent .recently I can not open trading page because they said that bis not available in Australia .Anyone knows what is going on.

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