How To Buy Litecoin

If you are a trader and are interested in purchasing Litecoin, you may have some burning questions. How and where can you buy it? Is its trading value high or low? We will clarify these questions for you in this article.

how to buy litecoin australia

The consensus about Litecoin is somewhat split among the general population of traders. Some say it is nothing more than a less-capable alternative to the more prominent cryptocurrencies and others claim it will grow to be one of the main cryptocurrencies of the future. So how do you even know you want to invest in it?

The best way to invest in Litecoin is trading via EasyMarkets (AU Broker with ASIC License)

What is Litecoin?

Let us start by defining Litecoin in clear and simple terms. Cryptocurrency was introduced in 2011 and runs on a peer-to-peer platform in tandem with open source software. It does not submit to a centralized authority like a bank or government. Litecoin is one of the oldest existing cryptocurrencies.

Many developers like to market their cryptocurrencies for their unique features and services. Litecoin however, is not one of them. It was more or less copied from Bitcoin, although some maintain it is actually an improvement on Bitcoin.

Is Litecoin really valuable?

The value of Litecoin is not entirely undisputed. Some say it is worth millions, and others are just as skeptical. As of now, the only real conclusion one can draw is that no one knows for sure. Going by the history of cryptocurrencies in general, and their capacity for exponential growth, it will not be difficult to assume that a major cryptocurrency like Litecoin will go up in value. But there is no way of knowing that for sure.

Investing in crypto is a good addition to investing in shares and the risk factor is similar to CFD Trading.

For all we know, the value of Litecoin might rise to a hundred times what it is now. But its value can just as easily head south. That is the gamble you are taking as an investor. Rumors and opinions will abound but ultimately, only time will usher in reality.

How to Buy Litecoin

You can buy Litecoin the same way that you buy any other cryptocurrency, by signing up with an exchange or broker (We recommend Easymarkets). But this is where it can get a bit messy. As a novice trader, you are particularly sensitive to bad press and the hearsay that your investment is too risky and will land you in unfamiliar situations.

The solution of course, is to have on a third-party exchange to enable peer-to-peer trading. But before you start investing in Litecoin, you must have a verified account on a cryptocurrency exchange. That involves uploading government-issued identification documents – passport or driver’s – license among other processes. You had best open your account with a reputed exchange like Coinbase.

However, exchanges are not the only way.

Alternative methods of buying Litecoin

Brokers are another way to go, especially those like Plus500 and eToro which allow you to trade Litecoin without having to verify your identity or even owning any of the cryptocurrency. Plus, you will be dealing with a reputed trading firm that facilitates the trading for you and enables you to make instant sales.

This is actually a safer, swifter, and more convenient way to trade. The catch is that you technically do not own any Litecoins and there is usually a limit in place for how much profit you make from each trade. If your incentive for buying Litecoins is the prospect of significant growth of value, this is not a method for you to try since your profit will never go beyond the pre-set limit, no matter how successful your trades may turn out.

There are some programs that do not impose such limits, one of them being On the other hand, might contain extremely high limits or no limits at all.

Mining is also part of generating new Litecoins. This is pretty much how it was first generated, so if you have the means, you can go right ahead and create some. If you need help, you can refer a page on Litecoin mining and find out what you need to know.

Litecoin Exchange

As we had recommended earlier, the best cryptocurrency exchange for obtaining Litecoin is definitely Coinbase. While there are more options to look at, not all of them are compatible with Litecoin. While Litecoin remains among the top five most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, it is still not on the level of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which take priority in several exchanges.

Litecoin vs Bitcoin

We mentioned earlier that Litecoin is mostly a copy of Bitcoin. But what are the differences? Which one should you buy? Which is more conducive to your budget and your ambitions? In terms of budget, there is no contest. Litecoin right now is decidedly a lot cheaper to buy than Bitcoin. That said, you can also buy fractions of coins as well, so ultimately, your budget will not be that big of an issue.

Both Litecoin and Bitcoin are highly volatile. However, as the lesser-rated currency between the two, Litecoin has a value that is relatively more unstable. Its price surges up and down like with any other cryptocurrency but there is notably less confidence shown by the investment community that seems quite happy to switch at the slightest hint of trouble. Whether that is fair-minded or not is an open question.

Regarding the differences in statistics and technology surrounding Bitcoin and Litecoin, the latter maintains a higher limit, with at least four times more coins in the running. Litecoin only emerged a couple of years after Bitcoin and its market cap is somewhere around 20 times less.


