How to Buy Tesla Shares in Australia

how to buy tesla shares in australiaNo other car company in recent memory has been as hot as Tesla is right now. In case you are wondering how to buy Tesla shares in Australia, refer to this guide.

Buying Tesla stock in Australia is a lot easier than you may think. All you have to do is to pick your favorite broker, deposit some money and buy the stock (also called TSLA) with one click.

Where To Buy Tesla Shares in Australia

I have registered and deposited on all online brokers that accept Australian traders, so that you don’t have to. Let me show you which broker I think is the best.

Best Online Broker For Tesla Share Trading

HFTrading – Australian Regulated Broker

HFTrading is our top rated broker for Trading CFDs on Shares, Indices, Currencies etc. You can find 300+ assets on this broker.

  • Minimum Deposit is only $250
  • ASIC Regulation
  • 0% commission

Here are other top choices for Tesla shares trading:

1. Plus500

plus500 tesla sharesPlus500 is the best place for Tesla CFDs. The Israeli broker specialises in CFDs of all types. The broker has a subsidiary in Australia that follows local regulatory rules. You can expect high levels of trustworthiness and good quality services as well.

This broker can give you access to popular markets to buy and sell Tesla shares. The broker offers a highly acclaimed online and mobile-based trading platform.

plus500 australia

New users can benefit the most thanks to the demo mode. Try the demo without spending any money to see if the platform works for you.

The above are the top recommended brokers for buying Tesla shares from Australia. Investors can consider other options as well. However, make sure the broker you choose is licensed in Australia.


Plus500 Disclaimer: 80.6% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

2. eToro

etoro teslaeToro is an Israel-based broker that is regulated in Australia through a subsidiary. The broker offers a variety of assets for investors, including stocks.

The broker is highly transparent about the fees and commissions it charges for stock trades. It now offers unified fees for stock spreads on the platform.

trading tesla stock

You will have access to NASDAQ, the exchange for Tesla, from Mondays to Saturdays via eToro. The broker lists opening and closing times on its website.

eToro’s trading software is highly popular. It’s best known for “social trading.” This is a form of trading where an investor can see what other traders are doing. If you like what you see, you can copy the trade.


eToro Disclaimer: 75% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Why Should I Buy Tesla Shares

Despite the famous brand name, Tesla shares are quite volatile. The company went public in 2010. Since then, the stocks have plunged to dangerous levels on at least nine occasions. The company lost one-third of its value during the worst three of these. There have been several smaller plunges as well.

Tesla, regardless, seems to recover from these occasional plunges. It’s not unusual to see the stock rise or fall several times during the day. Some investors might be alarmed by such volatility. Tesla has a reputation as one of the most shorted stocks ever. But if you count the overall value of Tesla stock since it became public, it has risen from double digits to triple.

Tesla shares are popular among speculators. They may buy the stock and then immediately sell it, only to re-buy it as even cheaper rates. Tesla shares are certainly not for everyone. If you are looking for steady and reliable automaker stock, Tesla may not be for you. Tesla shares are best suited for traders who want to buy and sell on short notice. Also, Tesla is considered a great stock to hold onto in the long term.

The company’s stock may be volatile now, but analysts predict the price will rise in the coming years. Tesla is not currently a profitable company. Then again, if the company can meet with its production targets, the value could increase some sixteen fold according to some forecasts.

They ran into production trouble in 2018. In spite of that, the demand for the cars has been as stable as ever. The demand will most likely hold up in the coming years. Considering these facts, Tesla is a good stock to buy for speculative or long-term investors.

What To Consider When Buying Tesla Shares

If you found or plan to go and look for a different broker there are some things that you should consider before placing your trust and money in their hands.

  • Tesla Licences: It may seem obvious, but if a place doesn’t have a licence there is most likely a reason the owner couldn’t get one, a licence for a broker isn’t something you “Don’t have the time to get.” – it’s in my personal opinion just as important as SSL transaction encryptions.
  • Tesla’s Reputation: It’s not impossible for a licensed broker to scam you, that’s why it’s important for you to look around, even just Google the broker and read some reviews for a start – make sure they are a generally well received platform.
  • Owners of Tesla: Call me paranoid – but when it comes to investing sums of money potentially in the tens if not hundreds of thousands I want to make sure that the owners of the platforms aren’t the same ones as some old scam website, or maybe just a shady company that you wouldn’t trust if you read up one their past.

I guess what I’m saying is that a quick Google search about the company that runs the given platform and potentially their parent company may reveal information that could sway you to either avail of or do a one-eighty and abandon a broker.

Advantages of Buying Tesla Shares

So I have given you the reason why you should buy Tesla shares, and I’ve listed some platforms, but ultimately you want to know if it’s a good idea? I mean investing in planting trees is a great idea but you are one-hundred percent guaranteed not to make any money of it.

