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BinaryMate Australia

binarymateBinaryMate is still very much the new kid on the block when it comes to binary options brokers. BinaryMate was only established in 2016 and they do accept Australian traders.

Despite its late arrival, BinaryMate has quickly become one of the most trusted brokers in the industry, including Australia. One of the reasons for this trading platform’s success lies in the fact that it caters to traders in the United States and Australia as well. This is only compounded by the many options, features, and facilities it offers to all of its traders. It is now time to discern whether BinaryMate lives up to its reputation or not:

Accounts, Benefits, and Special Features

BinaryMate offers traders three different accounts for Australians to choose from. These accounts vary in the minimum deposits they require, the services offered, and the bonuses that are acquirable.

The most elementary account offered by BinaryMate is the Bronze Account. Traders are accepted to deposit a minimum of $250 dollars to get access to the benefits offered by this account. This includes being able to utilize all of the learning tools provided by the trading platform. The bonus for this account is twenty percent.

The second highest account available is the Silver Account. The minimum deposit required is higher at $1000 but the bonus is fifty percent. This account is accompanied by three risk free trades. This means that the trader’s money will be returned in the event of a wrong assumption.

Finally, the Gold Account requires a deposit of no less than $3000. Nonetheless, the Gold trader is provided with a personal manager for his or her account. They are also given the option of making a choice between $250 in funds or risk free trades.

Perhaps the real stand out feature of this trading platform, however, is the presence of its Live Video Chat. This means that any trader can speak to a member of the customer support staff, regardless of the time of day. As customer service makes up a large part of how good a particular trading platform is, this does afford BinaryMate a considerable advantage.

Security and Licensing

Currently, BinaryMate does not have a license from a legal authority. It is also not regulated by any known financial entity. Despite this, the broker has taken enormous considerations when setting up security for its traders. In particular, all of the transactions that the BinaryMate traders are involved with are encrypted thoroughly.

BinaryMate does not have an Australian ASIC license.

Trading Software Review

BinaryMate has opted for a route that is not typically taken by binary options brokers. Instead of adopting software created by a third party, the brokers have created and implemented their own. The designing, building, and the continued maintenance of the platform are handled in-house, by BinaryMate. While unusual, it certainly does offer the broker an ability to be intimate with every aspect of their trading platform. This is not a level of service afforded by many other brokers.

Overall, the trading platform has proven to be a success. This is because it is both easy to understand as well as use. Traders have been able to quickly grasp the working of the platform to great success. The combination of functionality along with aesthetic appeal has ensured that the bespoke trading platform has considerable merits.

Withdrawals and Deposits For Australians

Yet another advantage of BinaryMate is that they offer withdrawals and deposits in numerous currencies. This includes Pounds Sterling, U.S. Dollars, Euros, and Rubles. The deposits can be conducted through Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Webmoney, bank wire transfers, and Neteller.

BinaryMate offers one of the fastest withdrawal rates among brokers. This broker assures traders that their withdrawals will typically take no longer than an hour. This, by itself, is typically quite an alluring factor.

In conclusion, BinaryMate has proven itself to be an Australian binary options broker to contend with. While it may have only been operating for a short time, this trading platform has already proven its worth. From its numerous trading options to its specialized platform software, BinaryMate truly is a notch above the rest.

As an Aussie trader, you will be afforded benefits that are not necessarily available with other brokers. When you take into account its excellent personalized customer care as well, this is a tough broker to beat. Whether you are a novice trader or have been in the industry for a while, this is certainly a good option for a broker.


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