Top 6 Companies You Should Invest in 2016

investPrior to investing in stocks, you must first do research on the best company to invest in. There are many criterias that determine the best companies to invest in such as revenue, and stability. The following are the top 6 companies you should invest in 2016.

  1. Conrad Industries

Conrad Industries is a company that manufactures offshore supply vessels. The company is headquartered in Lousiana and has been in the industry for 66 years. The annual income report shows that their sales have doubled and their earnings per share has tripled ever since 2010. Conrad has a market capitalization of $233 millions and $64 millions in cash.

  1. Google

Google is an attractive company to invest given its earnings increased by 15% every year. Google stocks have increased from $300 per share to more than $1,200 per share. Google has a sales of $66 billions every year. Their market capitalization is about $380 billion. They are doing very well because they own a number of businesses although Adwords accounts for the majority of their revenues.

  1. Precision Castpart Corp

Precision Castpart Corp manufactures machined metal parts for aerospace. Warren Buffet acquired the company for $37.2 billions on the 10th August. Buffet acquired Precision because it is an important supplier in the airline industry. Precision is the main supplier for several major airplane manufacturers including Boeing, Airbus and etc.

  1. Apple

Apple is a good stock to buy because its revenue has been increasing every year. Apple’s net income increased from $7.7 billions in the third quarter last year to $10.7 billion this year. The revenue has increased by 33% to $39.6 billions. Most of the revenues of Apple are derived from iPhone. More than 74 millions iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been sold in the latest quarter. There is also an increasing number of customer visits to the online store in the quarter. Mac sales has increased by 14% this quarter.

  1. ABM

ABM is a company that specialized in offering services for hotel such as security, janitorial and etc. The firm has been in the industry for 103 years. They have a long track of record of stable performance in both good and bad economy situations. ABM quickly recovered from the economy recession. It met the sales expectations of Wall Street in the latest quarter. The revenue of ABM has passed $43 billions. Their cash flow is at a robust 154% even after they are being acquired.

  1. Ambarella

Ambarella is a company that manufacturers chip. They are recognized for manufacturing the HD video compression chip used in GoPro products. Ambarella does not solely depend its revenue by being a GoPro supplier. They also supply their chips for use in other types of products such as IP security camera, dashboard camera and etc. Ambarella stock is very cheap. Their stocks are traded at about 14 times the earnings. It is expected that Ambarella’s revenue will increase by 50%.


In conclusion, above is a list of the best stocks companies you can invest in. There are also plenty of other good stocks companies in the market you can invest in. To find a good stock, make sure you do research and narrow down to a few stocks you are interested to buying. After that, you can use a stock analysis software to analyze the best candidates.

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