Looking at the Tesla share value it’s clear that they are currently rising up from a sudden drop. Do keep in mind this is just my opinion and I’m not an expert trader.

As with all things I invite you to do your own research, but from the look of it this may be a good time to buy shares.

This is because compared to the last five years there has been a trend which (if continued) will result in the value rising a bit more before plateauing soon.

It’s importance to consider the situation of the business as a while – depending on if you think the Tesla electric cars are going to become the next big thing or if you think they’re just a short-lived gimmick you need to decide whether or not to but the shares.

Personally with the reputation I see Tesla cars having and the nature of the modern-day person, I feel that Tesla cars will remain and will only continue to expand in scale and as a result, also in value – and I feel that if you are someone who thinks in a similar way then you too should consider buying Tesla shares.

Because as with all things – the more mainstream the product or company becomes, the higher the price will go – even if now the price seems to be at its highest it’s important to look at the big picture, will the next “Tesla explosion” be worth twice as much as the top price now? Or will it only be worth half of that?

In other words – research is key, as with all trading.

Ways to Buy Tesla Shares in Australia

Since Tesla is an American company, Australians have to buy its shares as international investors. Those who want to add Tesla to their investment portfolio should connect to a CFD broker that offers these shares. Buying shares is one of the best investment ideas for Australian traders.

Aussies can purchase Tesla shares from just about any reputable financial broker that offers stocks and share assets to customers. Consider going through local investment banks as well.

Investors can buy Tesla shares outright, as assets, or through a CFD. When you own a share, you can list it as an asset to your portfolio. However, purchasing Tesla shares as assets is fairly expensive. You can still profit from the speculating on Tesla shares through a CFD.

A CFD allows you to profit by speculating on the buy and sell ratio of Tesla stock. You only have to pay for these on a leveraged ratio, not the full price. You may not own the assets, but you can profit from the price movement. Certain investors would prefer this option considering the volatility of Tesla stock. Investors don’t have to consider the actual value with CFDs.

When buying, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure you are purchasing the right (TSLA) stock
  • The broker you choose must be licensed in Australia to offer financial assets
  • Create a brokerage account to hold Tesla stock on short Use a retirement account for the long term.
  • Add Tesla stocks only to a diverse portfolio to limit your exposure to its volatility. Never invest all your money in any single stock.

What is Tesla – A Few Details About The Company

Tesla is one of the most innovative car companies in the world. Unlike established car brands like General Motors or BMW, Tesla focuses on building electric cars. Tesla vehicles run on batteries rather than fossil fuel. These vehicles are therefore considered to be highly environmentally-friendly compared to conventional vehicles.

Tesla, until very recently, manufactured its cars in California, which is also the company’s biggest market. The company has undergone some structural changes in recent months. Its famous co-founder, Elon Musk, stepped down as chairman and resumed duties as CEO. The company is also shifting production from a largely automated factory to a more efficient facility in Shanghai.

The brand has a devoted following among eco-conscious drivers who want to wean themselves off fossil fuel reliance.

  • Size: Despite its number of fans, Tesla is still a small company.
  • Production: It doesn’t match large car brands like General Motors in terms of production numbers.
  • Value: Tesla stock is highly valued thanks to the high-tech vehicles it produces.

Tesla vehicles are not just eco-friendly, these cars have impressive futuristic automation features.

Tesla vehicles come with an “auto pilot” feature, which is a form of partially automated driver assist. Vehicles are also equipped with state-of-the-art gimmicks like door handles that are completely flat.

Tech enthusiasts have high hopes that the electric car company would provide more automation features. Tesla is already in the process of adding more high-tech features to its cars. Currently, the brand’s vehicles have higher end price tags. However, Tesla hopes to build a more affordable model in the immediate future.

Is Now a Good Time To Buy?

The best time to buy Tesla shares was yesterday. The second best time is today.

Well, we’ve gone over the basics of the Tesla share situation – it’s up to you to go out and see if you too feel it’s a good time to buy Tesla shares.

Tesla will go up and down for a few years. I am quite sure that in the long run Tesla will outperform other car manufacturers.

While the fact that Tesla is an American company makes is a tiny bit harder to buy shares from Australia, the existence of multi-national traders such as Etoro, Fortrade and Easymarkets make today easier than ever to invest in foreign companies and buy shares.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a financial advisor. Do your own research and don’t invest more than you can afford losing.
All brokers listed above offer CFD trading only. This means that you do not own the shares. You can make a prediction of where the prices will go in the future. Some brokers offer leveraged trading only. CFD trading is risky. Good luck with your trades.