Should you invest in Litecoin? It may be a prominent cryptocurrency, but it is also one shrouded in uncertainty. Perhaps it may also be lacking a bit of originality. But there are certain features about it that might be just what you are looking for. At least for now, you know how you can buy it.

Binance Referral ID

You can’t go wrong with Binance. This cryptocurrency exchange is one of the most trusted exchanges in the crypto industry. With Binance, your ‘Funds are SAFU’. They accept traders from Australia, New Zealand and all other countries.

Use The Binance Referral ID: 11285553

When signing up with Binance, you will be asked to provide a Binance Referral ID. By the way this code is available not only to Australians, but all traders worldwide.

What does the Binance Referral ID do?

There are several advantages of using the referral code 11285553:

  • You get 50% fee discount on the exchange
  • You get 40% referral bonus when referring friends

How To Sign up and use the Binance Referral ID

  1. Go to
  2. Click the ‘Register’ button (you can find it on the top right of your screen)
  3. Enter your email and password
  4. Enter the code 11285553
  5. Tick the “I agree (…)” box and click the Register button

Here is what the signup form should look like:

binance signup

That’s all you need to get all the awesome rewards like fee discount and referral bonus.

Advantages of using Binance

First of all I’d like to let you know that I use Binance personally. It is in fact my #1 exchange.

There are so many reasons to pick Binance over other exchanges:

  • Volume is not faked: Binance is one of the few to not fake transaction volumes on sites like CoinMarketCap.
  • Binance Coin: Binance has it’s own coin called BNB (Binance Coin). At the time of writing this article, BNB is in the top 10 of all cryptocurrency coins. All other exchange coins are way behind. Also owning BNB coins can lower your fees on Binance.
  • Transparent: The owner  of Binance is very active in the crypto community. Problems are solved fast.
  • Many Coins: Other exchanges like Kraken and Coinbase, only have a couple of coins available. Binance has a lot more alt coins than most others.
  • Security: Binance offers two factor authentication including YubiKey.

binance trading fee

Binance Referral Program

Binance offers a Referral Program to all traders. You can get up to 40% referral reward for all of your friends, when you sign up with the Binance Referral ID: 11285553

After you register you can go to the referral program page found at:

Here you will find your Referral ID code and your Referral Link. You can use any of those two, to refer friends to Binance.

Binance referral id code

This page will also show you the number of friends referred, as well as the Commission Value of all referrals.

You will receive a percentage (20% or 40%) of all traders that you refer. Over time this can really add up, especially where there is a bull market.







buying ripple in Australia

Buying Ripple in Australia

Ripple is one of the most popular up and coming cryptocurrencies in Australia. Buying ripple in Australia is easy and there are so many exchanges to choose from.

Browse this guide for reliable information on how to invest in Ripple as a cryptocurrency.

Online Brokers That Have Ripple


Plus500 is a leading broker for CFDs. They offer Ripple as a tradeable cryptocurrency. In fact, you can purchase Ripple on leverage with Plus500.

Buying Ripple as a currency on leverage is different from purchasing coins outright. When you purchase on leverage, you are only paying a marginal amount. You won’t own Ripple as an asset, but you can profit immensely from the price fluctuations.

Plus500 offers Ripple with a 1:30 leverage at maximum. That means you could potentially spend $100 and turn a profit of $3,000.

It’s important to note that Plus500 facilitates Ripple CFDs. That means you can profit by speculating on price movement for the cryptocurrency. You won’t actually buy and own Ripple coins. The advantage here is that you can spend less money on crypto and still profit a lot.

Plus500 is not necessarily a Ripple exchange. You don’t need a special crypto wallet or an exchange account to profit from the crypto. Despite that, you can trade Ripple by either buying or selling. The broker is open to transactions during all hours of the day, all year.

Other perks Plus500 offers users:

  • A licensed and regulated trading platform
  • A simple and intuitive user interface
  • Negative balance protection
  • Online customer support
  • Competitive spreads
  • Full disclosure on commissions


eToro is an online trading platform for a number of financial instruments. The broker also offers crypto investments as CFDs. You can’t buy Ripple coins directly from eToro as an exchange. Rather, you can speculate on the price movement for the cryptocurrency and profit.

etoro australia ripple

The broker offers many options for those who want Ripple CFDs. The options are beneficial considering that the crypto market is ever expanding. Prices are ever more volatile as well. In this environment, eToro can purchase Ripple coins on the behalf of the user. However, in Australia, eToro only offers Ripple as CFDs.

eToro is not based in Australia, but it has an office that is regulated by the ASIC. All Ripple trades fall under ASIC rules thus. Users should know that only short-seller Ripple positions are regulated by ASIC in Australia. Long-term Ripple purchases are unregulated. You may not be given investor protection for buying and holding Ripple coins.

