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How To Buy Apple Shares

Apple is the first company in history to be valued at over two trillion dollars. So, buying Apple shares could be a sure-fire way to profit from an investment.

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Even the most popular investor Warren Buffett loves these shares so shouldn’t you invest in Apple?

Apple is not listed under ASX, as the company is American. Here’s how to buy Apple shares in Australia:

Where to Buy Apple Shares in Australia

As Apple is not listed on ASX, there are several ways to invest in the APPL shares from Australia:

1. HFTrading

HFTrading is my favorite Australian broker at the moment. It’s so easy to get started and the minimum deposit is really low ($50 or $250 depending on the promo).

HFTrading is ASIC regulated and the platform is awesome. You can find shares such as Apple, Tesla, Microsoft and many many more.

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HFtrading makes it very easy to buy US shares from Australia. Read my honest review here.

2. eToro

eToro is a major international shares broker that operates using an online platform. The main company is based in Europe, but eToro has an Australian version licensed by the ASIC.

The platform facilitates buying securities and shares in many markets, including Apple stocks in the US. Instead of directly purchasing the shares, you will be able to trade in contracts for difference (CFD).

A CFD is a financial instrument that allows you to profit from the price movements of a share. That means you don’t have to own Apple shares directly. Australian investors who don’t want to lose out to the currency exchange may prefer that.

3. CommSec

CommSec is a local securities broker that offers Aussies access to shares on the NASDAQ and the NYSE. The broker offers a new product called Exchange Traded International Securities (ETIS) in partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland. The ETIS facilitates and simplifies buying international stock for local investors.

ETIS is the opposite of ETFs. Where the latter offers access to a combination of shares, ETIS offers similar access but to an individual share. You can use an ETIS to buy Apple stock with less paperwork, according to CommSec.

You can purchase Apple shares using Australian currency instead of USD. The plans also allow Aussies to trade their Apple stock during local hours.

4. Stake is an Australian broker that makes overseas shares available to the locals. The company states that it “streamlines” buying overseas shares for locals.

Apple stock can be bought at Stake in dollar amounts, as opposed to traditional share amounts. This is called making factional investments involving shares.

You can invest a dollar amount of your choosing on Apple shares, instead of buying stocks. For example, a customer could spend $200 on Apple shares at Stake. If the share price is hypothetically $50, you would own 4 shares. This is a great tool that really lets you focus on the budget.

Why Buy Apple Shares?

Buying shares in Apple is not that complicated.

If it’s good for Warren Buffet, why not you? Here are the primary reasons you might want to invest in Apple stocks:

  • Sheer Value—Apple is one of the most reliable brands in the world. The company is insanely valued. While share prices can still stumble, Apple can be a good long-term investment.
  • Cash Load—Apple owns enormous amounts of cash assets. That means investors can be nearly assured that dividends would be paid off. If something goes wrong, Apple does have enough money to buyback
  • Good Future Growth Prospects—Apple has announced in a series of recent news reports that the company is expanding beyond the iconic iPhone that defines the brand. in the future, Apple would offer both entertainment and cloud-based services.

Ways to Buy Apple Shares in Australia

Australian investors have a notion that the only way to access overseas shares is via a managed fund. This is simply not true any more thanks to overseas investors.

There are two main ways to get Apple shares in Australia: the traditional ETFs or managed funds, or using online brokers like eToro.

Online brokers can give you access to many financial instruments and different ways to invest. Here’s how you can invest in Apple via online brokerage firms:

  • Direct share purchases
  • CFDs

Let’s explore the two further:

Direct Share Purchases

The typical process of purchasing shares of any company, including Apple, is to directly buy them as an asset. In this case, the investor would have ownership of the company.

You can conduct direct buying with any reputed online broker. However, there would be a commission. Also, for blue chip companies like Apple, high share prices and high demand may keep some investors away.

That brings us to:


A contract of difference is notably not the same as buying a share. When you invest in a CFD, you are betting on price movements for a share. That means you speculate whether Apple stock or rise or fall given a time period.

With CFDs, you aren’t required to own Apple shares. That means you can avoid spending high prices or commissions. You won’t own an asset. However, you can earn money simply on the price fluctuations of the shares.

CFDs are speculative, so there’s more of an involved risk. You can add Apple CFDs to a diverse investment portfolio.

Alternatively, you could invest in an ETF that includes Apple shares. But the above are the best ways to purchase individual Apple shares.

What is Apple?

Apple is one of the best-known tech companies in the world. Everyone has heard of the iPhone. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple became a household name under the tenure of its celebrity former CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple was originally founded in 1976 as an IT business that sold Macintosh personal computers. One of the earliest products Apple sold was the Apple I.

After facing stiff competition from Microsoft, Apple focused on consumer gadgets. In addition to personal computers, the brand expanded into other areas of consumer electronics. The result was the worldwide sensation known as the iPhone.

The iPhone made Apple one of the most profitable companies in the world. So profitable that in 2018, Apple was named the world’s first trillion dollar business. However, iPhone sales have dropped in recent years.

To make up for the loss, Apple has diversified into other areas. The company now sells cloud-based services. In recent announcements, Apple said it would begin rolling out subscription-based services soon. This would consist of making money through live streaming.

Despite some struggles, Apple continues to be a titan in the business world. The best time to buy shares would be when the share prices slightly take a dive.