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Is doTERRA Australia a Pyramid Scheme?

DoTerra Australia has been around for over a decade now, which means that most individuals have some inkling of what this business does. Still, if you are interested in being a part of the operations, this cursory understanding isn’t enough. If you want in-depth information about the truth about doTerra Australia and whether it is a good option for you, keep reading…

doTerra Australia Structure

The first thing to know about the doTerra Australia company is that it works on a multi-level marketing or MLM structure. This means that every individual who joins the operation has two options for making money:

The first is through selling the doTerra Australia products which include essential oils, personal care products, supplements, weight management provisions, and more. The second is by recruiting other individuals, building up a team, and selling even more products. You will be compensated for finding and recruiting other people.

Charges Involved with doTerra Australia

It isn’t free to start selling doTerra Australia products. Rather, you need to pay a $35 membership fee before you are accepted into the program. This entitles you to become a Wellness Advocate and to start selling the doTerra Australia oil and other products.

In addition to this fee, you are also expected to spend a minimum of $100 each month on doTerra Australia products. This is the only way that you can be eligible for a sales commission.

How Compensation Works

There are actually four different ways that you can be compensated within the doTerra Australia structure. The most basic one is the Retail Bonus. You will earn a 25 percent commission on all of the products that you sell.

With the Fast Start Bonus, newcomers are encouraged to recruit at least three individuals within a 60 day period. This allows them to earn higher commissions based on the people that they have managed to recruit.

Then there is the Power of Three Bonus that offers up cash on the basis that you and the people that you have recruited are able to recruit three more individuals to the program. The final option is the Unilevel Bonus. Here you can earn a commission for the people that your recruits have recruited for up to 7 levels.

Status, Ranking, and Compensation

The above information only tackles part of the compensation process of doTerra Australia, however. This is because there are 12 rankings within the organization. You have to start off on the lowest rung and then make your way up.

It is in this order:

Wellness Advocate, Manager, Director, Executive, Elite, Premier, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Presidential Diamond.

You are required to meet various sales requirements if you want to move to the next level. In many instances, this also means being able to construct several teams and show positive sales numbers in each of these teams as well.

Advantages of Working with doTerra Australia

So, based on this structure, can you say with certainty is doTerra Australia a good company to work for? Well, there are certainly advantages to being enrolled in this program.

To start with, doTerra Australia is a well-known brand and produces quality essential oils. Many of its other products are rather decent as well. Not to mention, as demand for essential oils increase, so do your opportunities for selling and recruiting.

There is also denying that the company has managed to gain a certain level of respect in the industry. For instance, the doTerra Australia Better Business Bureau rating is A+ and this isn’t a ranking that is handed out easily. This does speak volumes about the company’s reputation.

Issues with doTerra Australia

Despite the positive aspects of this organization, there are a number of issues weighing it down. To begin with, the question “is doTerra Australia misleading?” is tricky to answer. In the past, the company has been pulled up for inflating just what it is that their products can do.

While essential oils have shown to have some advantages, many of these are still scientifically unproven. Thus, you have to be wary of the manner in which the organization markets itself and its products.

However, one of the biggest issues with this company is the difficulty involved in making money with its operation. In fact, according to the numbers, most people struggle to break even with this form of marketing.

Also, even if you were to make a profit, in the end, it isn’t going to amount to much. It certainly will not function as a primary or even a secondary form of income. Only around one percent of individuals associated with this structure make a suitable amount of money. All of these people, however, belong to the upper tiers of the program – Silver and upwards.

There is also the fact that there is quite a bit of emphasis on recruiting. The entire structure of this company is geared more towards recruitment than actually selling the products. This can mean that you may feel forced to constantly be looking for people who are willing to join this program.

Is It a Scam

If you are wondering if doTerra Australia is an outright scam, however, then you will be relieved to find out that it isn’t so. The company is involved in selling legitimate products that are, in fact, their own. Due to this, all of doTerra Australia’s activities, including the MLM structure are completely legal.

Final Thoughts

What is the final takeaway from this look into doTerra Australia and its operations? Well, as mentioned, there is nothing illegal going on with doTerra Australia. From that perspective, the company is completely above board and all of the associated activities are approved.

Despite this, it doesn’t offer up too much of opportunity as a money-making venture. For one thing, you are expected to spend quite a bit of money on these products each month. This means that you could end up buying more products than you will ever actually sell.

Finally, the entire setup of this company means that it is unlikely that you will ever be able to earn too much of a profit with doTerra Australia. Even if you do, the money that you receive will certainly not be equivalent to the efforts that you have made. So, this is probably not the right venture for you.

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