The crypto market at eToro is open 24/7 with customer support. You have the option of trading online or using the corresponding mobile app.

Here is an overview of advantages eToro offers to Ripple investors:

  • Regulated Ripple-based CFDs
  • Great spreads
  • 24/7 open market
  • Attractive and user-friendly online trading platform
  • Well-regarded mobile app for on-the-go trading
  • Fully disclosed terms and conditions

You can choose either broker to short-sell Ripple coins or profit from a CFD. Choose the best platform that matches your interests.

What is Ripple?

Like its more famous counterpart, Bitcoin, Ripple is a cryptocurrency. However, Ripple stands out because it’s both a digital currency and a trading platform. You can execute transactions on the Ripple platform, often quicker and far cheaper than at a bank.

The Ripple currency is formally known as XRP. The platform is known as the RippleNet. But investors usually use Ripple to mean the cryptocurrency as well.

XRP coins can be used as a financial instrument to invest in, just like other digital currencies. However, the RippleNet trading network executes conventional money transactions. The RippleNet comprises banks and businesses that send money internationally. Ripple facilitates these transactions more efficiently than regular transaction providers.

The value of Ripple XRP is based on such transactions that occur across the RippleNet. Compared to Bitcoins, Ripple is considered more “power safe.” That’s because the RippleNet is designed as a day-to-day transaction platform.

Ripple was designed for banks, unlike other cryptocurrencies. There are fewer regulations for Ripple as a result. For a minimal commission, Ripple can be exchanged for valuable assets like gold too. There are conventional banks Ripple coins can be taken to, like Union Credit and Axis Bank.

Investors prefer Ripple because it is preferred by some banks. Ripple doesn’t originate from a dubious company or an unreliable start-up. They aren’t mined daily either, unlike Bitcoins. Ripple coins already exist. This protects this cryptocurrency against inflation.

Hard-core Ripple fans hope more banks would start using Ripple for transactions. It’s possible that all banks could use Ripple as a single currency for transactions, making all other currency exchanges worthless. If that happens, Ripple investors would certainly make a fortune.

Is It Legal To Buy Ripple in Australia?

Yes. There is nothing illegal in buying or trading cryptocurrency.

How to Buy Ripple in Australia?

RippleNet is used by some banks, but Ripple XPR coins can’t be purchased at banks. As with other cryptocurrencies, you need to find a digital currency exchange to purchase Ripple coins. Australians would need to seek an exchange that services clients from the country. Due to regulatory limits, not all crypto exchanges are open to Australian clients.

There are two ways to purchase Ripple coins: individually and via a broker or a fund.

When you purchase Ripple XPR coin individually, you are purchasing an asset. You would then own the coins for buying and selling later. To purchase Ripple coins, you need a digital currency “wallet” that is suitable for keeping your coins. Get a Ripple-compatible wallet and set it up for your account.

First, protect your Ripple wallet against spam attacks. Then, you can proceed to create a Ripple coin address. This acts as your account number. Finally, choose an exchange and purchase Ripple coins. You can buy using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and even Bitcoins as the exchange allows.

Buying and owning Ripple has its downsides. Mainly, the digital currency might be prone to hacking attempts. Your wealth will depend on the safety of the wallet.

There’s a more hassle-free way to invest in Ripple coins—via a broker or a trade funds. Some of these allow you to purchase and sell the coins quickly. Better yet, you can invest in a Ripple CFD. These allow you to speculate on the price fluctuations of Ripple. If you speculate correctly, you can profit.

The below Ripple brokers allows you to speculate on price movements for Ripple. You can avoid actually owning the coins as an asset.

Buy Bitcoin Australia

If you are from Australia or New Zealand and want to invest in Bitcoin, it pays to know what Bitcoin really is and how it works.

Bitcoin or BTC is a system of decentralized cryptocurrency payment developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. Ever since its launch in 2009, it continues to receive constant updates and improvements by a team of developers that is funded in part by the BitcoinFoundation.

Bitcoin is, in fact,the oldest ever cryptocurrency, as well as the most popular. It is even accessible through many reputed Forex brokers like Plus500. Bitcoin buying/selling is completely legal in Australia and New Zealand.

At the time of its release in 2009, the world had not quite dug into the idea of virtual currency and so it would be another four years before Bitcoin began raising some eyebrows. Between 2011 and 2012, its value was magnified by as much as 300%. While in recent times the numbers have remained somewhat lax, Bitcoin remains a lucrative betting commodity for capital firms and traders alike.

How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular in Australia and other countries.

Bitcoin was among the pioneering cryptocurrencies to adopt peer-to-peer technology that would allow payments to be virtually instant. The individuals/companies that manage the underlying operations are collectively known as miners.

They actively participate in the network as well. Whatever their incentives are, they depend on the release of new Bitcoin as well as any payments made in Bitcoin. They make up the so-called decentralized authority that is the signature characteristic of Bitcoin and keeps the network economically relevant.

Bitcoin mining refers to the process in which Bitcoins and released and circulated. The idea is to solve the complex computational puzzle that would yield a new block which could be added to the blockchain in exchange for a few Bitcoins.

Back in 2009, the reward was worth 50 Bitcoins but has been steadily decreasing every four years. As the amount of Bitcoins increase so does the difficulty level of the mining. In ’09, the difficulty level was a 1.0. Now it is past 4 billion. Of course, such a rate would warrant major upgrades in computer resources.

So the standard desktop computer was replaced by much faster Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC), and more advanced processing units like Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

How valuable is Bitcoin?

In short, a lot. At present, a single Bitcoin is worth well over a thousand North American dollars. That price is not really correlated to the vastness of the mining network. The price of Bitcoin increases along with the cost of producing it.

To keep up, the mining network has had to triple its power in the last 12 months or so.

Who actually came up with Bitcoin?

There is no question that since its inception, Bitcoin has become a pioneer in ushering in cryptocurrencies and providing insanely profitable investment opportunities for traders. But for all the fuss it has been causing since debuting back in 2009, it is a tad bit embarrassing to realize that we still do not know which person or persons actually came up with it. Believe it or not, the world’s leading cryptocurrency network is shrouded in anonymity regarding its roots.

There is only one name that comes up when discussing the origins of Bitcoin, and that is Satoshi Nakamoto. But again, this could refer to an individual, or a group of individuals, we simply do not know for sure yet, and it does not look like we will know anytime soon.

How to invest in Bitcoin

Purchasing Bitcoin in Australia is not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, you can outright just buy some. At present it is terribly simple, thanks to several firms in the United States as well as internationally, that count the trading of Bitcoins among their operations.

For traders in the US, the best option is Coinbase, which sells BTC at a markup that is normally just 1% over the prevailing market price. For Australians a good options is via a forex platform like Plus500.

With Coinbase, American traders also have the option of linking their bank accounts with their Coinbase wallets, making for easier payment transfers in the future. Also on offer is automated Bitcoin purchasing at regular sessions.

For instance, if you intend to purchase $100 worth of Bitcoins on the first or second day of each month, you can simply set up an auto-buy for your desired amount with Coinbase.

However, do not just jump right in. Take the following considerations into account:

Issuing an automated buy order does not mean that you can also control the price at which Bitcoin is bought. Also, Coinbase is not exactly a Bitcoin exchange. You will be directly trading with them but the firm itself sources the coins from other traders. As a result, there is the risk of delay or other issues occurring with orders when the market moves rapidly.

If you are looking for a more conventional exchange of Bitcoin, BitStamp may prove to be a better choice. BitStamp allows you to exchange with other users rather than with the firm itself, which really only functions as an intermediary.

Liquidity is higher as well. Fees begin at only 0.5% and go down even further to 0.2% given that you have traded at least $150,000 within 30 days.

Exchanges, however, are not the sole option for acquiring Bitcoins. You can also buy them offline using Local Bitcoins. The website will set up pairs or prospective buyers and sellers. During purchases, the Bitcoins are locked away from the seller within the escrow.

Whenever you are purchasing Bitcoins offline, you should take the same precautions as you would when meeting a stranger. Make sure the meeting is during thedaytime, somewhere public, and if possible, bring a friend along.

Bitcoin might in some ways resemble a trend or product that came up suddenly, caught everyone’s attention and then disappeared almost as quickly as it came. But in the minds of many traders and venture capital firms, it is definitely here to stay.

And why not? In some ways, it represents the future of how we look at and manage currency. In some ways, it is the future.